7 Super Simple Steps to Cleaning Your Kitchen ...

Having a cache of steps to cleaning your kitchen makes the whole process much simpler and saves you time too. I hate tidying up after meals, but with a family of five, I can’t really leave the mess or we run out of dishes and counter space. Over my years of having my own kitchen, I’ve assembled an efficient set of steps to cleaning your kitchen that you get to profit from now too!

1. Clear the Counters

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If your counters are anything like mine, they’re absolutely heaped with stuff, from papers to crayons to dirty plates to toast crumbs. So one of the first steps to cleaning your kitchen has to be getting all that junk off the counters. Make piles of the things that belong to each family member and ask each of them to remove their own items and put them away. Next toss out all the trash and recycling, then put anything that belongs in the kitchen in its proper door or cupboard.

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