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7 Super Simple Steps to Cleaning Your Kitchen ...

By Eliza

Having a cache of steps to cleaning your kitchen makes the whole process much simpler and saves you time too. I hate tidying up after meals, but with a family of five, I can’t really leave the mess or we run out of dishes and counter space. Over my years of having my own kitchen, I’ve assembled an efficient set of steps to cleaning your kitchen that you get to profit from now too!

1 Clear the Counters

Clear the CountersIf your counters are anything like mine, they’re absolutely heaped with stuff, from papers to crayons to dirty plates to toast crumbs. So one of the first steps to cleaning your kitchen has to be getting all that junk off the counters. Make piles of the things that belong to each family member and ask each of them to remove their own items and put them away. Next toss out all the trash and recycling, then put anything that belongs in the kitchen in its proper door or cupboard.

2 Put Away the Dishes

Put Away the DishesUnload the dishwasher and then put all the dirty dishes in it and out of the sink and off the cupboards. If you have any dishes that can’t go in the dishwasher, wash them by hand, dry them and put them away too. Once you start the other steps, you’ll want your clean dishes out of the way so they stay clean.


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3 Scrub the Sinks

Scrub the SinksThis will only take a couple of minutes. Spray the sink with your cleaning fluid of choice, then scrub it out to remove all the debris and staining. I like vinegar and baking soda scrubbed with a Mr. Clean magic eraser. Use a disinfectant wipe to clean around the edges of the sink, behind the sink and the faucet. Rinse the sink well when you’re finished.

4 Wash the Appliances

Wash the AppliancesI’m not talking about scrubbing out the refrigerator and deep cleaning the oven. Those are jobs for another day. If you’re just giving the kitchen a quick clean up after dinner, that’s too much work. Use the appropriate cleaning supplies to wipe down the outsides of your appliances. For stainless steel, Windex works great. Warm, soapy water is perfect for other surfaces. Wipe off any handprints and stuck on food for a sparkling set of appliances you won’t care if people see.

5 Wipe the Counters

Wipe the CountersUse a warm, wet rag to wipe the counters throughout the kitchen. Get rid of any crumbs and debris. Make sure you get under the microwave and in all the corners to remove all the yucky stuff. If you see any crud on the cupboard doors, go ahead and wipe them too. Give the table and chairs a once over as well.

6 Tidy up

Tidy upPut things on the counters back where they belong. Lay the tablecloth back on the table and replace the centerpiece. Make sure everything is in its place and that the whole room looks exactly as you want it.

7 Sweep and Mop the Floors

Sweep and Mop the FloorsLast, but not least, sweep or vacuum the floors to pick up dust, fuzz, dog hair and food crumbs. Make sure to get along all the edges and in the corners. Then, mop the floors with a soft cloth and some warm, soapy water. Stay off the floors until they dry. Now, go take a break.

Does your kitchen overwhelm you? It can definitely be a big job, but creating a routine makes it infinitely easier.

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