36 Scrapbook Layouts That Are Going to Blow Your Mind ...


36 Scrapbook Layouts That Are Going to Blow Your Mind ...
36 Scrapbook Layouts That Are Going to Blow Your Mind ...

Are you a scrapbooker? I'm a part-time novice. I've made a couple of great scrapbooks, but they are so time consuming and expensive that I simply can't document everything in a scrapbook. I've gotten around that by simply scrapbooking a photo box and collecting the photos inside. Either way, these mind blowing ideas are going to totally change the way you organize your next scrapbook. Each can be modified for various occasions and events. Get ready to head to the scrapbook store because you are about to be inspired.

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Fancy Background

picture frame,art,pattern,textile,design, Via Ideas for Scrapbookers: Create a ...
Make a single photo stand out in a wonderful way with an eye catching background like this one.


Having Fun

color,art,collage,painting,modern art, Via 15 Romantic Scrapbook Ideas for ...
What a fun way to document your best times with family and friends.

Frequently asked questions

The article '36 Scrapbook Layouts That Are Going to Blow Your Mind ...' showcases a variety of unique scrapbook layouts like incorporating mixed media, playing with geometric shapes, or experimenting with photo arrangements that can inspire you to create your own distinctive pages.

Yes, there are simple layouts that use basic supplies like patterned paper, stickers, and standard photo sizes. Start with a simple one page scrapbook layout and build up your skills from there!

Get creative with your scrapbook by using different textures, adding interactive elements like pockets or fold-outs, and including personal touches such as handwritten notes or drawings.

When designing a scrapbook page layout, consider the balance and flow of the page. Use coordinating colors, vary the size of your photos, and create a focal point that draws the eye. Don't forget to leave space for journaling!

Inspiration for scrapbooking layouts can be found in online galleries, crafting blogs, scrapbook magazines, and by following the article '36 Scrapbook Layouts That Are Going to Blow Your Mind ...' on a women's DIY website.


My Love

art,food,organ,dessert,heart, Via My Love
This layout is great for your kids or your wedding. Love it!


By the Beach

art,poster,picture frame,presentation,calendar, Via SCRAP A LITTLE!: Mosaic Moments
You'll always be able to revisit your beach vacay with a layout like this one.


Make a Personalized Map

collage,art,SASKATCHEWAN,INGTON,IDAHO, Via Cut, Craft, Create: Personalized Photo ...
Here's a scrapbook page you can add to each time you take a trip. Fun!


Idea for New Baby

pink,illustration,flower,sketch,sorld, Via Scrapbook Layouts | The Scrapbook ...
I totally wish I had done this with my kids' baby photos!


This particular scrapbook layout idea is perfect for creating special memories of a new baby. It features a beautiful pink flower sketch that is sure to make any scrapbook page stand out. The design also includes a world map, which is a great way to commemorate a baby's arrival into the world. This layout is easy to create and requires minimal supplies.

The idea for this scrapbook layout comes from The Scrapbook House, a blog dedicated to scrapbooking. The blog contains a variety of scrapbooking ideas, tutorials, and tips. The blog is especially popular among women who are looking for DIY ideas and projects.

This scrapbook layout is great for documenting the arrival of a new baby. Not only does it look beautiful, but it also serves as a great way to capture the moment and remember it forever. It is also a great way to share the joy of a new baby with friends and family.


Flip Book

art,scrapbooking,frem,angelhalu, Via Scrapbooking with the Tab Punch
Cram a bunch of photos on one page by turning them into a flip book.


Flip books are a fun and creative way to display multiple photos on one page. By punching a hole in the corner of each photo and connecting them with a metal ring, you can create a flip book that allows you to easily turn the pages and view all of the photos. You can also add captions and embellishments to the pages for a more personalized look. Flip books are great for scrapbooking and make a great gift for family and friends. They are also a great way to capture special memories and moments.


You Are My Sunshine

picture frame,art,window,riant,dLle, Via You are my sunshine..
This is a fantastic way to scrapbook professional photos. I love the buttons too!


This article features 36 unique scrapbook layouts that are sure to inspire and amaze. The layouts range from simple and elegant to colorful and playful, showcasing the versatility of scrapbooking as a creative outlet. The featured layout titled "You Are My Sunshine" incorporates a picture frame, art, and a window design to beautifully display professional photos. The addition of buttons adds a charming touch to the layout. This DIY project is perfect for preserving special memories and creating a personalized keepsake. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced scrapbooker, these layouts are sure to spark your creativity and take your scrapbooking game to the next level.


Old Photos

picture frame,art,modern art,painting,pattern, Via Peppermint Creative BLOG | Creative ...
Gather old family photos into a sepia toned scrapbook. I love this!


Nostalgia comes alive when you leaf through pages filled with vintage snapshots. Try incorporating delicate lace, pressed flowers, and even snippets of handwritten letters. It's a profound way to preserve your ancestry and give the past a permanent place. Plus, it's an incredibly touching gift to pass down through generations, ensuring that those golden memories continue to spark joy and tell stories long into the future.


Great Use of Paper Scraps

text,art,album cover,let,tha, Via SCRAP A LITTLE!: What to ...
Use up some of those scraps to make a totally unique and customized scrapbook page.


Button It up

art,toy,picture frame,Shanks,ban, Via Craft Discoveries
Buttons add just the right amount of flair and drama to a scrapbook page.


Collect an assortment of buttons in various sizes, colors, and textures to add depth to your layouts. Mix and match them to create borders, accents, or even to highlight the title of your page. They can also embody the theme of your memories, like pastel buttons for baby pages or vibrant hues for summer fun. Don't be shy to layer them or even thread them with some twine for extra crafty appeal. Buttons are not just for clothing—they're perfect little embellishments that pack a big punch on your scrapbook canvas.


Scrapping Birthdays

play,product,art,toy,illustration, Via Simple ideas for scrapbooking birthdays ...
Stack those birthday photos like a layered cake for a fun and festive layout. Cute, isn't it?


In the Summertime

flower,picture frame,photomontage,play,toddler, Via Picnic
Make summertime a special memory with a page you can look back on anytime you want to.


Number Birthday

color,play,circle,shape,compact disc, Via Layout: six
What an adorable way to make each year a special one!


For the Girls

art,product,picture frame,scrapbooking,pattern, Via Scrapbooking- Boy and girl layout ...
I have all boys, but this page could be changed to reflect that. It's such a fun way to rock all that girly stuff you deal with on a daily basis. Or the boy stuff, as the case may be.


Stacked Photos

text,font,advertising,design,brand, Via Ideas for Scrapbookers: Reader's Pages!
I love how symmetrical the stacked photos look here. This would work for any theme or idea.


This creative scrapbook layout is a great way to add a unique touch to any project. The stacked photos give the page a symmetrical look, making it visually appealing and interesting to look at. The photos are arranged in a way that draws the eye to the center of the page, creating an eye-catching effect.

The photos used in this layout are perfect for any theme or idea. Whether you’re creating a scrapbook page for a special occasion or just for fun, this layout is sure to make your project stand out. It’s also great for any level of scrapbooker, from beginner to advanced.

The layout is simple enough to be completed in a short amount of time, but it’s also versatile enough to be customized with different photos and colors. You can also add embellishments like stickers, ribbons, and charms to further personalize your page.

Overall, this scrapbook layout is a great way to make your project look unique and professional. It’s perfect for any occasion, and it’s easy enough for anyone to create. With this layout, you’ll be sure to make a lasting impression with your scrapbook page.



picture frame,illustration,flower,member,thua, Via My Creative Scrapbook Kit Club ...
The butterfly cutouts on this page make it something realy unique, don't you think?


On the Holidays

advertising,art,banner,Cntle, Via Christmas Cutie
You'll never have trouble remembering the best moments of your holidays with a page like this one.


Cherish the Ones You Love

West Village,person,art,floristry,flower, Via Ideas for Scrapbookers: A Template/Sketch ...
This is an outstanding way to remember loved ones who have died.


Snow Page

art,christmas,SNOW, Via First Snow
Those are such cute dogs! This would also work with snow pictures of your kids.


Loads of Detail

art,collage,advertising,uMaia,Maino, Via Auntie REcREates
There's a lot going on with these pages, but that's what makes them so wonderful.



album cover,picture frame,collage,photomontage,LWAY, Via Scrapbooking with Tracey at Paperzone
Instead of your standard square or rectangle photos, try these wedge shaped ones instead.


The geometric twist with wedge-shaped photos can add an unexpected element of fun to your scrapbook layout. Create a dynamic visual flow by arranging the wedges in a circle or fan pattern, mimicking the movement of a pinwheel. This creative approach not only showcases your pictures in an original manner, but also draws the eye across the page, making your memories even more compelling. Use varying sizes of wedges to emphasize certain images over others and give your scrapbook page a distinctive flair unlike any other.


Ticket Stubs

font,art,label,advertising,pattern, Via eueleeascriancas.com.br
Loosing at these will bring back all the best memories.


Documenting Text Messages

text,art,newspaper,EPIC,ics, Via Mish Mash: Project Life Week ...
I'm not sure I've ever written a text that was so profound it was worth saving, but if I had, this would be a great way to keep them.


Paper Cutouts

art,play,collage,pattern,illustration, Via We R Memory Keepers For ...
Use a die cut machine to create some cute cutouts to adorn your scrapbook pages.


Road Trip

play,comic book,art,comics,Dickinson, Via Sweet Shoppe Designs - Making ...
My family is all about road trips and this layout is a fun way to capture all the best parts.


Design a Page around a Letter

comics,Toledo, Via Ideas for Scrapbookers: Step Out ...
This would work for any letter of the alphabet. The options are virtually limitless.



clothing,cartoon,arm,art,album cover, Via Feeling You Grow
While there are probably parts of pregnancy that you'd rather forget, this is a fun way to remember the good parts.


Button Heart

art,product,play,picture frame,scrapbooking, Via 15 Romantic Scrapbook Ideas for ...
This is great for photos of you with your significant other. Mix and match button colors to make yours unique.


Happy Birthday

art,picture frame,pattern,collage,HAPPY, Via Layouts with Debbie Standard : ...
This page works for birthdays at any age!


All Circles

cartoon,play,art,collage,mural, Via SWL Circle Templates 1- page2
I love how the whole page is made up of circles in lots of sizes. Super cool!


Photo Strip

play,art,toy,picture frame,scrapbooking, Via A Pink and Navy Scrapbook ...
Embellish a photo strip with the things that the people in the photo love best.



biology,art,design,illustration,advertising, Via Paradise
This idea would work for any vacation, but it's particularly fun for a honeymoon.


Family Photos

art,collage,mural,aaa,fun, Via Family Fun
A scrapbook is the best place to store family photos.


Scrapbooking is more than just pasting photos; it's a way to weave stories of your family heritage and cherished memories. Imagine combining textures, patterns, and colors to create a visual narrative that unfolds with every page turn. Be inventive by incorporating tickets from a family vacation, handwritten notes from your grandparents, or your child's first drawing. Each element adds a dimension of emotion and personal touch to your scrapbook, transforming it into a treasure trove of moments that speak volumes about your family's legacy.


Baby Days

text,product,toddler,play,child, Via A Little Lilac: Digital Scrapbooking ...
They go by so fast, so make sure you document every moment that you can.


Winter Memories

blue,picture frame,art,pattern,maryann, Via i rock paper and scissors
I prefer summer over winter, but you could customize this page for any season of the year.

Do you scrapbook? Do you have any tips for coming up with great ideas?

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