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34 Embroidery Patterns You Are Going to Love ...

By Eliza

Do you like to do embroidery? My experience is limited, but the time I have spend on the endeavor were thoroughly enjoyable. It's always satisfying to create something with your own hands. If thread art is your thing, check out these awesome embroidery patterns to inspire your next crafting session. Enjoy!

1 Tiny Embroidered Animals

Tiny Embroidered AnimalsVia Tiny Embroidered Animals by Chloe ...
This embroidery pattern would be cute on tea towels or a sampler to hang on the wall.

2 State Love

State LoveVia State Love: Beginner's Embroidery Project ...
Put together a colorful state shape for your home and hang it proudly on your wall.



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3 Skip the Outline

Skip the OutlineVia Knotted feather stitch for TAST2013
I love how this pattern looks without the outline. It looks awesome, don't you think?

4 Embroidered Flowers

Embroidered FlowersVia 33 Reasons Mustard Yellow Is ...
Flowers are one of the easiest thing to embroider and you can do them in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes.

5 Star on a T-shirt

Star on a T-shirtVia Cazadora de inspiración: Embroidered star.
Add a whimsical embroidered shape like this to a plain t-shirt and you have a whole new level of fashion.

6 Words

WordsVia Hand Embroidery: Lettering and Text ...
Embroidered letters are great for personalizing gifts for your friends and family.

7 Alice in Wonderland

Alice in WonderlandVia Heavenly Blooms: Great Gatsby Inspired ...
If you prefer to work from a kit, you can easily find embroidery patterns at craft stores all over the place.

8 Doll Face

Doll FaceVia Big Little: Doll Making - ...
I have embroidered a doll face and it was really easy to do.

9 Flower Petals

Flower PetalsVia Basics to Learn Embroidery Designs ...
Flower petals are simple to execute, but look very cool when finished.

10 Seahorse

I love all the detail on this embroidered seahorse. What do you think?

11 Stitched Portraits

Stitched PortraitsVia Embroidered Portraits by Julie Sarloutte ...
This one is in the works by a professional, but with some practice, you could probably do one just like this.

12 Applique and Embroidery

Applique and EmbroideryVia Feathers Falling Slowly Hoop
Combine two kinds of sewing to create fantastic works of art just like this one.

13 White on White

White on WhiteVia Untitled Document
There is something so elegant about white stitching on a white background, don't you think?

14 Tiny Details

Tiny DetailsVia Yumiko Higuchi Embroidery Art -Gallery-
Once you get good at the craft, you can create tiny, detailed images like this one.

15 Little Fox

Little FoxVia 26 Fun and Free Embroidery ...
When you get started, try something small and simple like this little fox.

16 Tiny Flowers

Tiny FlowersVia Mes broderies
These itty bitty flowers would look great on doilies or tablecloths.

17 Another Flower

Another FlowerVia Some Gorgeous Needle Painting – ...
As you can see, flowers are a pretty popular embroidery pattern. This one came out awesome!

18 Embroidered Trees

Embroidered TreesVia
If you want to practice different stitches, a project like this one would give you lots of different techniques.

19 Use a Single Color

Use a Single ColorVia Community Post: 22 Adorable Handmade ...
A small sampler that uses only one color of thread is full of impact.

20 Embroidered Necklaces

Embroidered NecklacesVia Spinthread
Make one of these and everyone you know will be asking you to make them one.

21 Embroidered Map

Embroidered MapVia Pinterest Made Me Do It ...
You could fill in the states on this map as you visit each one.

22 Fall Tree

Fall TreeVia Lucia Schwery
This would be a great seasonal pattern that you could bring out every fall.

23 Love Your Pets

Love Your PetsVia Myrtle & Eunice
This would be a great enhancement on a leash, dog bed or even your own pillowcase.

24 Pretty Feather

Pretty FeatherVia Courses
Feathers are a fun pattern for lots of palettes. What color would you make yours?

25 A Whole Garden

A Whole GardenVia Mille fleurs
Go ahead and embroider a full garden if you don't want to stop with just one flower.

26 Seed Heads

Seed HeadsVia seed heads from life
The bead embellishments on this embroidery really make it stand out.

27 Coral Bike

Coral BikeVia Bicycle embroidery pattern and kit ...
This pattern is simple, but the detail and color make it really unique.

28 Start Small

Start SmallVia How to Embroider for Beginners ...
Here's another great starter pattern for beginners.

29 Colorful Animals

Colorful AnimalsVia 20 Whimsical Embroidered Animals By ...
Don't be afraid to use lots of color and make your pattern your own.

30 A Rainbow

A RainbowVia craftnik
The color coordinated flow of this embroidery pattern makes it really cohesive and beautiful.

31 Embroidered Coin Purses

Embroidered Coin PursesVia Yumiko Higuchi
You can bet that none of your friends is going to have a clutch quite like this one.

32 A Jellyfish

A JellyfishVia Galleries
With some embroidery experience, you can create something this beautiful.

33 Embellished Heart

Embellished HeartVia Je vous souhaite… I am ...
Bead are great for embellishing your embroidery, but tiny buttons are just as awesome.

34 Lilac Breasted Roller

Lilac Breasted RollerVia Gallery | Trish Burr Embroidery
You can almost feel his feathers, just by looking at the pattern.

Do you see a design here you'd like to copy? Please feel free to share your best embroidery tips.

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