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54 Awesome Quilts to Get You Inspired to do Some Sewing ...

By Eliza

I am part way into my first foray into sewing quilts and I am here to tell you that it isn't all that hard. Once you get the rhythm of cutting squares you'll be ready to assemble a pattern to make anyone happy. Of course, I'm a beginner, but the quilts on this list inspire me to work toward something super fancy and awe-inspiring. If you are a quilter, you will love these beautiful blankets too.

1 Quilted Monsters

Quilted MonstersVia M is for Monster Quilt ...
This has got to be one of the cutest quilts ever made. I have three boys and they would all love this beauty.

2 Fancy Stars

Fancy StarsVia City House Studio: Starflower Quilt
I really like how each star is made up of different fabrics so none of them are the same.


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3 Puffy Quilt

Puffy QuiltVia 1000 HBL Facebook Fans Giveaway!! ...
This would be so fun for a baby to sprawl out on and play.

4 Rows of Bricks

Rows of BricksVia Skip the Borders - Blog ...
You'd have to be really careful about measurements to get these bricks to line up.

5 Black and White

Black and WhiteVia Unavailable Listing on Etsy
The neutral color palette allows the variety of patterns to shine.

6 Birds and Flowers

Birds and FlowersVia Bluebirds in my Garden
An experienced quilter could easily pull this off.

7 Spring Colors

Spring ColorsVia Red Pepper Quilts: 2009 Finished ...
I think the greens and yellows go really great together. What about you?

8 Tiny Blocks

Tiny BlocksVia Quilter's Palette Quilt Pattern (PDF ...
If you have the patience to cut out all those itty bitty squares, this quilt would be really easy to put together.

9 Lovely

LovelyVia Img_0708.Jpg
Sticking with just a couple of colors lets the intricate stitching be the centerpiece.

10 Cute Turtle

Cute TurtleVia Quilting In The BunkHouse: Is ...
The whimsical turtle is super cute. This would be adorable for a baby or toddler.

11 T-shirt Quilt

T-shirt QuiltVia Crafts
Use all your old t-shirts to make a keepsake quilt.

12 Chevron Baby Quilt

Chevron Baby QuiltVia Freshly Pieced Modern Quilts: Chevron ...
This is cute for a baby, but it's so big that it would work for older kids too.

13 Gray Checker Board

Gray Checker BoardVia Red Pepper Quilts: Liberty Tana ...
The gray blocks hold the entire quilt together.

14 Sun Burst

Sun BurstVia Quilt Inspiration: Free pattern day ...
This pattern reminds me of the sunshine and its rays.

15 Patriotic

PatrioticVia Patriotic Throw - Large Lap ...
This is so cool. I can't wait until I'm a good enough quilter to make one like it.

16 Add Embroidery

Add EmbroideryVia hand quilting progress
As if the pattern wasn't cool enough - the embroidered details really make it something special.

17 Just a Touch of Color

Just a Touch of ColorVia Modern Baby Quilt - Black, ...
I like how the blue enhances the quilt without overwhelming it.

18 Lots of Pattern

Lots of PatternVia Indie by Pat Bravo
All the different fabric patterns make this quilt really fun.

19 Squares

SquaresVia Patchwork Quilt Baby, Toddler, Lap ...
Progressively larger squares are easy to do and really cute.

20 Different Sizes

Different SizesVia sewing
Careful measuring makes it easy to use a variety of squares in different sizes.

21 Use Your Scraps

Use Your ScrapsVia Glory in Scraps - Page ...
A pattern like this one is a great way to use up fabric scraps from other projects.

22 Dragonfly Quilt

Dragonfly QuiltVia Dragonfly quilt - On the ...
This is such a different and fancy quilt, don't you think?

23 Cozy Fabric

Cozy FabricVia Patchwork Baby Blanket, Modern Baby ...
The soft fabric that backs this quilt is great for a baby.

24 Flower Petals

Flower PetalsVia
A group of flower petals makes this quilt stand out.

25 Tiny on the Back

Tiny on the BackVia grapes and hearts: Dare to ...
I really love how the front of the quilt is mirrored in just a small detail on the back.

26 Embellished Squares

Embellished SquaresVia Crumbs (me and my sisters)
It's really cute how some of the squares are made up of smaller shapes.

27 Lines and Squares

Lines and SquaresVia Modern Trellis
This pattern is really fun and different than anything else you'll see.

28 Just the Lines

Just the LinesVia Modern Handmade Baby or Toddler ...
Of course, just doing the lines is also pretty cool.

29 Wave Quilt

Wave QuiltVia Items similar to Bargello Wave ...
This would take some planning, but the effect is really neat.

30 Rainbow

The rainbow pattern here is fun. Kids would love this one.

31 Fun Shapes

Fun ShapesVia happy camping front
Again, it would take measuring, but the non uniform squares are super cool.

32 Animals Are Fun

Animals Are FunVia E is for Elephant Quilt ...
A baby nursery would stand out with this quilt.

33 Big Flower

Big FlowerVia Amish Quilt Giant Dahlia Pattern
What a great quilt for a grown up bed. You could mix and match colors for different looks.

34 Simple

SimpleVia Night Owl Quilting & Dye ...
The simplicity of this quilt is what makes it stand out.

35 Wedding Ring Quilt

Wedding Ring QuiltVia QuiltWest 2014
This is one of the harder patterns to master, but it would be worth all the work.

36 Colorful Flowers

Colorful FlowersVia Funky Flower Jelly Roll 1600
Some bright flowers really stand out on a black and white background.

37 Red White and Blue

Red White and BlueVia Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Wow! I can't believe how much work went into this masterpiece.

38 Nine Patch

Nine PatchVia Yahoo - login
True to its name, each square is made up of nine smaller ones.

39 Dragonflies in Flight

Dragonflies in FlightVia Dragonflies In Flight Hawaiian Style ...
I can only imagine how long it will be until I could do this. Probably forever.

40 Fun Color Palette

Fun Color PaletteVia Pedal to the Metal - ...
The combination of brown and blue is really having a moment right now, which makes it the perfect color palette for a quilt.

41 Rag Quilt

Rag QuiltVia Minky Rag Quilt Tutorial - ...
The borders of the squares would be a great texture for babies.

42 A Little Bit of Dimension

A Little Bit of DimensionVia Spring Wheels 8
The way the flowers stand out a little is really fantastic.

43 Try Circles

Try CirclesVia Circular Edges Mini Quilt
Circles on a quilt are a fantastic alternative to the traditional square.

44 Sunflower Petals

Sunflower PetalsVia What Is Free Motion Zigzag? ...
This quilt is so beautiful!

45 Chevron Quilt

Chevron QuiltVia Beginners’ Fold-Over Clutch Bag ❁ ...
Here's another great example of a cute chevron striped quilt.

46 A Pop of Green

A Pop of GreenVia Make It Do: pattern shop
Green is another color that works really well with black and white.

47 Super Sized

Super SizedVia Canoe Ridge Creations: Giant Starburst ...
Use big shapes to make this style of quilt.

48 String Quilt

String QuiltVia baby caroline's string quilt
This would be so cool on your couch or outdoor patio furniture.

49 Celestial

CelestialVia Sampaguita Quilts: 2012 at Sampaguita ...
A little boy would love to have this quilt on his bed.

50 Tie Quilt

Tie QuiltVia Yahoo - login
What a fun way to use ties your man is done with or doesn't want.

51 Center Stripe

Center StripeVia
The middle of this quilt really makes it stand out.

52 Breathtaking

BreathtakingVia 2013 Paducah Quilt Show
There aren't enough words to do this quilt justice.

53 Earth Tones

Earth TonesVia Tamarack Shack: Four Patch Charm ...
Use earth toned fabric for a more neutral colored quilt.

54 Use Strips

Use StripsVia My Quilt Infatuation: Bluebonnets for ...
Strip blocks are a fun alternative to perfect squares, don't you think?

Are you a quilter? Does this list make you want to be one? What is your favorite pattern?

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