37 DIY Cloud Projects for Rainy Days ...


For inexperienced crafters, DIY cloud projects are a great way to start. Because clouds have no specific form, it is easy to create a stylized shape that is easily recognizable as a cloud. Here are some DIY cloud projects for all levels of experience.

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Cloud Pendant Lights

Cloud Pendant Lights Via 8 Cool Lights and Night-lights ...

I've seen quite a few DIY cloud projects for lights. I like these for a kid's room. Once these are made, hang them with fishing wire so they look like they're floating in the air.


Crafting a DIY cloud pendant light is simpler than it might seem, and it's a delightful addition to any child's room or a whimsical touch to any corner needing a dash of magic. With a combination of polyfill and LED lights, or a repurposed paper lantern, you can create this ethereal decor piece. For a more atmospheric effect, try incorporating a soft, warm-colored bulb to mimic the gentle glow of morning sunshine. Remember to ensure safety, especially in children's rooms, by keeping all electrical components well-encased and out of reach.


DIY Light Clouds

DIY Light Clouds Via DIY Light Clouds

No reason why you can't use them in your own room though.


Cloud Headboard

Cloud Headboard Via A bedroom fit for a ...

Pretty. Easy to make too.


Lucky Rain Cloud Light

Lucky Rain Cloud Light Via I would think this could ...

Another cute DIY cloud light project.


Clouds Mobile for the Nursery

Clouds Mobile for the Nursery Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy

Match the cloud colors to your nursery scheme or go for pops of standout color.


Clouds Raining Hearts

Clouds Raining Hearts Via Clouds Raining Hearts Vinyl Wall ...

Or you could just buy some decals. But, this sort of thing could be a nice simple stencil project.


Cloud and Raindrop Cushion

Cloud and Raindrop Cushion Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy

Anyone who can thread a needle can make a cloud appliqué cushion.


Cloud Ring Mobile

Cloud Ring Mobile Via Димка с Днем Рождения!

Make clouds from stiff card. An option would be to cover the card clouds in different fabrics.


Fimo Cloud Mobile

Fimo Cloud Mobile Via Hand made children's cloud mobile, ...

Great for a splash of color.


Cloud Mobile with Kites

Cloud Mobile with Kites Via Kite Mobile, Baby Mobile, Nursery ...

This is for sale on Etsy but it looks simple enough to me. I think how to make it goes like this. Make cloud templates in varying sizes. Cut clouds out. Fold the clouds in half and glue a few together at the creases. When you glue the biggest clouds together, glue the strings in for the "lower" clouds and kites. Fix the lower clouds around the string with the string going through the middle where the creases of the fold meet. Cut out kites and use 2 pieces for each, with the string going through two pieces glued together. All done!


Cloud Halloween Costume

Cloud Halloween Costume Via Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costumes

How cute is this?


Happy Cloud and Rainbow

Happy Cloud and Rainbow Via Make Your Own: Happy clouds ...

So easy to make from white card and multi-colored ribbon. If you want something long lasting, use plywood or cork and paint it white.


Simple DIY Cloud Pillow

Simple DIY Cloud Pillow Via livethjemme.ikea.no

Time to get out the sewing machine.


Cute Backdrop Idea

Cute Backdrop Idea Via Sneak Peek: Heart Home Magazine ...

All you need are different printed papers and ribbons.


Adorable Mini Cloud Embroidery

Adorable Mini Cloud Embroidery Via here comes the sun...

Great DIY cloud project as your first embroidery.


How to Make a Cloud

How to Make a Cloud Via Fashion: How to Make a ...

Click on the link to get the tutorial. And then decide what you would do with the clouds. All ideas welcome.


Color Cloud

Color Cloud Via Paper Party | Color Cloud

Love all the bright colors. And it's all made from paper.


Fimo Cloud Brooch

Fimo Cloud Brooch Via Cute Smiling Cloud FIMO brooch

Make one with a sad face for your down days.


Rain Cloud Nail & String Art

Rain Cloud Nail & String Art Via Items similar to Rain Cloud ...

I could do this! So could you!


Messenger Bag

Messenger Bag Via kids messenger bag rainbow rain ...

Go to town with the colors.


Cloud Tags

Cloud Tags Via giochidicarta.bigcartel.com

Easy to make and so simply effective.


Felt Cloud Pillow

Felt Cloud Pillow Via Cloud Pillow pdf Pattern

A pile of these would be a cute idea for a little girl's


Paper Cloud Magnets

Paper Cloud Magnets Via Paper cloud magnets - set ...

Another item sold on Etsy but this is another DIY cloud project you could replicate. The clouds are paper, which are printed with whatever words you want and then stuffed and machine stitched together. Add a magnetic strip on the back and hey presto, puffy cloud fridge magnets.


Cloud Pin Boards

Cloud Pin Boards Via Cute the Breeze Message Board ...

Cut out cork pin boards and paint them white.


Cloud Clay Recipe

Cloud Clay Recipe Via Cloud Clay ~ Softest Clay ...

Make a big batch for the kids.


Hand Painted Mug

Hand Painted Mug Via The 365 . custom hand ...

The cloud and raindrops design is totally up to you. Add a rainbow if you like.


Cloud Pomanders

Cloud Pomanders Via Etsy :: Your place to ...

Fill with lavender or potpourri or cedar chips and hang in your closet. Leave the ribbon tabs off for drawer pomanders.


Cloud Bookmark

Cloud Bookmark Via Cloud Felt Paperclip Bookmark

All you need is a large paper clip and some white felt.


DIY Cloud Advent Calendar

DIY Cloud Advent Calendar Via Kickcan & Conkers: Shop Watch: ...

What a clever idea. It's certainly different.


DIY Cloud Hairpin Organizer

DIY Cloud Hairpin Organizer Via Porte barettes - Motherblogger

No more searching in piles of unruly hairpins for the ones you want.


Cloud Book Shelf

Cloud Book Shelf Via Lectuurbak in de vorm van ...

This makes me itch to get the carpenter tools out. 2 cloud shaped pieces and 2 shelf pieces and some screws. Fancy making it?


Pink Fabric Cloud Brooch with Pearl Rain Drops

Pink Fabric Cloud Brooch with Pearl Rain Drops Via Items similar to Pink fabric ...

Choose your favorite color and you're good to go.


Cloud Halloween Costume

Cloud Halloween Costume Via Fabulous Rain Cloud Costume

Wow. This is very creative.


White Cloud Shelf

White Cloud Shelf Via White Cloud Shelf.

A simple project to test out your DIY skills.


Coffee Cup Sleeve

Coffee Cup Sleeve Via Coffee Cup Cozy, Crochet Coffee ...

Another Etsy product but you clever knitters out there should be able to produce something similar.


Easy Cloud Mobile

Easy Cloud Mobile Via craft a cloud mobile in ...

Got 5 minutes to spare? Knock up a cloud mobile.


Cloud Garland Wall Hanging

Cloud Garland Wall Hanging Via Wall Hanging - 'Rainy Day' ...

If you've got brighter colored walls go for cheerful white clouds.

There are some fun DIY cloud projects here that I want to have a go at myself. What do you think? Any of interest to you?

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