40 Sock Monkey Projects to Raise a Smile or Two ...


If you're a knitter, can do crochet, love to bake or are arty with the modeling clay, you're in for a treat because I've compiled a great list of sock monkey projects. So troops (get it ha ha -troop is the collective noun for monkeys - if you didn't know),get your gear ready because your crafting fingers will be itching to get started on one or more of these sock monkey projects.

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Sock Monkey Booties

Sock Monkey Booties Via Cheeky Monkey Booties

If you want a small sock monkey project, click on the link above to find a free pattern.


Sock Monkey Birthday Cake

Sock Monkey Birthday Cake Via Cupcakes, Cookies & Pie, Oh, ...

No need to worry about your cake sculpting skills because this is cleverly made from cupcakes.


Sock Monkey Cake Pops

Sock Monkey Cake Pops Via EAT DRINK PRETTY

No one will be able to resist these.


Sock Monkey Hat

Sock Monkey Hat Via ruthmcneilsblogging: Sock Monkey Hat- Adult ...

This is an adult sized hat. Click on the link above for a free crochet pattern.


Sock Monkey Popsicles!

Sock Monkey Popsicles! Via Toxiferous Designs: 4/20/08 - 4/27/08
If you don't knit or crochet there are still sock monkey projects you can do - like these yummy popsicles.


Newborn Sock Monkey Set

Newborn Sock Monkey Set Via CuddleBugz Photography

I to have confess I'm not a fan of babies being dressed as animals (I have a dislike of those knitted and machine made romper suits and baby grows that have ears for example.) If however, you find this cute, there are plenty of patterns on the internet or you can find readymade ones on Etsy.


Sock Monkey

Sock Monkey Via Baby

Here's a pattern if you want to make a sock monkey of your very own.


Crochet Sock Monkey

Crochet Sock Monkey Via Sock Monkey Crochet Pattern

And one if your crochet skills are up to it.


Sock Monkey Blanket

Sock Monkey Blanket Via Sock Monkey Blanket Crochet Pattern ...

This will keep a little one as snug as a bug in a rug. Or a little monkey warm as a nest of leaves.


Sock Monkey Christmas Ornament

Sock Monkey Christmas Ornament Via Sock Monkey Christmas Ornament

Get your knitting needles out. There's plenty of time before Christmas.


Crochet Plastic Bag Holder

Crochet Plastic Bag Holder Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy

This was originally sold on Etsy (no longer available) but I think that a crafter with decent knitting skills could work out how to make one.


Sock Monkey Crocheted Girl's Hat

Sock Monkey Crocheted Girl's Hat Via Items similar to Sock Monkey ...

Sock monkey projects come with a feminine touch too.


Sock Monkey Nail Art

Sock Monkey Nail Art Via The Daily Nail: Sock it ...

This darling design comes from the Daily Nail Blog.


Sock Monkey Crochet Blanket

Sock Monkey Crochet Blanket Via Sock Monkey Lovey by Bowtykes ...

Such a cutey. He'd make a lovely security blanket.


Sock Monkey Dress

Sock Monkey Dress Via hazelandmelvin.com

Erm, I don't really know what to say about this. A fully knitted sock monkey dress. Where would you wear it? If you have a knitting machine you could try running up your own. If not, no worries. As long as you have $1,500, you can buy one readymade.


Monkey Crochet Booties

Monkey Crochet Booties Via Mon Petit Mardi Lime Sock ...

I know I brought you a pair of booties in #1, but I prefer the
style of these.


Sock Monkey Booties

Sock Monkey Booties Via Seriously Daisies: Sock Monkey Cuteness

And a more grown up version too.


Monkey Cupcakes

Monkey Cupcakes Via Sock Monkey Birthday Cupcakes

If you can't knit or do crochet, turn your hand to whipping up a batch of yummy cupcakes.


Sock Monkey Diaper Cover Set

Sock Monkey Diaper Cover Set Via Girl Sock Monkey Hat Set ...

Perfect if you want your little monkey to look like a little


Clay Sock Monkeys

Clay Sock Monkeys Via Items similar to RUSH ORDER: ...

If you're a dab hand with the FIMO or any other type of modeling clay you can make some sock monkeys for pendants, earrings, brooches and fridge magnets.


Crochet Sock Monkey Cup Cozy

Crochet Sock Monkey Cup Cozy Via Crochet Sock Monkey Cup Cozy

Keep your coffee warm and your fingers cool.


Sock Monkey Blanket

Sock Monkey Blanket Via Baby Sock Monkey Blanket - ...

This one can definitely be used as a blanket, not like #14


Sock Monkey Paperclip Bookmarks

Sock Monkey Paperclip Bookmarks Via Sock Monkey Paperclip Bookmarks Pink ...

Got some large paperclips? Got some modeling clay? Then get to making some sock monkey bookmarks to hold your place in the Curious George book you're reading to the kids.


Lego Sock Monkey

Lego Sock Monkey Via Lego Sock Monkey detail

Time to go and see you have enough grey Lego blocks.


Sock Monkey Tutorial

Sock Monkey Tutorial Via livemoredaily.com

If you prefer to follow a tutorial for your sock monkey projects rather than a pattern, just click on the link above.


Sock Monkey Beanie

Sock Monkey Beanie Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy

Still completely recognizable as a sock monkey even without the face.


Sock Monkey Key Fob

Sock Monkey Key Fob Via Sock Monkey Key Fob Crochet ...

How about a sock monkey that can go with you anywhere you venture?


Sock Monkey Cookies

Sock Monkey Cookies Via Sock Monkey Cookies


Crochet Sock Monkey Shoulder Bag

Crochet Sock Monkey Shoulder Bag Via Crochet Sock Monkey Shoulder Bag ...

I think there will be arguments over who gets to carry this bag. who will win? You or the kids?


Sock Monkey Baby Bottle Cover

Sock Monkey Baby Bottle Cover Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy

This is being sold on Etsy but I had a look and you can find patterns online to make your own.


Sock Monkey Ornament

Sock Monkey Ornament Via Sock Monkey Ornament Crochet Pattern ...

Hang him on the tree along with his cousin in #10.


Miniature Baby Sock Monkey

Miniature Baby Sock Monkey Via PDF PATTERN - Amigurumi Crochet ...

Who wouldn't love a miniature sock monkey?



CROCHET SOCK MONKEY RUG Via Crochet Sock Monkey Rug

Some sock monkey projects will obviously take longer than others. A lot of patience and time needed for this one but the fabulous end result will be worth it.


Sock Monkey Hat

Sock Monkey Hat Via Crochet in Color: Just Another ...

There are tons of different sock monkey patterns for hats online so browse a lot before choosing which one you'll make.


Crocheted Sock Monkey Slouchy Beanie

Crocheted Sock Monkey Slouchy Beanie Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy

And if you don't want a standard pull on bonnet, a slouchy beanie might be your thing.


Sock Monkey Diaper Cover & Leg Warmers Set

Sock Monkey Diaper Cover & Leg Warmers Set Via Sock Monkey Diaper Cover & ...

The link will take you to an Etsy seller but if this sock monkey craft takes your fancy just search on the internet for free patterns.


Sock Monkey Doll

Sock Monkey Doll Via Crochet Animal Hats, Knit & ...

Want to crochet a whole sock monkey doll? Look no further.


Sock Monkey Pillow

Sock Monkey Pillow Via cute animal pillows for kids ...

I love this. It almost makes me want to learn how to crochet.


Another Adult Sock Monkey Hat

Another Adult Sock Monkey Hat Via Some happy hooking

I've picked this one out from the multitude simply because I love the full mouth.


Sock Monkey Cocoon

Sock Monkey Cocoon Via 520 Sock Monkey Inspired Cocoon ...

You too can snuggle baby in a giant sock!

So my sock monkey loving friends, there you have it; plenty of sock monkey projects that will see you through rainy days. Do any of these sock monkey crafts inspire you? (If not just make some sock bunnies a là Phoebe from Friends.)

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