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28 Seasonal Fall Crafts to Share with Kids of Many Ages ...

By Eliza

No matter your child's age, fall crafts are a fun way to make memories together, spend some quality time with one another and have a ton of fun too! Crafts are great for building motor skills, creativity and problem solving, but they are so enjoyable that your child won't even know she's learning. So, gather your craft supplies and make some of these fun fall crafts to decorate your home with. You won't be sorry, I promise!

1 Ears of Corn

Ears of CornVia Disney-Inspired Crafts and Activities for ...
Instead of using kernels for this, it's much more fun to use popped corn. Wouldn't you say this is one of the cutest fall crafts out there?

2 Leaf Outlines

Leaf OutlinesVia 10+ Unique Fall Crafts for ...
Kids love spray paint so this is a fun way to engage that passion and make some great wall hangings at the same time.


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3 Friendly Scarecrow

Friendly ScarecrowVia Fall
Toddlers and preschoolers will love making this cute fall friend.

4 Repurposed Items

Repurposed ItemsVia Autumn Inspiration
Something you might otherwise toss in the trash can easily be turned into these adorable pumpkins for your home or patio.

5 Monogram Fall Wreath

Monogram Fall WreathVia DIY Tutorial: DIY Home Decor ...
Your older kids will love making this customized fall wreath to grace your front door with.

6 Stained Glass Fall Leaves

Stained Glass Fall LeavesVia Stained Glass Fall Leaves {kids ...
A little bit of tissue paper and some glue are all you and your kids need to make this beautiful craft.

7 Fall Flowers

Fall FlowersVia Fall Fun
Just because fall is nearly here doesn't mean you can't still decorate with flowers.

8 Sticks

SticksVia Saturday Spotlight: Fall Projects | ...
There is no shortage of sticks in the fall so use some of them to make these candle holders. Even the youngest kid can help you with this easy craft!

9 Pumpkin Letters

Pumpkin LettersVia Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Painting these wooden blocks is fun for any kid and you can use these to decorate your front steps.

10 For Older Kids

For Older KidsVia DIY Tutorial: DIY Pumpkins Crafts ...
This pumpkin is a little more detailed than some other fall crafts, but older kids could get into making it.

11 Edible Craft

Edible CraftVia | Elizabeth Street
For a tasty edible craft, make these cute acorns from cookies and chocolate kisses. Yum!

12 Pumpkin Wreath

Pumpkin WreathVia DIY Tutorial: DIY Home Decor ...
These tiny pumpkins are easy to find at dollar stores and your kids can help you arrange them just right.

13 Pumpkin Candle Holders

Pumpkin Candle HoldersVia Halloween / Fall Crafts & ...
This looks like a craft suited to teens, but it would be really cute displayed on your mantle.

14 Wine Cork Painting

Wine Cork PaintingVia The Plaid Palette | Craft ...
Kids love to paint and these wine corks dipped in fall colors are such a fun way to make leaves.

15 Leaf Imprints

Leaf ImprintsVia Fall crafts for kids.
With so many leaves lying on the ground during the fall, you can easily reproduce this cute craft.

16 Salt Dough

Salt DoughVia Fall Salt Dough Ornaments - ...
Kids love this stuff so make some adorable leaf medallions like these beauties.

17 Leaf Characters

Leaf CharactersVia Disney-Inspired Crafts and Activities for ...
Glue some leaves to paper and let your kids turn them into cute people, bugs and animals.

18 Stained Glass Candle Holder

Stained Glass Candle HolderVia preserving leaves and a leaf ...
These leaves glued to the jar make for a lovely candle holder.

19 Tissue Paper Leaves

Tissue Paper LeavesVia Fall Craft Idea for Kids ...
Little ones love to wad paper, so let them do just that! Then use the crumpled pieces to make a fun fall tree like this one.

20 Hand Print Tree

Hand Print TreeVia Keep Your Kids At Home ...
This is such a cute way to commemorate your child's growth through the years.

21 Framed Letters

Framed LettersVia Fun Home Things: DIY Framed ...
Your kids will love helping you spell out a word and then painting the letters fall colors.

22 Leftovers

LeftoversVia 25 Amazing Pumpkin Crafts | ...
If you have a bunch of canning rings lying around, what better craft to make than these cute kid-friendly pumpkins?

23 Paper Pumpkins

Paper PumpkinsVia Paper pumpkins. You need a ...
Some simple strips of paper are all you need for these.

24 Apple Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Apple Toilet Paper Roll CraftVia DIY Apple Toilet Paper Roll ...
Your kids will love hanging these all over your house.

25 Leaf Animals

Leaf AnimalsVia
Use different colored leaves to make these cute little guys.

26 Leaf Letters

Leaf LettersVia The 36th AVENUE | Gorgeous ...
Simple cardboard letters from the craft store are easy to customize to your child's initials.

27 Acorn Collage

Acorn CollageVia Happy Home Fairy
Little kids will love tearing the paper to make these cute fall acorns to hang on your refrigerator.

28 Marbled Leaves

Marbled LeavesVia 10 Best Fall Crafts For ...
To get this marbled look, spread some shaving cream on a large plate, drip food coloring on top, swirl it with a toothpick, then press the paper leaves into the cream. Scrape off the excess and this is what you have.

Do you do craft projects with your children? I have tons of ideas for days when they declare boredom every five minutes. Which one do you want to try first?

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