31 Cute Homemade Scarecrows for Fall ...


Homemade scarecrows are perfect for fall and so easy to make. So,what are you waiting for? This is a project you are going to totally love! No matter which one you make and where you decide to keep it, any of these homemade scarecrows are sure to make your entire house look ready for fall. Check out these easy homemade scarecrows as a starting point, but create your masterpiece however you want it. Let me know how it goes!

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Pumpkin Heads

Pumpkin Heads Via Amazing DIY Halloween Yard Decorations ...
Homemade scarecrows with jack-o-lanterns for heads are perfect for fall and Halloween at the same time. Cute, huh?


Pumpkin Man

Pumpkin Man Via restylinghomebykellyblog.com
He's not the traditional straw scarecrow you're probably used to seeing, but this guy is pretty cute.


Spooky Ghost

Spooky Ghost Via PUMPKINROT.COM: What's Brewing: Ghost Of ...
This ghoulish take on the classic scarecrow is just right for scaring the trick or treaters in your neighborhood.


Front Porch Scarecrow

Front Porch Scarecrow Via Cute Fall Porch Decor Ideas ...
This front porch sure is ready for fall. The scarecrow by the door is cute.


Porch Stair Welcome

Porch Stair Welcome Via Far Above Rubies: When the ...
Isn't this cute little scarecrow perfect for welcoming guests to your home this fall.


Inspired by Horror Movies

Inspired by Horror Movies Via 102 Wicked Things To Do: ...
This is creepy isn't it? But it would be perfect for horror movie enthusiasts.


Creepy Scarecrow in a Forest

Creepy Scarecrow in a Forest Via PUMPKINROT.COM: What's Brewing
I can see this being stashed in a corn maze to scare folks on Halloween. Be cautious - you never know where he'll turn up.


Pumpkin Scarecrow

Pumpkin Scarecrow Here's another great example of a scarecrow with a pumpkin for a head. Not sure why it's inside, but to each his own.


Country Scarecrows

Country Scarecrows Via Windy Hill Primitives
A couple of boards and some leftover craft scraps are all you need to make these adorable scarecrows. Aren't they fabulous?


King of the Pumpkin Patch

King of the Pumpkin Patch Via Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired Pumpkin ...
This scarecrow looks super easy to make and would be perfect for a Halloween party in the yard.


A Little Bit Girly

A Little Bit Girly Via The Backyard Farming Connection: The ...
If you want a girl scarecrow, this one is super easy to make and really cute too.


Indoor Scarecrow

Indoor Scarecrow Via Decorative Woodcraft & Tole Painting ...
If you want a cute scarecrow to decorate the inside of your house, this is the one for you.


Humorous Scarecrow

Humorous Scarecrow Via Harvest Moon - The Everyday ...
Give everyone who passes your house a good laugh with this funny scarecrow.


Country Outdoor Scarecrow

Country Outdoor Scarecrow Via Organized Clutter: Fall Outdoor Decor
What a cute character for your front porch this fall! And so easy to make.


Use an Old Rake

Use an Old Rake Via Ramblings of a Southern Girl: ...
If you have an old rake and some clothes destined for the Goodwill lying around, use them to make this scarecrow.


Tiny Pot Scarecrow

Tiny Pot Scarecrow Via HobbyLobby Projects - Winter, Spring, ...
This tiny scarecrow would look so cute perched on a bench on your front porch or the mantle in your house.


This Tiny Pot Scarecrow is the perfect addition to your home for the fall season. It is a great way to add a festive touch to your porch or mantle. The scarecrow is made out of a tiny terracotta pot and a few other supplies, making it an easy and inexpensive DIY project. The pot is painted with a cute face and decorated with a burlap bow, straw hat, and a colorful scarf. The scarecrow is made even more festive with the addition of a few fall-themed items, such as a pumpkin, gourd, or a bundle of dried corn stalks.

This cute little scarecrow is sure to bring some holiday cheer to your home. It is a great way to show off your creative side and make a fun statement. Plus, it is a great way to get your kids involved in the fall season. Once the scarecrow is completed, they can help you find the perfect spot to place it in your home. With its festive colors and adorable face, this Tiny Pot Scarecrow is sure to be a hit with everyone who sees it.


Laughing Couple

Laughing Couple Via Halloween Decorations - Halloween Decor ...
I don't think I've ever seen a cuter pair of scarecrows. What about you?


Mason Jar Scarecrow

Mason Jar Scarecrow Via Sumo's Sweet Stuff: Mason Jar ...
Mason jar crafts are trending big time and here is another great idea for your cache of them. This would be fun for kids to make!


Friendly Scarecrow

Friendly Scarecrow Via Make Pumpkin Topiaries for an ...
Here's another friendly front porch scarecrow you're going to love seeing on your steps every day.


Candy Corn Scarecrow

Candy Corn Scarecrow Via Candy Corn Scarecrow
Your kids will love making these delicious candy corn scarecrows. Just make sure they don't eat too much or they won't look finished.


Glass Block Lamp

Glass Block Lamp Via Home Decor, Accents, Holiday Decorations ...
Give a plain old glass block that lights up some new life with this getup. Cute!


Coffee Can Scare Crow

Coffee Can Scare Crow Via Coffee Can Scarecrow - Crafts ...
This is the perfect way to use up a coffee can. This is another good idea for indoor decorating.


Cute Display

Cute Display Via Creative Pumpkin-Carving Ideas and Patterns
Adding fake birds to your scarecrow gives it a whimsical look that everyone will love.


Hodge Podge

Hodge Podge Via photo.visitscotland.com
This scarecrow was made out of odds and ends from around the house. It came out great didn't it?


A Whole Family

A Whole Family Via Decorating for Fall: A Tour ...
This whole family of scarecrows is super cute. Let every member of the family make their own.


Pumpkin Patch Scarecrow

Pumpkin Patch Scarecrow Via Halloween and Fall Inspired Decorations ...
Buy a bunch of pumpkins and create this adorable scene in your front yard.


Totally Homemade

Totally Homemade Via DIY Decor: How to Make ...
Use up a bunch of leftover fabric scraps to make this classic scarecrow.


From the Movies

From the Movies Via Happy Halloween
Fans of Tim Burton will love these cute scarecrows. They would look so adorable in a front yard.


With a Crow Face

With a Crow Face Via Scarecrows and scholars are not ...
Give your scarecrow a face like a crow for some fun. He might just bring lots of friends to your yard though.


Harvest Couple

Harvest Couple Via Harvest Couple by Emanuel Tanjala
Could this adorable couple be any cuter? I love it!



Scarecrow-cookies Via Bake Sale Treats
What could be better than an edible scarecrow? These would be so cute for a fall classroom party.

How do you feel about scarecrows? I know some people find them really creepy, while others think they are cute. Did you see one you want to make this fall?

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