21 Epic Halloween Mantels to Adorn Your House ...

By Eliza

21 Epic Halloween Mantels to Adorn Your House ...

Your fireplace is the perfect place to create Halloween mantels that can't be beat. Even if you don't have a lot of space up there, you can easily create a scene that makes a huge impact in your home. I love to decorate for Halloween and if you're the same way, Halloween mantels are an easy and fun way to make a statement without having to go too crazy. Check out these great examples and you'll see just what I mean.

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1 A Little Bit Witchy

A Little Bit Witchy Nothing is more perfect for Halloween mantels than witches. I love how they are floating around here. Super cute!

2 Vintage Inspired

Vintage Inspired I love the skull! This is really cute and elegant and is perfect if you want a scene that's different from the standard orange and black with pumpkins.

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3 Double Duty

Double Duty This adorable mantel works for both fall and Halloween at the same time.

4 Totally Spooky

Totally Spooky That giant spider and those spooky eyes make for one really festive decoration.

5 Black and White

Black and White This set up reminds me of Edgar Allen Poe. What do you think?

6 All Orange

All Orange Go with tons of orange and there's no mistaking that you're going for a Halloween feel.

7 Skeletons Galore

Skeletons Galore .
Skeletons are one of my favorite decor items for Halloween. Don't you just love this?

8 Flying Bats

Flying Bats Make your mantel something to really get excited about by securing some cute bats flying overhead.

9 All the Classics

All the Classics You can't go wrong with black cats, pumpkins and a few spooky spiders.

10 Mantel Scarf

Mantel Scarf This cute scarf is easy to make and adds some great holiday personality to your mantel.

11 Lots of Pumpkins

Lots of Pumpkins It's Halloween, so don't be afraid to really pile the pumpkins up on your fireplace, with a few on the mantel.

12 Black Embellishments

Black Embellishments Black leaves and letters on the pumpkins give this set up a spooky feel.

13 Modern

Modern Using chevron and big numbers gives this scene a modern and classy look. I love it, what about you?

14 Dancing Skeletons

Dancing Skeletons My favorite part of this one is the cute little skeletons dancing over the jack-o-lanterns.

15 More Black and White

More Black and White Here's another wonderful example of how cool a black and white mantel is for Halloween.

16 Scary Signs

Scary Signs The spooky Halloween signs above the mantel are really awesome. Don't you think?

17 Haunted House

Haunted House .
Of course, having a haunted house on the mantel is just what you need.

18 Purple and Green

Purple and Green The purple and green color combination is ideal for your Halloween decor - and those trees are fab-boo!

19 Dressed up Pumpkins

Dressed up Pumpkins Don't you just love how the pumpkins are all dressed up for Halloween. Super cute!

20 Witchy Witch

Witchy Witch If you love witches, these cute decorations are just the thing you need.

21 Scary Graveyard

Scary Graveyard Recreate a scary cemetery feel by propping some faux tombstones around your fireplace.

How do you decorate for Halloween? I think each of these mantels are perfect! Which one is your favorite?

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