13 Amazingly Simple Halloween Decorations ...


13 Amazingly Simple Halloween Decorations ...
13 Amazingly Simple Halloween Decorations ...

If you’re looking for some ways to spook up your home this Halloween, the following 13 tips will help get you there.

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Jazz up the Front Porch

Even if none of your guests come into your house, or you don't get trick-or-treaters, they will see your front porch, so make sure you give it a festive feel with a pile of pumpkins, mums, lanterns, and a colorful rug. For an extra spooky touch, use pre-lit spooky trees.


DIY Spooky Spiders

This is a fun Halloween craft to do with the kiddos to spook up your home indoors and outdoors. All you need is some black pipe cleaners, hot glue, paint brush, black paint, toothpicks, wooden rounds, black glitter, black spray paint, small white foam balls, and medium to large foam balls.

Cover one of the larger foam balls with black spray paint and while wet, douse it in glitter. Hot glue the glittered ball to one of the wooden rounds and allow it to dry. Push a toothpick halfway through two small white foam balls, and then press them into the glittered ball. Paint black dots onto the white balls. Push eight pipe cleaners into the ball to make the legs. If you need longer legs, twist two pipe cleaners together.


Choose a Palette

Keeping your color palette limited to only a few shades will create a look that is perfectly pulled together. This could be as simple as black-and-white with shades of oranges. Metallics are also a great idea.


Create Some Spellbooks

To make some new books look old cover them in a removable leather jacket that you have antiqued and distressed. Stack them along with some old wine bottles to create a touch of spooky sophistication.


Mummify Your Door

Guests and Trick-or-treaters are coming your way. Trick out your door with a frightful facelift. All you need are scissors, adhesive putty, large googly eyes, and a roll of white crepe paper. Outline the doors with adhesive putty. Cut several strips of crepe paper the width of your door and attach them to the adhesive. Crisscross the strips a bit to create a mummy effect. Place some putty on the googly eyes and press them between a couple of pieces of crepe paper.


Mummify a Beverage Tub

All you need is a galvanized tub, cheesecloth, and some eyes. Wrap the cheesecloth around the tub and attach the eyes.


Create Black Cats out of Pumpkins

Welcome your guests with a litter of black kitties. These are eyes carve-free kitties that everybody will enjoy making. All you need is some pumpkins, black paint, hot glue, pipe cleaners, felt, and cardboard. Start by painting the pumpkin and cardboard black. Create eyes with white felt. Cut out eye shapes and then color in some black pupils. Cut out triangle shapes in black, brown, or pink felt for the nose. Cut the pain cardboard into triangles for the ears. Hot glue the eyes, ears, and nose on the pumpkin. Finish it up by gluing some brown or black pipe cleaners on for whiskers.


Dress up Your Windows

Provide your house with a haunting makeover in a flash by using curtains that are stenciled with Halloween designs to change clear doors or windows into a spooky scene.


Make a Colorful Display

Create a grand entrance with front porch planters that are filled with fall annuals. Use ornamental sweet potato vines, mums, and purple fountain grass. Surround these with piles of pumpkins and lanterns.


Witch up a Pumpkin

Magic up your entryway or front porch with a fake pumpkin and couple of craft store supplies. All you need is a pumpkin, green paint, small witch hat, and black sharpie. Paint the pumpkin green. Turn the pumpkin so that the stem of the pumpkin is facing forward. Above the stem, draw some eyes, ... however you want to. Below the stem, draw a mouth. Finish it off by placing the hat on top.


Create a Tiny Ghost Town

Using matte black spray paint can turn craft store birdhouses into eerie landscapes. To make it even creepier, add in some faux birds, rubber snakes, and oversized spiders.


Faux Formaldehyde

Fill up some lidded jars with rubber creatures, green food coloring, water, dried flowers, or leaves to create a mad scientist’s lab.


Create a Stack a Jack-O’-Totem

Create a pumpkin topiary for your entry. All you have to do is stack some decorated faux pumpkins together and secure them with some hot glue.

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