10 Cute and Creepy DIY Ghost Halloween Decor ...


10 Cute and Creepy DIY Ghost Halloween Decor ...
10 Cute and Creepy DIY Ghost Halloween Decor ...

For today's installment of crafty ideas, we give you DIY Ghost Halloween Decor. Some of these ghost-inspired Halloween DIYs are adorable and are sure to delight while others are spooky. No matter the type of ghost Halloween decor you like, there is something from this list of tutorials that you will surely find quite useful. Happy crafting!

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Ghostie Cozies

Ghostie Cozies This DIY ghost Halloween decor idea is brought to us by the ever-so-talented Heidi of My Paper Crane. These cozies are perfect for covering bottles of treats and other items in your house that you want to transform into something perfect for the season. I bet they'll make for fun puppets, too.



Glowing Ghostly Globes

Glowing Ghostly Globes One of the ways to decorate your home this season in a ghostly manner is to make these candle holders. It's not obvious from the photo but these actually glow in the dark. So even if you don't put a candle inside, they will still be able to do their ghostly duties, so to speak.



Hanging Ghosts

Hanging Ghosts From cute ghost-inspired Halloween DIYs, we move to something that is definitely spook-tacular. To make these creepy ghosts, you will be needing cheesecloth, wire hangers, pantyhose, polyester stuffing, wire, any lightweight fabric, and tools for cutting and bending wire.



Ghost Book Pop-Ups

Ghost Book Pop-Ups How cute! To make these, you simply cut ghost shapes from two book pages, make them stand up using tape, and punch holes for the eyes.



Spooky Window

Spooky Window Here is a DIY ghost Halloween decor that is sure to delight your neighbors whenever they pass by your house. These are not window silhouettes. These are felt ghost patterns sewn onto curtain panels.



Wire Ghost

Wire Ghost Ever seen those ghostly wire installations? You can recreate them for your lawn this Halloween by following the photos after the link. The creator of this ghost didn't write a proper how-to but lots of photos were provided for your crafting pleasure.



Ghost Leaves

Ghost Leaves If you want to create ghost-inspired Halloween decor with your kids, this craft project is for you. To make these, you will be needing silk leaves, white paint, paint brush, glue, and wiggly eyes. Simply paint the leaves, glue the eyes, and you're done. These would be perfect for making garlands.



Graveyard Ghosts

Graveyard Ghosts Here we have another DIY ghost Halloween idea from Martha Stewart. Compared to the first I mentioned here, this one is a tad more complicated and involves more materials and tools. But if you really love all things Halloween, you will want to have some of these scary ghosts gracing your lawn this year.



Ghost Lights

Ghost Lights How cute! These ghostly lights are made of cheesecloth and felt. You can make the ghost heads by slathering the top part of the cheesecloth with Mod Podge. For the faces, you will be using black felt.



Ghostly Mirror

Ghostly Mirror Because nothing could be more frightening than looking at a mirror and seeing a face that is not your own looking back at you. Display these mirrors around your home for a spooky Halloween party.


Hope you get to create something fun from this list of DIY ghost Halloween decor. Got other ghost-inspired Halloween crafts? Share them with us!

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10 cute and creepy DIY ghost Halloween decor... Halloween from recyclingiscool (via Twitter)

RT 10 cute and creepy DIY ghost Halloween decor... Halloween from recyclingiscool (via Twitter)

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