Party Hats That Are Cute and Creative ...


Party Hats That Are Cute and Creative ...
Party Hats That Are Cute and Creative ...

Whether it's New Years Eve or a birthday, it's not a party without party hats; but they're childish right? Not anymore! Head on out to the nearest craft store and gather the supplies you need. Today we will check out festive party hats you can make before that huge shindig. Let's get crafting!

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Two-toned I love these two-toned** party hats**. This is a clever tutorial brought to us by Martha Stewart. To make these, you will need decorative paper, vellum, double-sided tape, pencil, round plates as template, white glue, and ribbon. You can skip the vellum if you use pretty card stock.



These two-toned party hats are a great way to add a touch of creativity to any event. With just a few simple materials, you can create these stylish hats in no time. All you need are decorative paper, vellum, double-sided tape, pencil, round plates, white glue, and ribbon. This tutorial is easy to follow and perfect for any occasion. The hats can be customized to match the colors of your event and make a great addition to any party. With this clever tutorial from Martha Stewart, you can make your own party hats that are sure to be the talk of the event.



Ruffled These are incredibly pretty, too. And oh-so-easy to make! If you have lots of fabric scraps, you can use them for making the ruffled hems of these** party hats**. Instead of using patterned card stock, you can also use glittery paper.



Peter Pan

Peter Pan This is a cute idea, especially if the party that you're planning is Rated PG. Check out the tutorial on how to make the hat and the feather embellishment. The latter is adorable and I think I will copy it to make other fun craft projects.



Mini Hats

Mini Hats These are tiny party hats that you can make for your upcoming soiree. To make these, you simply cut a store-bought party hat into a smaller accessory, attach it to a headband, and embellish as you like. The shinier, the better.



Fancy Top Hats

Fancy Top Hats How awesome are these? These look very fancy but they are actually very easy to make. The glittery hat is made of glitter foam but you can also use any shiny paper or card stock you can find. For embellishment, you have plenty of options: ribbons, feathers, buttons, beads, felt, tiny toys, and many more.




Floral These are absolutely darling. These pretty flowers are sold at craft stores. For the hat base, you can make your own using card stock or paper.




Glitter Here we have another party hat idea perfect for a party. You will be covering the cone with glitter yourself in making these hats. However, if you can find card stock that is already shiny and pretty, you can skip a few steps.



Crepe Flowers

Crepe Flowers This is another flora idea but equally as cute. This is actually more like a fascinator but you can easily ask your party guests to don these.




Accordion These look like something a member of the British Royal family will wear to a formal daytime event. They're cute and cheap party hats to make and will look fab in pics.




Party hat, Witch hat, Party supply, This is a fantastic way to make personalized party hats. To make these, you will paint cardboard party hats with chalkboard paint (2 or 3 coats will do) and then decorate with tinsel and other embellishments. Easy and fun!


Got other fun party hat ideas? We'd love to hear them. Please share via the comments below so that our other readers will know about your crafty party hat projects, too.

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These are all so cute! Perfect for the New Year =)

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