7 DIY Sugar Skull Crafts You Can do for Halloween ...

If you're looking for colorful projects for Halloween, we give you these DIY sugar skull crafts. A sugar skull is typically associated with the Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead. They are displayed ion altars and eaten, but their designs can now be beautifully referenced for making wonderful Halloween dΓ©cor. Some of these projects require sewing, while others can be accomplished using paint. No matter which of these sugar skull crafts you pick, I am sure that you'll be dying of fun (pun intended) making them.

1. Planters

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How beautiful are these DIY sugar skull planters? The great thing about this craft idea is that you can go insane with your design. You can copy sugar skull designs off the Internet or make your own. Make sure that you paint the pots white first before painting the sugar skull details.

Tutorial Source: acmoore.com

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