8 Totally Cute DIY Crowns ...

You might ask "Why would I need to make DIY Crowns?" And to that I answer: "Why not?" Really, though, there are times when all you need is to feel like a queen or king. Whether your kingdom is a small room or you rule over an imaginary world, a DIY crown will do wonders for your reputation and power. And of course, these DIY crowns also make for fantastic party accessories. So channel your inner royalty and prepare your pretty head for its magnificent crown!

1. Nature

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This is an easy way to make a DIY crown using beautiful flowers. You will also need duct tape, Kraft paper, and scissors for this craft project. What you do is make the crown base using the paper and then stick petals and leaves to said base via the duct tape that is stuck with the sticky side out. Wear and enjoy!


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