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13 Gorgeous DIY Canopy Beds ...

By Meream

Today, I give you beautiful inspirations for DIY Canopy Beds. With the weather getting colder every day, you might think that you don't need more reasons not to get out of bed. While that is true, I can also assure you that making one of these DIY canopy beds should be added to your Must-Craft List. Really, they're wonderful and easy home decor projects. Hope you like these DIY canopy bed ideas!

1 Dowel

DowelMaking a DIY canopy isn't as difficult as you imagine. In fact, Camilla here shows us that you can make one using only wooden dowels, sheer fabric, and thumb tacks. What she did was insert the dowels through the fabric casing and then tacked everything to their bedroom ceiling. EASY.


2 Curtain Rods

Curtain RodsIf you don't think dowels will hold up the fabrics that you plan to use as canopy, curtain rods are your best friends. Install them parallel to the sides of your bed and drape fabric in a cascading style around the headboard. To add a more romantic effect, add pom-pom trim to your fabric of choice.


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3 Metal Rod

Metal RodThe link below doesn't show a tutorial but I think you can copy this canopy quite easily without a step-by-step guide. This looks like a metal rod that you can buy in any hardware store. Install above your headboard and use it for hanging the canopy around your bed.


4 Branch

BranchIf you're aiming for a more rustic look, you can forget using metal rods. Do what Dana did and use a branch! Clever, right? She made this headboard style DIY canopy by hanging a branch from hooks and arranging the sheer fabric in this flirty manner.


5 Sloping Roof

Sloping RoofThis isn't strictly a canopy style bed but it can inspire you to create a version that will cover a part of the bed or even just the sides.


6 Hoop

HoopUsing a hoop is one of the tried and tested ways to DIY your own canopy. To make something similar, you will need an embroidery hoop, tulle fabric, and string. Check out the link for the great tutorial.


7 Rods II

Rods IIAnother way to make a DIY canopy bed using rods is to install them perpendicular to the sides of your bed. What Mrs. DeVore did was attach one rod to the ceiling and another to the wall right above the headboard of the bed. She then draped curtain panels from the ceiling rod and let it pass behind the rod on the wall.


8 Hoop II

Hoop IIThe hoop DIY canopy idea above was for a little girl's bed. This time, we give you an option for modifying that DIY in a way that will be perfect for your own bedroom. I love the addition of the string of beads.


9 Eyebolts, Turn Buckles, and Wire

Eyebolts, Turn Buckles, and WireFor making this particular canopy bed, you will need to shop at the hardware store first. The eyebolts used here are screwed onto the ceiling. They are what's holding up the rope wire from which the drapes hang. For details on how the whole thing was installed, check out the how-to below.


10 Lamp Shade

Lamp ShadeHow cute! This is another DIY canopy bed idea for a little girl's room. However, you can use this method for your own bedroom, too. Remove the flower bit, cover the lampshade in fab fabric, and you're good to go.


11 Twinkling Lights

Twinkling LightsLights can really dress up any DIY canopy style. It's a great way to really take the look to the next level, especially for a dorm room.

12 Flowers

FlowersHere is another great add on idea. This one will look great for a hoop style DIY canopy. What little girl wouldn't love this. She can now feel like she's queen of the forest!

13 Staple Gun

Staple GunNo kidding, a staple gun DIY bed canopy...incredible! This has to be one of the easiest canopy crafts I've seen. I love this idea and I think you will too.

Hope you found home decor inspiration from these DIY canopy beds. Got more creative DIY canopy ideas? Please share!

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