10 Awesome NYC-Inspired DIY Projects ...


10 Awesome NYC-Inspired DIY Projects ...
10 Awesome NYC-Inspired DIY Projects ...

Our list of Paris-themed crafts was a big hit so we're back with these fun NYC-inspired DIYs. The following NYC-themed crafts will give you great ways to upgrade your home decor. And yes, they are fantastic projects for those who are utterly and hopelessly in love with this vibrant city. Enjoy!

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Skyline Shelving

Skyline Shelving How insanely cool is this? According to the designer, this NYC skyline shelving unit is for a kid's room but any adult who loves the city will find it hard to say no to this home improvement project. Check out the link to download the plan (in French).



Railing Pillow

Railing Pillow The lovely wrought iron railings of the Village, Chelsea, and Soho are very New York. Inspired by their form, you can make a beautiful pillow for your home. This is an easy stenciling project. Design variation: use these railing inspirations for making wall art.



Skyline Necklace

Skyline Necklace This is probably my favorite from this list of NYC-based DIYs. Isn't it fabulous? To make this, you will need copper wire, chain, pliers, and other jewelry components. What you do is form the wire into a recognizable NYC skyline and then add chains to both ends. Wear and enjoy!



New York, New York Art

New York, New York Art This is an adorable silhouette wall art inspired by New York brownstones. With a large canvas, spray paint, a Sharpie, and craft paint, you can easily make something similar for your home.



NYC Subway Dresser

NYC Subway Dresser This is probably the most complicated of these NYC-inspired DIYs. But don't let that deter you, trying this project will result in a furniture that you can be proud of. The great thing about this idea is that you can apply it on other home projects, such as a table top, a headboard, and others.



Skyline Shade

Skyline Shade Isn't this pretty? I love that the bulb looks like the moon and the other holes make up the starry sky. You can try this method with an existing cylindrical lamp shade or construct one yourself. Check out the link for the video tutorial



Drawer Accents

Drawer Accents The part that NYC plays in this craft project is minimal but visually essential. What Steph did was hack several Ikea furniture pieces. He then added vintage NYC street maps as beautiful detailing for the drawer pulls and handles.



Subway Sign Art

Subway Sign Art Looking for an easy art project? Print subways signs on a computer and then Mod Podge them to pre-painted wood or canvas. Easy!



Taped Skyline

Taped Skyline There are many NYC skyline decals sold today. If you're in a DIY mood, though, take out black tape and a straight edge and let your creativity flow. I bet your finished wall piece will not look any different from pricey decals.



Neighborhood Pillows

Neighborhood Pillows This NYC-inpsired DIY is similar to the railing pillow one but instead of sidewalk fixtures, you will be stenciling names of NYC neighborhoods.


Aren't these New York-inpsired DIYs fun? What will you be making from this list?

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I'm from Flatbush....NYC is cool but Brooklyn is way cooler...Are you gonna have Brooklyn inspired art?

Awsome one...loved the canvas painting,surely gonna try it!! thanks a ton...

Gorgeous btw...

sooo cuteeee

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