8 Gorgeous DIY Frosted Glass Projects ...


8 Gorgeous DIY Frosted Glass Projects ...
8 Gorgeous DIY Frosted Glass Projects ...

DIY Frosted Glass Projects give you a chance to create chic and one-of-a-kind items for the home. I love these DIY frosted glass crafts because they're perfect for creating elegant items on the cheap. Compared to frosted glass merchandise sold in stores, the things that you will end up making will be more beautiful and of course, wonderfully easier on the pockets. Enjoy!

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Venezia Mirrors

Venezia Mirrors The inspiration behind these pretty mirrors cost almost $70 each. Yes, EACH. Any crafty lady would know that copying these looking glasses is actually pretty easy. Using dollar store mirrors, contact paper, and frosted glass spray paint, you can make these items for only around $10.




Centerpieces Looking for a fun and simple way to make pretty centerpieces for an event? Going for the frosted look is highly recommended. To make these DIY frosted glass items, you will be needing glassware, frosting spray, tissue paper, 10mm LEDs, watch batteries, and tape. You may have some luck with the tiny LEDs on eBay.



Doily Mirror

Doily Mirror I am utterly in love with this particular DIY frosted glass craft project. I love this so much I will no doubt make small versions of this mirror. I'll go for small because there are no large paper doilies sold in my city.



Mantel Art

Mantel Art This will certainly make for an elegant Christmas decor this December. The dotted glass also feels somehow holiday-inspired, right? To make these, you will need frosting spray, stickers or stencils, framed glass/glass, and an open space for spraying the "frost."




Vase Take tall clear glass candle holders or vases, wrap with rubber bands in a random striped pattern, spray with Frosted Glass Finish (Krylon), and let dry. After a couple of coats and an hour of drying time, you will have a pretty vase for displaying flowers from your garden.




Window Got windows that announce to the neighborhood whatever it is that you're doing inside the house? Here is a clever way to enjoy privacy using only tissue paper, Polycrylic in satin finish, scissors, and foam brush. Check out the easy DIY over at Sallygoodin.




Ornaments How pretty? Sure there are ornaments that you can buy that are already frosted but if you happen to have a surplus of clear Christmas balls in your attic, you will want to go the DIY route. Instead of frosting spray, you will be using etching cream for making these pretty ornaments.



Colored Frosted Glass Jars

Colored Frosted Glass Jars If you're not too excited for the plain frosted looks of the projects above, perhaps these painted ones will tickle your crafting fancy. You will be doing an extra step for these glasses but you will find that the added effort will be worth it in the end. Check out the complete tutorial after the link.


I have posted only 8 gorgeous DIY frosted glass projects here but there is a seemingly endless crafts that you can do with this method. From simple stickers to painting stencils to patterns that you can make yourself, there are many ways to upgrade a glassware's look with the use of frosted spray or etching cream. You can also give glass cabinet doors, table tops, doors, and many other glass items a pretty frosted finish using the steps mentioned here. Enjoy!

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