10 Delightful DIY Halloween Treat Boxes and Wrappers ...


10 Delightful DIY Halloween Treat Boxes and Wrappers ...
10 Delightful DIY Halloween Treat Boxes and Wrappers ...

If you're planning a Halloween party, we are here to give you fantastic ideas for making DIY treat boxes and wrappers. These DIY Halloween favor boxes will also prove useful even if you're not organizing a soiree. If your idea of celebrating Halloween is by making candies and giving them away to friends, these DIY treat boxes and wrappers will come in handy as well. Happy crafting!

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Halloween Crackers

Halloween Crackers Making these Halloween treat wrappers could not possibly be easier. The materials and tools you will need are crepe and colored papers, rubber stamps or stickers, toilet paper rolls, glue stick, twine, scissors, and other Halloween-themed embellishments. Place candies inside the rolls, wrap with paper and embellish to your heart's content!



Eyes and Fries

Eyes and Fries How fun! The template for the DIY treat container used here was from a packet of French fries. Follow the template using pretty scrapbook paper, embellish with gumball eyes, ribbons, and other creepy embellishments and you're done.




Fenced This has got to be the prettiest DIY treat box. Don't you just love it? The great thing about this is that it's very easy to construct. Even if you don't have the puncher, you can always create your own fence design. Another reason why I love this is the fact that you can use the design for other holidays.



Skully Eggs

Skully Eggs I love these egg-style skull treat boxes, too. To make these, you will paint the egg boxes in white, draw and cut the skull facial features on black crepe paper, and adhere the pieces to the painted box. Easy!



Broomstick Bags

Broomstick Bags If you're going for a witchcraft-inspired party, these broomstick DIY treat bags are for you. The materials you will need to make these are brown paper lunch bags, long sticks or dowels, raffia, and black spider rings. If you can't find the latter, use black string.



Mummy TP

Mummy TP What a cute little treat box! Don't you just want to keep him as a pet? To make favor containers just like him, you will need toilet paper, tape, toilet paper rolls, and black marker. Check out the link for the HAPPY HALLOWEEN printable and the instructions on how to make this adorable mummy.



Cookie Coffin

Cookie Coffin The tutorial below leads to a printable for the coffin and tips on how to decorate the brownies you can place inside the Halloween favor box. If you know your way around Photoshop, you can also decorate the lid of the coffin in any way you like.



Witch Shoes

Witch Shoes Here is a more fun and more colorful** DIY treat container** alternative for those planning a witch-themed party. To make these witch shoes, you will need cardstock, scrapbook paper, glue gun, ribbons, buttons, and other pretty doodads for embellishments.



Severed Hand

Severed Hand Here is a **DIY treat wrapper **idea that your kids can help you assemble. To make these, simply fill clear plastic gloves with candy corn and popcorn and tie with a ribbon. I love the bug ring!



Chocolate Bat Bars

Chocolate Bat Bars These DIY Halloween treat wrappers are cute and very easy to make. Print the bat template provided, add googly eyes, and tuck chocolate bars between the wings.


Got other ideas for making** DIY treat boxes and wrappers**? Share them with us! We'd love to check out what other fun Halloween crafts you've been busy with.

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