7 Different Varieties of Pumpkins That You Can Decorate for Halloween ...


7 Different Varieties of Pumpkins That You Can Decorate for Halloween ...
7 Different Varieties of Pumpkins That You Can Decorate for Halloween ...

Aside from dressing up for trick-or-treating and parties, decorating different varieties of pumpkins is definitely one of the best parts about Halloween. Carving pumpkins is messy and fun, and, while you can carve a face into a standard orange pumpkin, you can also decorate some of the awesome varieties of pumpkins that you can find at the farmer’s market. Pumpkins come in many different varieties and colors, and decorating and unusual variety of pumpkin can be unexpected and fun.

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Lumina Pumpkins

Lumina Pumpkins Lumina pumpkins are one of the eeriest varieties of pumpkins that you can decorate. They are all white and have a shiny rind. Because they're white, these ghoulish gourds are also called "ghost pumpkins," which is a fitting name since they are perfect for cutting out ghost shapes. They are also great pumpkins to use if you want to paint decorations onto your pumpkins because the paint shows up really well.


Manna Di Chioggia Pumpkins

Manna Di Chioggia Pumpkins If you are looking for a green pumpkin that has lots of warts, the Manna di Chioggia pumpkin is just what you need. Because these pumpkins are full of warts, they are not great for carving, but they are great for using stick on decorations. You could easily make a pumpkin with monster face using one of these pumpkins, or you could make a witch and even top the pumpkin with a witch’s hat!


One Too Many Pumpkin

One Too Many Pumpkin The name of the One Too Many pumpkin is pretty amusing, and perhaps is due, in part, to all of the speckles on One Too Many pumpkins. One Too Many pumpkins are pale orange with lots of light speckles. They are actually pretty cute, and they are great pumpkins to use to decorate a table. Of course, you could always carve something into these pumpkins, and, because they are so cute, a happy face or an image of a cute owl would be fitting.


Kakai Pumpkins

Kakai Pumpkins Kakai pumpkins look like they have already been decorated for you. They have dark orange skin with dark green stripes that are so dark they almost look black. These pumpkins look so fantastic on their own, you really don’t have to do anything to them, but you can if you want.


Cushaw Pumpkins

Cushaw Pumpkins Cushaw pumpkins look more like gourds than pumpkins. They have a long neck and come in green and gold varieties. They are not carving pumpkins, but you could paint faces on these pumpkins and create very interesting characters.


Red Warty Thing Pumpkins

Red Warty Thing Pumpkins Red Warty Thing pumpkins look just like how they sound. They are orange-red and covered in warts. They are also very bright and hard to miss. These pumpkins have a hard skin, so you wouldn’t want to carve them. However, you wouldn’t want to carve them anyway. They look great on their own.


Cinderella Pumpkins

Cinderella Pumpkins Cinderella pumpkins are my favorite variety of pumpkin because they look just like the pumpkin Cinderella’s fairy god mother turned into a carriage. They are very pale orange and short and round. While you don’t really need to do anything to these pumpkins, you can add a little fairytale magic by spraying them with adhesive spray and sprinkling them with gold glitter.

Decorating pumpkins is so much fun even if you just carve a basic pumpkin. However, if you decorate one of these unusual varieties of pumpkins, you can really tap into your creative side. Which of these pumpkins would you like to decorate for Halloween?


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