7 Inexpensive and Crafty Ways to Decorate for Halloween ...


7 Inexpensive and Crafty Ways to Decorate for Halloween ...
7 Inexpensive and Crafty Ways to Decorate for Halloween ...

There are so many different ways to decorate for Halloween, and while you can spend a lot of money on Halloween decorations, there is no need to. There are many inexpensive and crafty ways to decorate for Halloween. Not only do these decorations look great, but they are also fun to make!

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Glitter Pumpkins

Glitter Pumpkins One of my favorite ways to decorate for Halloween is to decorate pumpkins with spray paint and glitter. This is such an easy way to decorate pumpkins, and it looks so whimsical. To decorate pumpkins with glitter, all you have to do is spray paint your pumpkins gold, and, while the paint is still wet, sprinkle it liberally with glitter. Once your pumpkin is dry, it will look like it belongs in a fairytale!


Leaf Arrangements

Leaf Arrangements Another easy way to decorate for Halloween is to create arrangements in vases using clippings from tree branches. Try to get branches that still have leaves on them and arrange the branches in tall vases. Not only does this look impressive, but it is also free!


Paper Bag Luminaries

Paper Bag Luminaries To decorate for trick or treat night, or even for a Halloween party, you can make paper bag luminaries. All you need is candles, paper bags, scissors, and some templates of Halloween images that you print out online. To make the luminaries, just trace the template onto the paper bag and cut out the image. Then, weigh the luminary down with a rock and place a votive candle inside. These look great in the dark, and they are very fun for kids to make.


Canning Jar Candles

Canning Jar Candles If making luminaries sounds a little too time consuming for you, you can also make candle holders out of canning jars. Get a dozen canning jars at the store along with some black and orange ribbons. Then, tie the ribbons around the jars and place candles inside them.


Festive Tablecloth

Festive Tablecloth If you are having a Halloween party and you are looking for a way to decorate your table, a great way to decorate a table is to use a festive tablecloth. However, instead of going out and buying a tablecloth, try going to the fabric store. You can get an orange piece of fabric and a cover it with black lace. Just be sure you get enough fabric to cover your table, and make sure you choose fabric that won’t fray.


Decorate with Items from Produce Department

Decorate with Items from Produce Department The produce department of the grocery store is a great place to get decorations that will look great, but are also inexpensive. Apples and mini pumpkins are fantastic choices for a centerpiece on a table. Just pile them high in a basket or bowl and you have a centerpiece that is much less expensive than a floral arrangement.


Spider Webs

Spider Webs An easy and fun way to decorate is to use the fake spider webs that you can buy at the store. All you have to do with these webs is stretch them and stick them to corners in the wall. They can be a little messy, but the finished look will be very spooky. This is a great project for kids because they love stretching the sticky webs.

Decorating for Halloween is one of the best parts about the holiday. You can be as creative as you want, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. All of these ideas are easy and inexpensive, and they look great. What is your favorite way to decorate for Halloween?

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