Delightfully 😁 Creepy Raven or Crow πŸ¦… DIY Décor 🎨 for Halloween πŸ•Έ ...

Thinking of how to decorate your home for Halloween? If you want to stick to something dark yet classy, you cannot go wrong with ravens or crows. They are not particularly creepy but they will still give your home that eerie feel. In other words, DIY crow or raven Halloween dΓ©cor are perfect if you don't like to go over the top.

1. Foam Crows

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Yes, you can buy crows from the dollar store but you also can make your own. It's more fun if you make your own, actually. The materials that you will need for this project are foam shapes in egg and cone forms. You will also need joint compound and black feathers. For the feet, thick wire should do nicely.


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