Delightfully Creepy Raven or Crow DIY Dcor for Halloween ...


Delightfully Creepy Raven or Crow  DIY Dcor for Halloween ...
Delightfully Creepy Raven or Crow  DIY Dcor for Halloween ...

Thinking of how to decorate your home for Halloween? If you want to stick to something dark yet classy, you cannot go wrong with ravens or crows. They are not particularly creepy but they will still give your home that eerie feel. In other words, DIY crow or raven Halloween décor are perfect if you don't like to go over the top.

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Foam Crows

Foam Crows Yes, you can buy crows from the dollar store but you also can make your own. It's more fun if you make your own, actually. The materials that you will need for this project are foam shapes in egg and cone forms. You will also need joint compound and black feathers. For the feet, thick wire should do nicely.



Nevermore Wreath

Nevermore Wreath How lovely! If you want to add a literary vibe to your DIY Halloween décor, this raven wreath idea is perfect. You will be needing one very old book for this project. Roll the individual pages and then hot glue to a wreath form. Do not worry if the pages start to disintegrate; the “old” look will add charm to your Halloween wreath. To finish, add raven and spiders.



Garland Holder

Garland Holder This DIY crow Halloween décor is not as complicated as the wreath idea. It's as adorable, though, if you ask me. To make this, you will need two crows from the dollar store. Punch paper circles in Halloween or fall colors. Glue them to several strands of string and then let the crows hold the ends of said strings with their beaks.




Softie Love to sew? We have a nice raven Halloween sewing project that you will love. Your raven hanging softie doesn't have to follow the shape shown here. You can try a different silhouette that you like and then use it to cut your black fabric. Sew around the edges, leaving a 1-inch gap for turning inside out. Fill with fiberfill and hand sew the gap.



Gathering Raven Wreath

Gathering Raven Wreath This is one gorgeous DIY raven Halloween wreath. I love that they are forming a circle and facing each other. I love the glitter on their backs, too. To make this, you will need 10 black birds from the craft store. They should be facing one direction. You will also need wreath form, hot glue, and glitter.



Branch and Birds

Branch and Birds This is another simple DIY crow or raven Halloween project that you can do in less than half an hour. Gather some twigs from your yard and spray paint them white or black. If you can't find twigs from nature, your neighborhood craft store should have a great selection. While you're there, grab a couple of ravens or crows and then hot glue them to your spray painted twigs.



Cutout Crows

Cutout Crows Don't these crows look like they're about to attack the house? Not only does this have a wonderful visual appeal, this DIY Halloween project is easy to do, too. All you need are silhouettes of crows or ravens downloaded from the internet. You can also draw them if you're handy with a pencil. Cut a couple dozen or so in different sizes and then tape them to your front door.


You will be getting the approval of Edgar Allan Poe if you go the DIY raven or crow decor route for Halloween. That is reason enough to try the craft projects above.

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Good ideas

Loved this! This article was a pleasure to read.

This decor looks scary. My guests would be frightened. That is what I'm going for this Halloween. My house will be the most haunted. Bwah ha ha 🎃

Love the door idea

I love the never more wreath. Edgar Allen Poe is my favorite poet which is perfect for Halloween. I also love the last one.

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