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23 No-Sew Halloween Costumes You Can Create Yourself ...

By Jennifer

Let's face it: the costumes you can buy at the store are that charming combination of cheaply made and ridiculously expensive... so why not make your own Halloween costume? Even the least crafty among us (like me!) can make a few that don't even require a stitch of sewing; some require as much skill as sewing on a button. Like these! (To see the entire tutorial, give the image a tap.)

1 The Wolfie (a Wolf Hoodie)

The Wolfie (a Wolf Hoodie)

2 Little Butterfly

Little Butterfly

3 Prop Battle Axe

Prop Battle Axe

4 Rainbow Wings

Rainbow Wings

5 Fox Tail

Fox TailI don't know why, but this kinda creeps me out.

6 Fox Ears

Fox EarsThese are okay, though.

7 Multi-purpose Tutu

Multi-purpose Tutu

8 Dragon Mask

Dragon Mask

9 Little Dragon

Little Dragon

10 Bunny Ears

Bunny Ears

11 TMNT Masks

TMNT Masks

12 A Baby Donut!

A Baby Donut!

13 A Girlie-gnome Hat

A Girlie-gnome Hat

14 A Wee Little Cow!

A Wee Little Cow!

15 A Tree?

A Tree?I don't know... you might want to be a tree.

16 Shark Hoodie

Shark HoodieWe're gonna need a bigger trick-or-treat bag.

17 Elmo Rhymes with No-sew

Elmo Rhymes with No-sew

18 Bat Wings!

Bat Wings!

19 Last-minute Lion

Last-minute Lion

20 Top Hat

Top HatNot just for mimes!

21 Gnome Hat & Belt

Gnome Hat & Belt

22 More Bunny Ears!

More Bunny Ears!

23 Pumpkin Masks

Pumpkin MasksThese work for humans, too.

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