Cat in the Hat Costume and Other Simple Ideas You Can Throw Together Yourself ...


Cat in the Hat Costume and Other Simple Ideas You Can Throw Together Yourself ...
Cat in the Hat Costume and Other Simple Ideas You Can Throw Together Yourself ...

Don't have any idea what to wear for a Halloween costume, but don't want to spend a whole lot of money? Here are some ideas from a Cat in the Hat costume to Daria, these simple costumes you can do yourself and save a buck.

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Cat in the Hat

A Cat in the Hat costume is probably one of the easiest ones to throw together! All black outfit, bowtie, striped hat, and white face paint (Oh and don't forget the gloves!) and you're good to go. This simple costume will have you standing out without breaking the bank buying supplies.


To add a personal touch to your Cat in the Hat look, consider creating your own hat using cardboard, red and white fabric or construction paper. For the bowtie, find a piece of red ribbon and shape it accordingly. You can easily mimic the cat's furry chest by cutting out a piece of white felt and pinning it to your black shirt. This costume is perfect if you're in a pinch and need something adorable yet whimsical. Plus, it's a hit with kids and adults alike, especially if you channel your inner Dr. Seuss with some rhymes throughout the night!


Wednesday Addams

Dressed as the preteen queen of Halloween, you are sure to have the scariest and greatest costume at the party. All you’ll need is a simple black dress, some black clogs or flats, and braided pigtails. If your hair isn’t long enough, just tell people Wednesday got a hair cut or that you’re the more adult version of her.


Rosie the Riveter

Yes you can . . . dress as Rosie for Halloween. You can definitely do anything from bobbing to poison apples to doing the monster mash while expressing female empowerment in the process. All you’ll need is a denim button-down shirt, a red polka dot headband, and blue jeans.


A Witch

Not the most original costume idea, but it is the easiest to do, in my opinion. You can also modernize your costume and have your witch be whomever she wants to be. All you’ll need is some green body paint (or whatever color you choose, or no color at all), a snazzy black pant suit, and a brass or bronze broom. If you’d like to go the traditional route, some green body paint, black dress, black boots, and an old wooden broom is all you need.



If you don’t know who she is, you must Google her. She is the sovereign of sarcasm. And dressed as Daria, you can finally make all those snarky comments at others and say it is part of your costume. All you’ll need is a green jean jacket, mustard yellow top, black skirt and black boots.


A Powerpuff Girl

With the choice of Blossom, Bubbles, or Buttercup, you too can be a Powerpuff Girl. All you will need is a plain colored pink, blue or green dress, a black belt, white stockings or knee high socks, and black mary janes. And don't forget the important details like Blossom’s red bow or Bubbles’ pigtails.


Beverly Goldberg

This 80's mom has some of the flashiest sweaters I’ve ever seen. So grab as much hairspray as you, find the ugliest sweater you can and Beverly Goldberg yourself. Oh, and don’t forget your mom jeans.


Dress as a Cat or Dog

Being a dog lover myself, nothing would bring be greater joy than to dress myself as a dog. You could even take a step further and dress as your actual pet! Otherwise, many costume stores and even Walmart have a cheap headband and tail set you can buy to save a few bucks.


Helga Pataki

The 90s are making a huge comeback so it would be awesome to dress as the queen of mean (who secretly loves Arnold) this year. And she (you) will be wearing a pink dress, red belt, pink bow, and a painted on unibrow. And don’t forget the locket with Arnold’s face in it (or your boyfriend).



'Tis the season where leaves are falling. Fall, fall, fall, fall, fall, fa, fall, fall, fall. There are a multitude of ways you can interpret your ensemble, but what I would go with are some brown pants, a black or brown top; cut out some leaves from red, orange and yellow construction paper, and glue them to your shirt. You can even have some leaves dangling from your arms.


A Pumpkin

Last year for Halloween, I dressed as a pumpkin, and all I did was wear an orange sweatshirt and some green pants. You can be a little fancier than me by adding an orange hat or drawing a jack-o-lantern face. Make it your own thing.

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