24 Easy Halloween Crafts for People of All Ages ...


24 Easy Halloween Crafts for People of All Ages ...
24 Easy Halloween Crafts for People of All Ages ...

I love Halloween crafts! They are fun to do alone or with my kids and they give us some great things to decorate the house and celebrate the season with. Halloween is just around the corner and it will sneak up on us fast if we aren't paying attention. That means that now is the time to get started doing fun Halloween crafts. That way they are done it time to enjoy them before the big day comes and goes. Check out these easy ideas and get started!

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Jar Candle Holder

Jar Candle Holder Source: Jedi Craft Girl: Halloween Craft ...
This recycled jar becomes a spooky candle holder with some colored tissue paper and modge podge. It's definitely one of my favorite Halloween crafts!


Painted Pumpkins

Painted Pumpkins Source: How to Make a Halloween ...
You don't have to carve pumpkins. You can paint them for a cute display like this.


Handprint Witch Craft

Handprint Witch Craft Source: Handprint Witch Craft for Kids ...
This is fun for kids and gives you a sweet keepsake of their tiny hands.


Halloween Wall Hanging

Halloween Wall Hanging Source: BOO Halloween Door Hanging - ...
All you need are some wooden letters and discs and some paint from the craft store to make this.


Recylced Milk Cartons

Recylced Milk Cartons Source: Easy Halloween Craft Ideas: Milk ...
Raid the recycling bucket to make these. You can also use LED votives or glow sticks to light them up.


Water Bottle Cap Pumpkin

Water Bottle Cap Pumpkin Source: Water Bottle Cap Pumpkin Stamping ...
This would be totally easy for your kids, but still fun for you too.


Sweet Favors

Sweet Favors Source: Halloween Fun!
These cute little lollipop spiders would be fun to give away at your Halloween party.


Ghostly Ghoul Wreath

Ghostly Ghoul Wreath Source: DIY Tutorial: DIY Halloween Decor ...
This would look so cute hanging on your front door.


Footprint Frankestein

Footprint Frankestein Source: 20+ Halloween Crafts and Activities ...
Kids will love turning their feet into spooky Frankenstein monsters.


Footprint Ghost Craft

Footprint Ghost Craft Source: Footprint Ghost Craft for Kids ...
Speaking of footprint ideas, here is a ghostly creation everyone will love.


Easy Mummy Halloween Craft

Easy Mummy Halloween Craft Source: Outnumbered: EASY MUMMY HALLOWEEN CRAFT
Wrap small jars or toilet paper tubes with ripped gauze and add shaky eyes to create these fun mummy candy holders.


Wooden Characters

Wooden Characters Source: Seven Fun Halloween Craft Ideas ...
Cut these out of wood, then paint to look like your favorite Halloween creatures. The ghost is my favorite.


Paper Cup Spiders

Paper Cup Spiders Source: TodaysMama.com - Ten Spooky and ...
These are a fun and easy project to spend an afternoon doing with your kids.


Spider Candy Holder

Spider Candy Holder Source: Disney-Inspired Crafts and Activities for ...
Make them spooky or quirky - either way, they are really cool!


Mason Jar Ghost Globe

Mason Jar Ghost Globe Source: Ghosts In Mason Jars
These would be fun to decorate the mantle with. Or they make a fun table centerpiece.


Toilet Paper Tube Halloween Characters

Toilet Paper Tube Halloween Characters Source: 9 Toilet Paper Tube Halloween ...
Get a load of all the cute things you can make out of toilet paper tubes.


Boo Pumpkin

Boo Pumpkin Source: Pretty Pumpkins - Page 2 ...
Spray paint faux pumpkins and cardboard letters to make this cute patio decoration.


Candy Corn Mosaic

Candy Corn Mosaic Source: 15 Kids Halloween Crafts & ...
Mosaics are easy and fun for kids. You could also do a spider, witch, ghost or jack-o-lantern.



Wreath Source: Handmade Halloween wreaths - C.R.A.F.T.
Wreaths are so much fun for the holidays. This one is perfect for Halloween.


Gourd Ghosts

Gourd Ghosts Source: Spooky Stoops
These spray painted gourds are so adorable, don't you think?


Glowing Eyes

Glowing Eyes Source: How to Make Glowing Eyes ...
Scare all the kids in your neighborhood by putting these in your front yard on Halloween.


Spider Garland

Spider Garland Source: The 52 Best Halloween Crafts ...
These are so easy to make and add some festive fun to your house.



Garland Source: Cool Halloween Crafts for Toddlers
This cute garland would jazz up your house without being too spooky.


Count down Witch

Count down Witch Source: 5 Halloween crafts for kids
Count down the days to Halloween by tearing off a ring at the end of each day.

Which one of these crafts is your favorite? I hope you have a really good time crafting. Let me know how they work out! Do you have any other fun Halloween craft ideas?

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