6 Spring Crafts for Everyone ...


6 Spring Crafts for Everyone ...
6 Spring Crafts for Everyone ...

Winter is but a mere memory. The flowers are blooming. The birds are chirping. And pollen has filled the air. It is the perfect time to get creative and make some things. Here are a few creative ways to get crafty.

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Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Soap dispenser, Pink, Mason jar, Product, Bathroom accessory, Make your bathroom more rustic with this simple mason jar soap dispenser. All you need is a mason jar with a lid and a pump. You can use a pump from an old lotion bottle if you want. First, measure and mark the center of your jar. Drill through the lid of the mason jar to make a hole that will fit your pump. Fill the jar with soap and place the lid back on. Insert the pump, trimming it if you need to.


Floral Favors

Flower, White, Floristry, Cut flowers, Flower Arranging, Grab some small, sweet flowers and tie them together with some homemade ribbons. These are great party favors or make boutonnieres. To help keep the flowers fresh, make sure you cut them the morning that you want to use them.


Colander Planter

Flowerpot, Flower, Plant, Pink, Houseplant, Grab an old colander that you don’t use anymore. You can give it a quick spritz of spray paint if you want. Otherwise, tightly wrap one of the handles with a half-yard of twine. Keep it pushed together to close up the gaps. Tie it off and dab on some glue to secure. Repeat this on the other side. Know a yard of twine onto each end of both handles. Place some sheet moss in the bottom of the colander and fill with soil. Plant whatever flowers you would like. Tie the four lengths of twine together and hang wherever you would like.


Trellis Headboard

Green, Room, Furniture, Interior design, Wall, Using 1x4s, build a frame at your needed width and height. Have some garden lattice cut to fit your frame at your local hardware store. Affix the lattice to the back of the frame. Mount a small mirror in the upper middle of the board using a picture hanger. Paint your headboard whatever color you would like.


Botanical Dresser

Shelf, Furniture, Drawer, Wall, Room, This is best on a solid colored dresser. If you want, you can freshly paint it before you start. Pick out some pretty floral patterns and cut out your desired portions. Close all of the drawers and remove the pulls. Pick where you want to place the flowers and decoupage them on the dresser with a medium-strength adhesive. Once everything has dried, run a razor blade between to drawers to unstick them and then paint over with a coat of sealant.


Curtain Tieback

Curtain, Textile, Interior design, Window treatment, Room, Make a cute curtain tieback using a fork. Drill a hole about an inch in from the end of the fork. Hold it faceup, and bend the prongs towards the handle. You want to make a C shape and not a V shape. Screw the tieback into your molding.

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