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It's that time of year when doors across the country start sporting fall wreaths. Sure, you can buy them at the store, but wouldn't it be way more fun to make your own? I'm a crafty kind of person so I love having a new project. Fall wreaths are a great choice because they aren't hard to make and you can easily make a masterpiece in less than a couple of hours. Check out these great creations.

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BOO Halloween Wreath

BOO Halloween Wreath Via LARGE!!! BOO - Halloween Wreath ...
Fall wreaths don't have to be round. This is a fun variation that you can use for Halloween.


Monogram Berry Wreath

Monogram Berry Wreath Via Orange Berry Fall Wreath, Fall ...
The colors of these berries are so perfect for fall. Faux berries are easy to work with and look fairly realistic.


Burlap Wreath

Burlap Wreath Via Fall Wreaths - Burlap Wreath ...
Burlap is a great color and texture for fall. Add the orange letter for another touch of fall.


A Little of Everything

A Little of Everything Via DIY Tutorial: DIY Home Decor ...
I love how this wreath isn't over the top, but it still has a monogram, some fall leaves, burlap and berries. It totally works, don't you think?


Itty Bitty Pumpkins

Itty Bitty Pumpkins Via 15 Fall Wreath Ideas from ...
Nothing says fall like a bunch of tiny pumpkins. Use fake ones so you can reuse your wreath again next year.



Woodsy Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
This collection of fall decor is so beautiful! It would look great on a front door or to dress up the bricks on your patio.


Burlap Bow

Burlap Bow Via rustedtreasure.com
The burlap bow on this wreath adds that little something extra that makes it just right.


A Little Note

A Little Note Via Fall burlap wreath , thanksgiving, ...
The cute little wood rectangle is great for welcoming friends and family to your home.


Leopard Print

Leopard Print Via Crafty!
The colors on this leopard print ribbon pairs so perfectly with the oranges and browns of the season.


All Flowers

All Flowers Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
This wreath is covered in fall flowers and I think that's what makes it so perfect.


Orange Burlap Pumpkin Wreath

Orange Burlap Pumpkin Wreath Via Items similar to Orange Burlap ...
Orange and green striped burlap makes this "pumpkin" such a fun way to dress up your front door.


Lots of Texture

Lots of Texture Via Fall Coffee Filter Wreath
This wreath makes me just want to reach out and feel all the great textures.


Spooky Halloween Wreath

Spooky Halloween Wreath Via Items similar to Fall Wreath ...
A little ghost and a witch's hat makes this wreath just the thing to welcome your little trick or treaters.


Add Some Green

Add Some Green Via Halloween Ideas
You don't have to stay away from green just because you're making a fall wreath.


Red Berry Fall Wreath

Red Berry Fall Wreath Via Red Berry Christmas Wreath for ...
It's really cool how the greenery and berries hang off the wreath. And it looks awesome against the white door.


Big Acorns

Big Acorns Via Fall Front Porch -
The big acorns just scream fall, don't you think?



Flowery Via Great Ideas -- 17 DIY ...
The colors make this a great fall wreath, but you could still display it during the summer, spring or winter.


Candy Corn

Candy Corn Via Items similar to Halloween Wreath ...
Nothing says Halloween and fall like candy corn, so add one to your wreath for some fun.


Black Feathers

Black Feathers Via Fall Wreath,Halloween Wreath,Wreath,Holiday wreath,Wall decor,Decoration,Feather ...

Black feathers and sparkly orange embellishments make this wreath my top choice for Halloween.


Simple and Elegant

Simple and Elegant Via DIY Tutorial: DIY Fall Decor ...
There isn't a ton going on with this wreath, but it still looks stunning.


Welcome Home

Welcome Home Via wreath pinsperation
What a way to welcome your friends and family into your home!


Mini Sunflowers

Mini Sunflowers Via Fall Wreath, Mini Sunflowers, Gourds, ...
These tiny sunflowers are so reminiscent of autumn, but the ribbon and leaves are just right too.


A Tiny Bit of Color

A Tiny Bit of Color Via Fall Wreaths, Autumn Wreath, Thanksgiving ...
That tiny hint of purple and turquoise doesn't take away the fall feel of the wreath, but it still works.


Tiny Chalkboard

Tiny Chalkboard Via Items similar to Thanksgiving Wreath ...
I love how you could switch up the saying on the tiny chalkboard and make this wreath last until the Christmas season comes.


Acorn Wreath

Acorn Wreath Via Fall Wreaths with Acorns - ...
I so want this wreath for my front door! You could easily use faux acorns if you don't have that many laying around your yard.


Go Big

Go Big Via Items similar to Pumpkin Wreath ...
This wreath is large, but it would look stunning on any front door.


Burlap and White

Burlap and White Via 217+ ideas on what to ...
The chicken wire background makes this wreath really stand out.


Brown Yellow and Cream Wreath

Brown Yellow and Cream Wreath Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
The color palette of this wreath is great for fall, but it could work for other occasions too.


Big Yellow Ribbon

Big Yellow Ribbon Via Seven Simple Fall Wreaths - ...
Adding this long yellow ribbon makes it just right for autumn.


Something Different

Something Different Via The 36th AVENUE | 25 ...
No one else is going to have this wreath hanging on their front door.


Scarecrow Wreath

Scarecrow Wreath Via Pumpkin Deco Mesh and Jute ...
Scarecrows are fun for celebrating fall and this little guy makes the wreath so much fun.


Purple and Green

Purple and Green Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
This wreath is a little bit different, but purple and green jack-o-lanterns are still really fun.


Little White Owl

Little White Owl Via Seven Simple Fall Wreaths - ...
This has got to be one of the most adorable wreaths I've ever seen.


It's Fall

It's Fall Via The 36th AVENUE | 25 ...
There's no mistaking what you're celebrating when you hang this wreath on your front door.


Pinecone Wreath

Pinecone Wreath Via Pine Cone Wreath DIY - ...
Pinecones are all over the place in the fall, so collect a bagful and make this great wreath.



Traditional Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
When I think of fall wreaths, this is what comes to mind. If you want something totally traditional, this is it.

Do you switch out your door wreaths with the seasons and holidays? It's one of my favorite things to do! Which one of these is your favorite?

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