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35 Ribbon Crafts from Lengths and Scraps ...

By Neecey

Ribbon crafts can be made with scraps you have lying around or full lengths your buy specifically. Plain, patterned, printed, narrow, wide, wired, burlap, old, new... ribbon crafts make use of all sorts.

1 Ribbon Bookmark

Ribbon Bookmark Via Busy Beehives...: Basic Sewing Skills ...

Some ribbon crafts are just so easy. Keep your place with these cuties.

2 Ribbon Christmas Trees

Ribbon Christmas Trees Via Tis the Season for Cute ...

DIY Christmas tree decorations are fun and unique.

3 Beaded Ribbon Bookmarks

Beaded Ribbon Bookmarks Via Ribbon Bookmark Craft Tutorial {Kid's ...

You could get the kids working on these. They make inexpensive gifts.

4 DIY No Sew Pastel Ribbon Tie Tutu

DIY No Sew Pastel Ribbon Tie Tutu Via DIY No Sew Pastel Ribbon ...

When your little princess declares her next costume must be a ballerina, you're all set with this tutorial.

5 Stick and Ribbon Tree

Stick and Ribbon Tree Via Scrap Ribbon Tree Ornaments - ...

Not crafty? No excuses! Anyone can tie pretty ribbons around a twig!

6 Ribbon Bauble

Ribbon Bauble Via 20 Ways to Dress Up ...

A cute way to dress up a plain bauble.

7 Soft Bow

Soft Bow Soft Bow Via Fabric Bows and More: Ribbon

Ribbon crafts are full of great ways to make bows,

8 Wired Ribbon Flower

Wired Ribbon Flower Via

You can use the flower to decorate all sorts of things.

9 Loopy Ribbon Flowers

Loopy Ribbon Flowers Another ribbon flower with lots of uses if you don't want to use them for hair clips.

10 DIY Ribbon Christmas Tree -

DIY Ribbon Christmas Tree - Via How To Make A Ribbon ...

It's always fun to do crafting for Christmas. Maybe this will be your first year to give it a go?

11 Easy Ribbon Pillow

Easy Ribbon Pillow Via Easy Ribbon Pillow

Make the cushion cover from scratch or decorate a store bought one.

12 Ribbon Lampshade

Ribbon Lampshade Via Easy No-Sew Ribbon Projects

Customize a plain lampshade to your own color scheme.

13 Flat Ribbon Rose

Flat Ribbon Rose Via Ravings of a Mad Crafter: ...

Follow the tutorial and you can make a whole garden of roses.

14 Ribbon Card

Ribbon Card Via Paper Crafts Connection

A great way to use scraps of ribbon and buttons.

15 Thanksgiving Ribbon Wreath

Thanksgiving Ribbon Wreath Via DIY Thanksgiving Decor Ideas - ...

Change the colors and make one for Christmas too.

16 DIY Ribbon Lamp Shade

DIY Ribbon Lamp Shade Via DIY Ribbon Lamp Shade for ...

I bet you're already thinking about what color you could make this in? I am!

17 Make Your Own Printed Burlap Ribbon

Make Your Own Printed Burlap Ribbon Via Printed Burlap Ribbon - Thistlewood ...

How fun is this?

18 Reclaimed Wood and Ribbon Star

Reclaimed Wood and Ribbon Star Via How-To: Reclaimed Wood and Ribbon ...

Make it in blue ribbon on whitewashed wood for Hanukkah.

19 Ribbon Wreath

Ribbon Wreath Via halloween wreath

Easy to make if you can buy a foam wreath.

20 Hedgehog Ribbon Sculpture Hair Clip

Hedgehog Ribbon Sculpture Hair Clip Via Hedgehog Ribbon Sculpture Hair Clip

What little girl wouldn't love this spiky fella to keep her hair neat?

21 Easy Ribbon Wreath

Easy Ribbon Wreath Via Easy Ribbon Candy Wreath

Got an old wire coat hanger? Got a reel of wired ribbon? Woohoo, Craftsville here you come.

22 HOW to Tie Ribbon like a Pro

HOW to Tie Ribbon like a Pro Via HOW TO tie ribbon like ...

Add some sophistication and flair to your gift wrapping.

23 DIY Easy Ribbon Butterfly

DIY Easy Ribbon Butterfly Via DIY Easy Ribbon Butterfly | ...

So pretty and pretty easy to make too.

24 Ribbon Blanket

Ribbon Blanket Via Make It: Ribbon Blanket for ...

Looking for a DIY baby gift? Does this fit the bill?

25 Ribbon Necklace

Ribbon Necklace Via Little Girl's Ribbon Necklace (A ...

Cutesy jewelry for your cutesy little girl.

26 Ribbon Plates

Ribbon Plates Via 25 Genius Craft Ideas - ...

Make a pretty presentation for bake sales and pot lucks without using your own serve ware.

27 Statement Necklace

Statement Necklace Via Community Post: You Wish Your ...

Make your own statement jewelry from items you already own.

28 Ribbon Bracelets

Ribbon Bracelets Via How To Make Stunning Ribbon ...

With ribbon crafts you can make arm candy too.

29 Ribbon Wreath

Ribbon Wreath Via Wreaths! What Should Be My ...

We've already seen that one of the great ways to use ribbon is for wreaths but this one helps you think about a center feature too.

30 Ribbon Topiary

Ribbon Topiary Via Watermelon Fruit Summer Girl 1st ...

Wedding decor? Party centerpieces? Or just a pretty work of art for your home?

31 Ribbon Mobile

Ribbon Mobile Via Pinterest Project: Ribbon Mobile - ...

Mobiles are such fun.

32 Ribbon Memory Board

Ribbon Memory Board Via Smart DIY: Use Office Supplies ...

I made one of these about 20 years ago. Might do another!

33 Ribbon Baby Toy

Ribbon Baby Toy Via

Ribbon crafts get more complicated when you can use a sewing machine.

34 DIY Ribbon Wands

DIY Ribbon Wands Via DIY Ribbon Wands in 5 ...

Rekindle those childhood days when there was no such thing as video games and 24/7 cartoons. There's such joy in running without a care making your ribbons dance in the wind.

35 Ribbon Book Cover

Ribbon Book Cover Via Any Colour You Like

What a cool way to personalize your journal.

Did you know there were such great ways to use ribbons? Do you have a stash just waiting for some inspiration? Hope you found some. Happy crafting.

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