30 Crafts and DIY Decorations for Hanukkah ...


30 Crafts and DIY Decorations for Hanukkah ...
30 Crafts and DIY Decorations for Hanukkah ...

You've still got a wee bit of time to get busy with some Hanukkah crafts - if you're quick! I've pulled together a selection of ideas from the ridiculously easy to the more involved and for kids and adults, so grab your glue gun and scissors and get to work. Here are some Hanukkah crafts and DIY decorations.

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Tissue Paper Sun Catchers

product,design,Tissue,Paper,Suncatchers, Source: craftprojectideas.com - Hanukkah Tissue Paper ...
One of the easiest Hanukkah crafts you'll find.


Paper Plate and Clothespin Menorah

art,party,flower,Paper,plate, Source: Paper Plate Menorah - The ...
The results might not be spectacular but if you want to get your little ones involved in DIY Hanukkah decorations, this is so simple.


This craft is perfect for younger kids and is an easy way to get them involved in the Hanukkah celebrations. All you need is a few paper plates, clothespins, and some paint. Simply paint the paper plates and clothespins and then attach the clothespins to the paper plates to create a menorah shape. You can even add decorations like stars, dreidels, or candles to make it even more festive. This craft is a great way to get creative and have some fun during the holiday season.


Gelt Garland

room,property,wall,interior design,furniture, Source: 21 Super Cute Ways To ...
A super cute way to add some shimmer to your Hanukkah decor.


Felt Menorah

wall, Source: Repeat Crafter Me: Kid-Friendly Decoration: ...
A kid-friendly decoration.


Tin Can Luminaries

cup,candle,coffee cup,product,lighting, Source: Chanukah: Tin Can Luminaries Craft ...
Simple but lovely.


Hanukkah Wreath

wreath,christmas decoration,decor,sit, Source: Custom Holiday Decorations | CustomMade.com
Some Hanukkah wreaths are simple... others are opulent and ostentatious.


Hanukkah is a special time of year that is celebrated by Jewish people around the world. The holiday is marked by eight days of joyous festivities, and it is customary to decorate one's home with special decorations. One of the most popular decorations for Hanukkah is the Hanukkah wreath.

These wreaths can come in a variety of styles and sizes. Some are simple and elegant, while others are more ornate and elaborate. Many are made from traditional materials such as evergreens, dried fruits, nuts, and ribbons. Others are made from more modern materials, such as plastic, paper, and fabric. Some even feature LED lights and battery-operated decorations.

No matter what style of wreath you choose, it can be a beautiful addition to your home. It can be hung on a door or window, or even placed on a wall or shelf. It is also customary to hang a Hanukkah wreath above the family's menorah. This is a great way to bring a festive atmosphere to your home.


DIY Shalom Hanukkah Decoration

lighting,interior design,www.madeby,OR12ORLEA.com, Source: Shalom to the world! {& ...
Make your own greeting.


A Silver and Gold Manzanita Branch Menorah

snow,winter,weather,wall,lighting, Source: Manzanita Candelabra - Silver
Very pretty and very modern.


Hanukkah Gelt Tree

white,blue,lighting,baby shower,furniture, Source: Hanukkah Gelt Tree | Yesterday ...
Is your home complete without one?


Felt Dreidel Pouch

organ,fashion accessory,jewellery, Source: Christmas Gifts | How To ...
A fun craft for the kids - personalize with their initial.


Hanukkah Star Banner

pattern,art,line,design,illustration, Source: Modern Tribe talks Modern Hanukkah
Very simple but very effective.


Dinosaur Menorah

candle,lighting, Source: 21 Super Cute Ways To ...
There are tons of super cute ways to create a menorah.



cartoon,product,art,party,illustration, Source: Hanukkah PHOTO BOOTH PROPS Printable ...
Click on the link to get free printables.


Hanukkah Connect 4

product,lighting,にーし,JUN, Source: Hanukkah Connect-4: the Gelt Edition
The Gelt Edition - Modify a Connect 4 game to a fun holiday twist!


DIY Hanukkah Wreath

wheel,automotive exterior,lighting,christmas decoration,eges, Source: Fabulous Ideas for DIY Hanukkah ...
A foam wreath and lots of ribbon.


DIY Star of David Ornaments

jewellery,lighting,triangle,Any,Bie, Source: DIY Hanukkah Ornaments
I hope you saved up your lollipop sticks.


Happy Hanukkah Banner

wall,art,street sign,signage,sign, Source: Happy Hanukkah Banner: Printable Download ...
Click on the link for a free printable download or search online for other designs.


Dreidel Tree

color,branch,blue,green,yellow, Source: LK squared's Blog
What a lovely way to adorn a Hanukkah table.


Star of David Centerpiece

lighting,scotchbrand,com,Shine,Scotch, Source: Scotch® Brand: Studio EXP
Can it be any easier?


Dreidel Snow Globe

mason jar,lighting,candle,glass,drinkware, Source: Chanukah Snow Globe!
Snow globes are such fun.


Modern Menorah

product,lighting,games,indoor games and sports, Source: Color Block Menorah
Get some plain candlesticks and paint them yourself.


Dreidel Garland

product,baluster,lighting,handrail,glass, Source: Celebrating Hanukkah: Easy and Stylish ...
Drape them all around the house.


Star Wreath

flower arranging,branch,flower,flora,plant, Source: Wreath Inspired Christmas Star - ...
Beauty in simplicity


Blue Ice Crystal Candle Holder

art,mason jar, Source: thismamaloves.com
It all starts with a mason jar.


Hanukkah Countdown Calendar

blue,product,picture frame,art,banner, Source: Festive & Fun Hanukkah Crafts ...
A delightful way to mark the holiday.


A Photo Menorah

art,toy, Source: Hanukkah DIY: A Photo Menorah ...
An awesome craft full of memories.


Paper Chain Menorah

color,play,finger,hand,toy, Source: spearmintbaby.com
Some Hanukkah crafts are so easy-peasy, there's really no excuse not to make them.


Pipe Cleaner Stars

blue, Source: Style | Babble
Who can't make these?


DIY Paper Dreidel Garland

blue,footwear,product,font,fashion accessory, Source: supermommoments.com
Go to town with all shades of blue.


This DIY Paper Dreidel Garland is a great way to add a festive touch to your Hanukkah decorations. It's easy to make, and you can customize it with all the shades of blue you like. All you need is some blue paper, a pair of scissors, and some glue. You can hang the garland up around your home, or even use it to decorate a Hanukkah gift. This project is perfect for adults and kids alike, so everyone can join in the fun. Make sure to take pictures of your finished garland and share them on social media to show off your creativity!


Rock Menorah

color,blue,fashion accessory,footwear,hand, Source: MADE TO ORDER: Lake Superior ...
How fabulous is this?

Are you ready to get crafting in time for Hanukkah?

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