32 DIY Coasters That Will Give You the Crafting Bug ...


32 DIY Coasters That Will Give You the Crafting Bug ...
32 DIY Coasters That Will Give You the Crafting Bug ...

DIY coasters are a great introduction to the world of crafting. But, there are also some great projects seasoned crafters will enjoy. You might be surprised by the range of materials that can be used in making DIY coasters.

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Pom Pom Coasters

Pom Pom Coasters Via 16 DIY Trivets and Potholders
DIY coasters can be rustic, elegant, or cute like these.


Tile Coasters

Tile Coasters Via Attic Lace
While I was curating this post, I came across so many fabulous homemade coasters based on ceramic tiles. Will you forgive me if I do a whole separate article jut on tile coasters at a later date?


Scrabble Coasters

Scrabble Coasters Via 35 Easy DIY Gift Ideas ...
This wouldn't look as good with plastic scrabble tiles.


Bottle Cap Coasters

Bottle Cap Coasters Via Bottlecap Coasters
Imagine the reaction the first time you set these out for game night.


Fabric Coasters

Fabric Coasters Via Top 20 Handmade Gifts
A good way to use up scraps.


Mini Wood Pallet DIY Coasters

Mini Wood Pallet DIY Coasters Via Washi tape mini wood pallet ...
Made from Popsicle Sticks, small wood piece and Washi tape. So cute and easy.


Circle Segment Coasters

Circle Segment Coasters Via Beginner Crafts: 20+ DIY Coasters ...
Another way to use up your fabric scraps.


Nautical Coasters

Nautical Coasters Via DIY craft Sisal Rope Coasters
All you need is rope, glue gun and marker pen,


Wine Cork Drink Coaster

Wine Cork Drink Coaster Via DIY Wine Cork Drink Coaster ...
Wine corks are such an apt material for drinks coasters.


Mosaic Cocktail Coasters

Mosaic Cocktail Coasters Via Mosaic Cocktail Coasters
Made with jar lids, resin and tiles.


CD Coasters

CD Coasters Via Recycle Craft: CD Coasters - ...
What a great way to reuse unwanted CDs.


Fabric Heart Coasters

Fabric Heart Coasters Via The 36th AVENUE | 15 ...
These are a good beginner's project.


Domino Coasters

Domino Coasters Via 5 New Uses for Old ...
These are such fun.


Washers Coasters

Washers Coasters Via Modern Washer Coasters
Made using inexpensive items from the hardware store.


Painted Cork Coasters!

Painted Cork Coasters! Via Painted Cork Coasters with #myfavoritebloggers
An infinite number of patterns,


Spotty Coasters

Spotty Coasters Via The 36th AVENUE | DIY ...
Give plain wooden coasters a makeover.


DIY Drink Coasters

DIY Drink Coasters Via 22 Can't-Miss Summer Craft Projects
Coasters from flattened drink straws? Hell yeah!


Wooden Cross Section Coasters

Wooden Cross Section Coasters Via DIY Rustic Coasters
Perfect for adding a rustic touch.


DIY Cork Shelf Liner Coasters

DIY Cork Shelf Liner Coasters Via DIY Tutorial: Coasters / DIY ...
Buy some plain cork coasters and customize with sticky back plastic.


DIY Chalkboard Coasters

DIY Chalkboard Coasters Via DIY Chalkboard Coasters - The ...
Remember to put out chalk when you set out the coasters.


Citrus Coasters

Citrus Coasters Via Make It: Summer-Worthy Citrus Coasters! ...
Made from felt.


DIY Hemp Coasters

DIY Hemp Coasters Via Hemp Cording Coasters | Make ...
If you like simple things ...


Gilded Edge Agate Coasters

Gilded Edge Agate Coasters Via How to Make Gilded Edge ...
The look expensive and exclusive.


DIY Plastic Bead Coasters

DIY Plastic Bead Coasters Via DIY Plastic Bead Coasters
These are pretty aren't they?


Glass Tile Coasters

Glass Tile Coasters Via DIY Glass Tile Coaster | ...
You can buy these in sheets at the home store.


Wood Burned Coasters

Wood Burned Coasters Via Wood Burned Coasters
You need to have a wood burning tool to this.


Recycled Magazines Coasters

Recycled Magazines Coasters Via 100 + Ways to Reuse ...
What a fantastic way to use up old mags.


Comic Book Coasters

Comic Book Coasters Via Crafts for men: comic book ...
These are made from electrical outlet covers! How creative.


Plastic Bead Coasters

Plastic Bead Coasters Via melted bead sun catchers –


Knitted Coasters

Knitted Coasters Via Night of Knitting and Hot ...
You just knew knitting had to crop up in this list of homemade coasters somewhere.


Kate Spade Inspired DIY Coasters

Kate Spade Inspired DIY Coasters Via partiesforpennies.com
Life's always better with a bit of glitter.


Old Wood Coasters

Old Wood Coasters Via Barn Wood Coasters – Home and ...
Any old bits of wood will do.

Did you know there were so many great ideas for homemade coasters out there? Which are you going to try?

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