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39 Cork Crafts That Will Make You Wish You Drank More Wine ...

By Neecey

With the holiday season round the corner, you know the wine is going to be flowing more freely, so now is a good time to look at cork crafts. If you stockpile corks at this time of year, or you collect them for a rainy day, well that rainy day has come at last. Ready to be inspired by a multitude of cork crafts?

1 Wine Cork Necklace Rack

Wine Cork Necklace RackVia Wine Cork Necklace Rack
Cork crafts can be decorative or have all sorts of uses around the home. Sometimes they're both. This is a corker of a way to get your necklaces organized.

2 Cork Pumpkin

Cork PumpkinVia
Halloween comes but once a year but fall sticks around for a while.

3 Cork Trivet

Cork TrivetVia Herringbone Wine Cork Trivet
Cork crafts take a material associated with alcohol and make something useful for other beverages.

4 Cork Art

Cork ArtVia Wine Cork Trivet with painted ...
Let your creative juices flow and make something eye-catching for the kitchen

5 Cork Tray

Cork TrayVia Crafty Corks at
Fill a wooden tray with corks and personalize it with your monogram.

6 Monogram

Or fashion your monogram as a 3D piece.

7 Corkboard

CorkboardVia Wine Cork DIY - DIY ...
Makes a nice change to a flat corkboard.

8 Cork Place Cards

Cork Place CardsVia Pink and Peach Bejeweled Wedding ...
A cute way to save money on your wedding.

9 Cork Heart

Cork HeartVia Valentine's Cork Heart - Sand ...
Make this from corks from bottles you've shared with your honey for a romantic decoration.

10 DIY Cork Tic-Tac-Toe

DIY Cork Tic-Tac-ToeVia Frozen-Inspired Tic-Tac-Snow | Disney Family
This is such fun. Choose a non-Christmas theme to use it all year round.

11 Light Pull Chain

Light Pull ChainVia Inexpensive and Inspired: Upcycled Christmas ...
An interesting use for corks. Could also work as blind and curtain pulls.

12 Honey Comb Wine Drink Coasters

Honey Comb Wine Drink CoastersVia DIY Wine Cork Crafts DIY ...
Keep the wine theme alive.

13 Cork Bird House

Cork Bird HouseVia Trash To Treasure | 17 ...
Extend a welcome to your feathered friends.

14 Cork Shamrock

Cork ShamrockVia Wine Cork Shamrock Craft for ...
One of the easiest cork crafts you'll find.

14 Christmas Place Holders

Christmas Place HoldersVia Blog | Cousin Corporation > ...
Something cute and fun to dress your holiday table.

15 Cork Barrel

Cork BarrelVia | Wine Cork Art ...
Sadly there's no tutorial for this but I had to share. If you're clever enough try it, how about making it as a holder for your new collection of corks you'll start as soon as you've used up your stash making this?

16 Wine Cork Snowman

Wine Cork SnowmanVia Unavailable Listing on Etsy
You can have such fun making your own Christmas decorations and they'll be unique to you.

17 Cork Chandelier

Cork ChandelierVia Dishfunctional Designs: Put A Cork ...
Interestingly rustic.

18 Wine Cork Angel Ornaments

Wine Cork Angel OrnamentsVia Wine Cork Angel Ornaments (Set ...
Lots of cork crafts to make Christmas decorations.

19 Napkin Rings

Napkin RingsVia 15 Ways to Repurpose Wine ...
None of your dinner guests will have seen these before.

20 Cork Turkeys

Cork TurkeysVia 30+ Terrific Treats and Projects
Turkeys who won't mind being invited to Thanksgiving dinner.

21 Cork Reindeer

Cork ReindeerVia The Homeless Finch: 25 Days ...
If there's ever a reason to drink more wine to get some corks, it's this little fella.

22 Dart Cabinet

Dart CabinetVia Protect Your Wall from Stray ...
This will protect your walls.

23 Wine Cork Magnets

Wine Cork MagnetsVia wine-cork-magnets
Magnets for wine lovers.

24 Wine Cork Christmas Tree

Wine Cork Christmas TreeVia Wine Cork Christmas Tree with ...
I think this could be made better with the addition of some battery operated lights.

25 Wine Cork Wreath

Wine Cork WreathVia DIY: How to Make a ...
This one's for Christmas but you get the idea. Make one for whichever season/occasion you like.

26 Wine Cork Kitchen Mat

Wine Cork Kitchen MatVia Stephanie Teaches: Wine, Don't Whine.
Such an unusual idea. I wonder of you get a massage effect on your feet.

27 Cork Coasters

Cork CoastersVia 35 Easy DIY Gift Ideas ...
Some people are so creative. I admire people who come up with these ideas.

28 Wine Cork Memo Strip

Wine Cork Memo StripVia MAY DAYS: Wine Cork Memo ...
Use it as a memo board or to display cards or photographs.

29 Wine Cork Picture Frame

Wine Cork Picture FrameVia Unavailable Listing on Etsy
This would look great with a sepia tint photograph.

30 3D Cork Painting

3D Cork PaintingVia Items similar to Pour - ...
This was for sale on Etsy but it gives you a good idea of where you can go with cork crafts.

31 Cork Planter and Wine Cooler

Cork Planter and Wine CoolerVia Top 5 Pins: Wine Cork ...
Upcycling isn’t just about making pretty shapes with old things. Create something new with your corks!

32 3D Wall Art

3D Wall ArtVia Wine Cork Music Notes - ...
Make all sorts of shapes as a statement wall piece.

33 Wedding Table Number Holders

Wedding Table Number HoldersVia Vineyard Wedding Table Number Holders, ...
A lovely idea if you're having a vineyard wedding.

34 Rustic Centerpieces

Rustic CenterpiecesVia diy rustic centerpieces | DIY ...
There are cork crafts if you don' want something too taxing.

35 Wine Cork Key Chains

Wine Cork Key ChainsVia Wine Cork Keychains (For the ...
Never worry about losing your keys in the water again!

36 Bag Closers

Bag ClosersVia 51 Insanely Easy Ways To ...
Useful! These are the sort of things you can never find when you need them.

37 Wine Cork Backsplash

Wine Cork BacksplashVia DIY Ideas: 5 Extraordinary Things ...
Now that's a labor of love not a craft. Love it?

38 Cork Boats

Cork BoatsVia Boat Crafts for Kids
Something for the kids to make and play with.

Cork crafts look like a lot of fun and you can produce some interesting items. Some are sure to be talking points. Have you decided what you're going to do with your corks?

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