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34 Driftwood Crafts to Give a Beachy Feel to Your Home ...

By Neecey

There's something special about things washed up on a beach, which is why driftwood crafts have a little extra to them than over other wood crafts. The bits of wood have been weathered and battered by the ocean's waves meaning every piece is unique. And you can make unique pieces for your home with these driftwood crafts.

1 Driftwood Hurricanes

Driftwood HurricanesVia Items similar to Driftwood Vase ...
Small pieces of wood are ideal for bijou driftwood crafts like dressing up a simple hurricane jar.

2 Driftwood Suncatcher

Driftwood SuncatcherVia Rainbow Catcher with Fire-Polished Beads, ...
Pretty up your home in a simple way.

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3 Driftwood Candelabra

Driftwood CandelabraVia Beach-House Essentials That Work Year-Round
Make a stunning centerpiece for your table.

4 Driftwood Photo Hanger

Driftwood Photo HangerVia Hazlo tú mismo: una rama ...
Use for photos all year round or for birthday and Christmas cards (or other occasions).

5 Driftwood Boat Ornaments

Driftwood Boat OrnamentsVia Driftwood Sailboat Ornament made from ...
These are shown as Christmas tree decorations but I think they would make a nice mobile for a boy's room or even the bathroom.

6 Driftwood and Antique Jar Hanging Light

Driftwood and Antique Jar Hanging LightVia Items similar to Driftwood and ...
A different way to incorporate driftwood crafts into your home decor.

7 Rustic Driftwood Wine Rack

Rustic Driftwood Wine RackVia Rustic driftwood wine rack
You can buy this for $300 on Etsy, or if you have some driftwood and some rudimentary carpentry skills you could make your own.

8 Sea Glass Art

Sea Glass ArtVia Sea Glass Art -10 Creative ...
I love the use of glass and wood - two items found on beaches.

9 Wind Chime

Wind ChimeVia Wind chime - Driftwood dingy ...
How cool is this driftwood dingy with silver spoon fish?

10 DIY Driftwood Chandelier

DIY Driftwood ChandelierVia DIY: Driftwood Chandelier | Swell ...
you can't buy this in the shops.

11 Driftwood Bookends

Driftwood BookendsVia Driftwood Bookends, Drift Wood Bookends, ...
This is another item for sale but clever crafters could do this as a DIY project.

12 DIY Driftwood Jewelry Holder

DIY Driftwood Jewelry HolderVia DIY Driftwood Jewelry Holder
Shape your driftwood or leave it as nature made it.

13 Driftwood Lamp

Driftwood LampVia 23 Ikea Hacks
Take a simple column lamp, some driftwood and ...

14 DIY Bird Mobile/Art Piece

DIY Bird Mobile/Art PieceVia RestlessOasis: Nursery: Sources and DIY ...
Driftwood crafts can result in some eye-catching wall art.

15 Driftwood Sea Shell Mobile

Driftwood Sea Shell MobileVia Large Driftwood Sea Shell Mobile, ...
Another great way to combine beach finds.

16 Large Sculptural Natural Driftwood Shelf

Large Sculptural Natural Driftwood ShelfVia Large Sculptural Natural Driftwood Shelf
You'll notice that I've included a few things that are actually being/have been sold on Etsy. They are there as ideas because I think they can be done by eye without instructions.

17 DIY Driftwood Frames

DIY Driftwood FramesVia Simple Driftwood DIY Frames
You could use this idea for mirrors too.

18 Driftwood Ceiling Light

Driftwood Ceiling LightVia Dishfunctional Designs: Branching Out: Art ...
You probably need some help with the electricals for this project.

19 Driftwood Candle Holders

Driftwood Candle HoldersVia Treibholz Elke Paus
Fix your driftwood branches together and drill holes for tea lights - or bigger candles - whichever you fancy.

20 Driftwood Sign

Driftwood SignVia 6 diy {driftwood} crafts - ...
Make something pretty and inspiring.

21 Driftwood Photo Frame

Driftwood Photo FrameVia Barn wood picture frame
Eye-catching isn't it?

22 Driftwood Angel

Driftwood AngelVia driftwood
Too pretty to just bring out at Christmastime.

23 Driftwood Candle Holder

Driftwood Candle HolderVia Three Votive Driftwood Candle Holder ...
You can make the number of votive holes suitable to the size of driftwood you want to use.

24 Driftwood Lamp

Driftwood LampVia Driftwood Lamp, Large, Floorstanding lamp, ...
Needed: a spectacular piece of driftwood and being able to wire up a lamp.

25 Driftwood Wall Clock with Sea Shells

Driftwood Wall Clock with Sea ShellsVia Handmade Drift Wood Wall Clock ...
Another of the driftwood crafts on Etsy you could steal to make for yourself.

26 Driftwood Mirror

Driftwood MirrorVia 10 DIYs To Make Over ...
Transform a plain round mirror.

27 Driftwood Mobile

Driftwood MobileVia
Create your own piece of art to highlight a corner.

28 Driftwood Shelves

Driftwood ShelvesVia driftwood shelves, display shelving, shelving ...
This needs some woodworking skills.

29 Driftwood Jewelry Stand

Driftwood Jewelry StandVia alisaburke: driftwood jewelry stand
A jewelry stand like nothing you'd find in the shops.

30 Driftwood Heart

Driftwood HeartVia
Mount driftwood sticks to heart shaped wire frame.

31 Hanging Driftwood Planter

Hanging Driftwood PlanterVia Hanging Driftwood Planter
Find the right piece of driftwood and you can make a gorgeous planter.

32 Driftwood Hanging Planter

Driftwood Hanging PlanterVia Driftwood Hanging Planter - Single ...
Or you can make a planter with various pieces of wood.

33 Wine Bottle Holder

Wine Bottle HolderVia Floor standing Curvy Wine Rack
Is this an awesome idea or what?

34 Candle Sconces

Candle SconcesVia Wood inspired interior design ideas
I like this idea - quite a lot!

Are you a beachcomber? What do you like to collect? I think I might start on sea glass.

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