7 Clever and Cute Storage Solutions for a Kid's Room ...


7 Clever and Cute Storage Solutions for a Kid's Room ...
7 Clever and Cute Storage Solutions for a Kid's Room ...

There is no shortage of ideas for kid's room storage solutions out there. But if you're looking for something that is both cute and clever, we have here 7 to get you started. From organizing clothes, toys, and small accessories, these baby room storage solutions have got you covered. Let's check them out, shall we?

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Stuffed Animal Swing

Stuffed Animal Swing Look at these cuties, dangling and having fun in this clever baby's room storage solution. Using only pieces of wood and rope, this is an adorable way to display stuffed animals in your kid's room. The great thing about this is that there is a limit to the “passengers” that can ride in the swing. In other words, any old toy that is no longer given swinging rights will have the honor of being donated to another kid.

Source: itsalwaysautumn.com


Costume Closet

Costume Closet Do you know what little girls love? Dressing up! And do you know what will make this fun activity less taxing on your sanity? A fun costume closet! The one above used to be an ugly piece of furniture. But with fresh paint and some lovely wallpaper or wrapping paper, it became this costume closet for an imaginative little lady. Fun!

Source: ramblingrenovators.ca


Toy Storage Bags

Toy Storage Bags When it comes to kids who can be impatient to find the toy they want, having clear storage will be a godsend. This kid's room organizational idea will call for clear vinyl, pretty fabric, fusible interfacing, and cord pull. You will not be needing a lot of fabric for this project. In fact, scraps will surely work for this particular DIY.

Source: makeit-loveit.com


Under Shelf Storage

Under Shelf Storage When there simply isn't enough space ON the shelf, you go under. This idea will call for mason jars in two sizes. You simply nail or screw the lids to the underside of a shelf and you're done. This is fantastic for storing little accessories or cleaning solutions for your little humans.

Source: poofycheeks.com


Hair Accessories Organizers

Hair Accessories Organizers This one is so easy to put together, you'll end up making several to give to your friends who also have babies. You will simply need a frame, paint it in any color you like, and then attach strips of ribbon using staple gun. If you also want to use this item to store headbands, simply attach hooks to the bottom side of the shelf.

Source: theparopost.com


Closet Divider

Closet Divider This is a cute baby's room storage solution for keeping the little one's clothes beautifully organized. These are wooden letter Os painted and covered with pretty scrapbooking paper. The addition of numbers is for dividing the clothes according to size.

Source: ashleyannphotography.com


Shoe Organizer

Shoe Organizer Yep, those are shower curtain clips. There really is not a lot of craftiness involved for this particular baby room storage solution. You simply install the clips, hang the itty-bitty shoes, and you're done. Take a step back and admire your work.

Source: projectnursery.com

I hope that you find inspiration from this list of storage solutions for a baby or little kid's room. Take note that some of these room organizational ideas can be used for big kid spaces, too. For those who don't have little humans, the ideas listed here can easily be modified for any room in the house. In fact, I might just do the “jar under a shelf” DIY to organize my craft supplies.

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