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Question: Want a light fitting to complete your room makeover but can't find one fabulous enough? Answer: Make your own. A DIY Chandelier. Sounds like too big a project? Not at all. Sure there are some DIY chandeliers that require a good level of skill and crafting experience but others are eminently suitable for anyone to give a go. If you're not convinced, take a look at these darling DIY light fittings.

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DIY Driftwood Chandelier

light,night,lighting,light fixture,DIY, Via DIY: Driftwood Chandelier | Swell ...
All you need now is a holiday to find a beach with a glorious piece of driftwood.


Drum Shade Chandelier

chandelier,light fixture,ceiling,lighting,sconce, Via Between the Rafters: DIY Drum ...
Bling up a plain old lampshade.


DIY Tree Branch Shadow Chandelier

light,lighting,light fixture, Via How to make forest inspired ...
Oh my. Oh my. Oh my. That effect is S TU N N I N G


Fairy Chandelier

chandelier,light fixture,light,branch,lighting, Via 21 DIY Ways To Make ...
Made from - wait for it - an old umbrella.


Mason Jar Chandelier

chandelier,light fixture,lighting,ceiling,LOE, Via Handcrafted Mason Jar Pendant Chandelier ...
Is there anything you can't do with mason jars?


A DIY Crystal Chandelier Transformation

room,chandelier,light fixture,ceiling,lighting, Via Jenna Sue: Master Makeover: A ...
If you want something fancy without a lot of work, a transformation of an existing light fitting might be the answer.


One example of a DIY chandelier transformation is showcased in a blog post by Jenna Sue Design. The author shares how she transformed a plain light fixture into a stunning crystal chandelier for her master bedroom makeover. The process involved removing the existing light fixture, adding crystal beads and pendants, and spray painting the fixture for a more elegant look. This project is a great option for those looking for a fancy chandelier without the hassle of building one from scratch. It also allows for personalization and creativity, as one can choose the type and color of crystals to use.


DIY Paint Swatch Chandelier

pink,lighting,petal,candle,ice cream cone, Via Hey Gorgeous, The Blog - ...
So cheap but really effective.


Cloth Chandelier

room,product,interior design,dress,lighting, Via BEHOLDEN: CLOTH CHANDELIER
Make it in fabric to match your color scheme.


Wow Factor

flower,light,chandelier,light fixture,lighting, Via The Art Of Up-Cycling: DIY ...
The Art Of Up-Cycling


Fairy Light Ball

art,lighting,Before,After, Via How to Turn Wire Baskets ...
Can be used inside and out.


DIY Chandelier

room,light,house,interior design,curtain, Via Flickr Finds: MeggethPixel's DIY Whirly ...
Made with acrylic Whirlies from CB2. I have no idea what that means but I'm sure it means something to US readers.


Statement Chandelier

chandelier,light fixture,light,lighting,ceiling, Via Top 10 Adorable DIY Chandeliers ...
Looks like something from a grand hotel or nightclub.


Lace Chandelier

black,clothing,light fixture,lighting,lamp, Via Revamped Lamp Shade Turned Into ...
Metal rings from lampshades and metal rings made from coat hangers, covered with lace and turned into chandelier


Shell Pendant Chandelier

white,light,light fixture,chandelier,lighting, Via 24 West Elm Hacks
Made from wax paper.


Wine Bottle Chandelier

wine bottle,bottle,lighting,drinkware,light fixture, Via How To Make a Chandelier ...
Now you've got an excuse to drink a few more bottles of wine.


The wine bottle chandelier adds a bohemian chic twist to your décor, turning empty wine bottles into a dazzling light feature. Let your creativity flow by selecting bottles with various hues and patterns. Assemble with some hardware and a bit of DIY magic; this chandelier becomes the centerpiece of any room, casting a warm, inviting glow. It's a sustainable way to upcycle while giving your space a touch of your personal taste in wines. Perfect for dinner parties to spark conversation about your handiwork—and your wine selection! Cheers to that illuminated masterpiece!


Glass Bottle Chandelier

ceiling,room,wall,lighting,light fixture, Via How To Build a Glass ...
And here's another excuse.


DIY French Beaded Chandelier

lighting,light fixture,Attila, Via The Lemonista: Gorgeous DIY French ...
Yes Cinderella you shall go to the ball. But on the way, pick up a hanging basket and piles of beads from the dollar store.


DIY Hoop Chandelier

flower arranging,floristry,flower,christmas tree,christmas decoration, Via Outdoor | 346 Living
Made from hula hoops.


Beads and Teardrops Chandelier

chandelier,light fixture,clothing,lighting, Via My House of Giggles: DIY ...
A wire hanging basket, crystal & pearl necklaces, glass beads, and glass teardrops.


Orb Chandelier

iron,product,wheel,bridle,lighting, Via DIY Orb Chandelier - Whats ...
Make great use of old stuff.


DIY Twig Chandelier

chandelier,light fixture,lighting,branch,ceiling, Via Lighting up my life with ...
A nice touch for a rustic theme.


The DIY Twig Chandelier is a beautiful and unique addition to any rustic-themed home. This chandelier is made from twigs and branches, giving it a natural and organic look. It can be easily created using materials found in your own backyard or at a local craft store. The step-by-step tutorial provided by Funky Junk Interiors makes it a fun and easy project for anyone to tackle. This chandelier is not only a stunning lighting fixture, but it also adds a touch of charm and character to any room. So why not add a DIY Twig Chandelier to your home and bring a bit of nature indoors?


DIY Bubble Chandelier

chandelier,light fixture,lighting,decor,ana, Via Photos: Ideas To Make Your ...
I love these big bubble things.


Rustic Chandelier

ceiling,room,light fixture,dining room,lighting, Via Nick Diys: A rustic modern ...
Take care before you start because some of these need to be wired into the house electrics. Not a simple DIY project you can do without knowledge.


DIY Fan Chandelier

pink,chandelier,light fixture,lighting,centrepiece, Via Candace Creations: Pink Ceiling Fan ...
You can add some bling to improve an ugly ceiling fan light.


Dining Room Chandelier

white,light,lighting,branch, Via Gallery & Inspiration | Picture ...
A simple way to intimately light a dining room.


Yarn Chandelier

room,baby shower,party,SUPPLIES, Via DIY Yarn Chandelier
One of the easiest DIY chandeliers. I guess you could do the same with Mardi Gras beads too.


DIY Crystal Drop Chandelier

tree,lighting,interior design,water feature,light fixture, Via URBAN CHANDELIER | Chandelier Online
Make for a fraction of the price of a store bought one.


Rustic Tree Branch Chandelier

room,art,lighting,flower,christmas, Via 30 Creative DIY Ideas For ...
Great for a big space.


DIY Birdcage Chandelier

ceiling,room,light fixture,lighting,dining room, Via Inspiration File: DIY Birdcage Chandelier ...
How fabulous is this?


DIY Crystal Chandelier

font,illustration,CRYSTAL,BALL,CHANDELIER, Via DIY Crystal Ball Chandelier - ...
The tutorial says you can make this in an hour.


This DIY crystal chandelier is a perfect addition to any room in your home. It adds a touch of elegance and sophistication without breaking the bank. The tutorial claims that you can create this stunning piece in just one hour, making it a quick and easy project for any DIY enthusiast. The chandelier features sparkling crystal balls that catch the light and create a beautiful ambiance in the room. It is a great way to add a touch of glamour to your home decor without spending a fortune. So why not give it a try and light up your life with this stunning DIY crystal chandelier?


Dainty Pink Sunshower Chandelier

flora,flower,branch,tree,green, Via 20 Cool DIY Chandelier Ideas ...
So pretty!


This dainty pink sunshower chandelier is a beautiful and unique way to add some light to your home. It is easy to assemble and requires minimal materials, making it a great DIY project. The floral design is perfect for any room in the house, and the soft pink color is sure to add a touch of elegance. The chandelier can be hung from the ceiling or placed on a table, and it will bring a beautiful, cheerful glow to any room. This chandelier is a great way to add a little something extra to your home, and it's a great addition to any DIY chandelier collection.


Sequin Chandelier

chandelier,light fixture,lighting,fashion accessory,interior design, Via Dreaming for more hours in ...
You need spools of sequins and embroidery hoops.


Lantern Chandelier

lighting,fashion accessory,light fixture,glass,jewellery, Via Top 10 Adorable DIY Chandeliers ...
This will add color to your room.


Feather Chandelier

art,wing,anime,UDM,﹃Ill, Via DIY Chandeliers Ideas | BuildDirect ...
Maybe this one will tickle your fancy?

Lighting can be such a statement and any of these DIY chandeliers certainly achieve that. Can you see yourself tackling any of these projects?

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I was inspired by this chandeliers. Now i know what kind of lightings will i put on my future cafe/bar. Very Helpful..and easy to do. thank you so much!

So beautiful!

This is so cool, thanks

The one that creates tree-like shadows on the walls and ceiling is awesome!

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