38 DIY Coffee Tables to Spruce up Your Place ...


38 DIY Coffee Tables to Spruce up Your Place ...
38 DIY Coffee Tables to Spruce up Your Place ...

DIY coffee tables may sound like a challenging project but if you're up for testing your carpentry skills they are very satisfying. But in my quest for some cool DIY coffee tables, I hope I've found a mix of simple, not so simple and downright complicated to tempt you into making a unique and useful piece of furniture for your home.

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Metal Tub Coffee Table

room,living room,floor,furniture,table, Via Favorite Things Friday -
DIY coffee tables can work in outside spaces too.


How to Make a Coffee Table from Four Modular Crates

furniture,table,wood,hardwood,wood stain, Via 10 Creative DIY Coffee Tables
I love coffee tables that incorporate storage!


Paint Job

table,coffee table,furniture,room,billiard table, Via Mint Coffee Table with Gold ...
A paint job can give a thrift store or yard sale find a new lease of life.


Pallet Coffee Table

furniture,table,art,wood,shelf, Via DIY Aqua Pallet Coffee Table ...
Ya gotta love the uses for old pallets.


Painted Folding out Coffee Table

furniture,bed,couch,table, Via Convertible Coffee Table and Folding ...
If you want a big project, this is for you.


DIY Rustic Wood Table

furniture,man made object,table,hardwood,wood, Via The Feminist Mystique: DIY Rustic ...
You can make this for about $25!


This DIY Rustic Wood Table is a great addition to any home! It is made from hardwood, giving it a rustic look and feel. It can be made for under $25, making it an affordable and stylish piece of furniture. This table is perfect for any room, and can be used for anything from a coffee table to a side table. It is easy to assemble and customize, making it perfect for any DIY enthusiast. With its rustic charm, this table is sure to be the centerpiece of any room.


DIY Coffee Table for under $50

furniture,table,dining room,room,coffee table, pinterest.com
Less than $50 for a table that looks great.


DIY Table

table,furniture,coffee table,room,hardwood, Via Restoration Hardware Knock Off Salvaged ...
I like the use of the column legs. Gives it a classic feel.


This DIY table is a Restoration Hardware Knock Off made from salvaged materials. It features column legs, giving it a classic feel. It is perfect for any home or office and is a great way to spruce up any space. The table is easy to make and can be customized to fit any style. It is a great project for any DIY enthusiast. With the right materials and tools, this table can be completed in no time. It is a great way to add a unique and stylish touch to any living room or office.


Rustic End Table

furniture,table,man made object,desk,end table, Via Ana White | Build a ...
DIY coffee tables for all rooms and all settings ... and all sizes.


How to Turn an Old Chest into a Coffee Table

brand,sense,old,chest,coffee, Via How to make rugs with ...
I bet this idea has you scouring for an old chest you can make into a coffee table.


Coffee Table Turned Ottoman

furniture,table,coffee table,wood,bed, Via Thrift Store Coffee Table -turned- ...
Ok so this is the other way round - a coffee table recycled into a seat - I love it!


Coffee Table/ Storage Ottoman from Wooden Crates

Home Depot,furniture,room,living room,bed, Via DIY Storage Ottoman - The ...
Putting it on wheels is a great idea.


How to Make a Wooden Pallet Coffee Table

man made object,table,furniture,wood, Via How To Make a Wooden ...
This idea uses leftover brewed coffee to stain the wood.


Old Picture Frame Secured on Top of Coffee Table

furniture,table,tablecloth,textile,bed sheet, Via potlucksontheporch.com
What a clever idea and it looks super too.


How to Make a Rubik's Cube Coffee Table

color,furniture,play,shelf,table, Via How to make a rubik's ...
A great place to store your games but I also noticed that the bowls on the top of the table are made from melted vinyl records. Brilliant retro projects!


This ingeniously crafted coffee table is not only a statement piece, but it's also a nostalgic nod to the classic 80's puzzle toy. It functions as a vibrant centerpiece, injecting a playful twist into your living space. The colorful squares on the table are sure to be a conversation starter and are perfect for adding a dose of fun to your room. Building your own provides an opportunity to personalize the colors to match your decor, ensuring it fits perfectly with your aesthetic. Plus, it's quite the DIY project to showcase your woodworking and creative skills!


Turn Some Plumbing Supplies and a Couple of Old Planks into a Great Rustic Industrial Style Coffee Table

furniture,table,hardwood,floor,wood, Via DIY Coffee Table Projects | ...
I'm not a fan of the industrial look but this table is not too bad.


Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

furniture,man made object,room,table,living room, Via 12 Gorgeous DIY Coffee Tables
Maybe your taste runs to the more chunky furniture.


From Bookshelf to Coffee Table

furniture,shelving,shelf,interior design,bookcase, Via Bookcase turned Yard Stick Coffee ...
Now you know what to do with that bookcase that's got a bit rickety.


Old Barn Door American Flag Coffee Table

furniture,man made object,table,coffee table,hardwood, Via Vitamin-Ha – Amazing uses of ...
Nothing wrong with a bit of patriotism.


DIY Rustic Coffee Table with Storage

room,table,floor,flooring,furniture, Via DIY Rustic Coffee Table with ...
Make with the baskets or without.


Window Made into Coffee Table

furniture,product,table,wood,box, Via Reclaimed Window Coffee Table with ...
I have to do this. Just need to find a window.


DIY Coffee Table Aquarium

Miller Park,Malá Fatra, Upper gondola cableway station Vratna,CIMB Fiesta,Actor's and Sin (1952),product, Via thewhoot.com.au
This has to be the BEST DIY coffee table ever - like ever EVER.


DIY Old Door Coffee Table

Sri Lanka Youth,furniture,table,desk,product, Via 10+ DIY Ideas to Give ...
Well if you can make a coffee table from an old window, why not an old door.


Old Coffee Table plus Bright Colored Paint plus Chalkboard Paint =

carom billiards,indoor games and sports,play,snooker,games, Via Please, Write on the Table! ...
cute chalkboard table for a kids' room!


Half Barrel Coffee Table

furniture,table,coffee table,man made object,room, Via Make Your Own DIY Coffee ...
All sorts of things can be made into a coffee table.


DIY Coffee Table Project

table,furniture,room,coffee table,living room, Via Wishlists from the Pros
Fancy lattice and a sheet of plywood on top. Add wheels and cushion on top for an ottoman


DIY Coffee Table from Old Wire Basket

table,furniture,coffee table,tablecloth,studio couch, Via Umstyling: Alte Wohn-Schätze mit neuer ...
How good is this?


Barrel and Glass Table

man made object,room,flower,flower arranging,floristry, Via TABLES :: Home Depot has ...
Home Depot has 18″ whiskey barrels for $30 and Bed Bath & Beyond has 20″ glass table toppers for $8.99. This is a great idea ...


Coffee Table with Pull-out Storage

furniture,table,room,floor,art, Via DIY Coffee Table with Storage ...
Ideal if you like hidden storage.


Stump Table

man made object,brown,product,wood,furniture, Via 15 Reclaimed DIY Coffee Tables ...
Oh ... I ... love... it...


Build a Lift-top Coffee Table

furniture,man made object,table,living room,desk, Via The Final Product..
Think your DIY skills are up to it?


Cut Log Table

man made object,room,furniture,table,wood, Via 13 Creative DIY table designs ...
That's rather interesting.


DIY round Coffee Table

Arsenal Cannon,living room,room,dining room,table, Via DIY Round Coffee Table -
If you've got space for it, turn a dining room table into a coffee table.


Stump Table

room,living room,property,furniture,floor, Via Stump Tables – A Trend ...
A big stump would make a wonderful coffee table for the living room Now that's a statement piece!


DIY Coffee Tables

living room,furniture,room,table,floor, Via DIY 3-in-1 Coffee Table
You might like the idea of simple cubes that can also be used for storing all sorts of stuff.


Tire Table

leisure,swimming pool,play,inflatable,amusement park, Via 11 Super Cool DIY Backyard ...
Make a feature table for your patio.


DIY Coffee Table from Vinyl Records

furniture,shelf,shelving,wood,bookcase, Via 10 DIY Coffee Tables That'll ...
I couldn't bear to do this to my beloved LPs.


Vintage Luggage Table

furniture,table,product,coffee table,bed, Via Shabby in love: Repurpose a ...
Recycling vintage suitcases is so trendy right now.

I'm wondering now whether any of these have tempted you to add carpentry to your portfolio of DIY/crafting skills?

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