41 DIY Mirrors That Deserve More than a Second Look ...


41 DIY Mirrors That Deserve More than a Second Look ...
41 DIY Mirrors That Deserve More than a Second Look ...

I've been spotting some fabulous DIY mirrors lately. I know it’s easy enough to pick one up at a store but it's so much more fun to make your own - unless you're a diehard shopaholic! Ready to say "Magic Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?"

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DIY Hollywood-style Mirror with Lights

DIY Hollywood-style Mirror with Lights Via my cherry style: DIY Hollywood-style ...
You look fab-u-lous dahling!


A Mirror Made from Plastic Spoons?

A Mirror Made from Plastic Spoons? Via ReFab Diaries: Fab make-overs
Yes seriously!


Which Came First - the Chicken or the Mirror?

Which Came First - the Chicken or the Mirror? Via How to make a decorative ...
Did you ever imagine you could make something so lovely from egg cartons?


Using egg cartons for crafting is not just economical but also eco-friendly. Those seemingly useless trays can transform into an intricate mirror frame with just a little creativity and some paint. It's a fun upcycle project that adds a whimsical touch to décor. So, before you toss your empty egg cartons into the recycling bin, consider the charming potential they hold. Grab some scissors, glue, and your choice of color — your next DIY masterpiece is just a few cuts and brushes away. Plus, it's a crafting adventure that's both satisfying and kind to the planet.


Starburst Mirrors

Starburst Mirrors Via Starburst Mirror Overload ... but ...
One of the most popular forms of DIY mirrors.


Random Objects Mirror

Random Objects Mirror Via Design Foraging: Objet Trouve by ...
When randomness mates with serendipity, the result is gorgeousness.


Blooming All over

Blooming All over Via 15 Easy And Cool DIY ...
So cute.


Star Strung Mirror

Star Strung Mirror Via 7 DIY Home Decor Crafts ...
Beauty and art entwined.


Dresser Mirror

Dresser Mirror Via Dresser Mirror - A simple ...
A thing of beauty doesn't have to cost the Earth.


Mosaic Tile Bathroom Mirror

Mosaic Tile Bathroom Mirror Via Bathroom DIY – Make Your ...
You don't have to be an Ancient Roman Goddess to appreciate some mosaic action.


Racket Mirrors

Racket Mirrors Via 100 Ways to Repurpose and ...
These will serve you well. Game set and match.


CD Mirror

CD Mirror Via Two Easy Tutorials That Help ...
This is music to your eyes not ears.


DIY Sunburst Mirror

DIY Sunburst Mirror Via DIY Sunburst Mirror {$4 wall ...
Are you sitting down? This project costs $4! Yes you can be told you're beautiful every day for just 4 bucks. Priceless really.


Window Mirror

Window Mirror Via dollarstorecrafts.com
Don't buy an expensive jobby from Anthropologie or Pottery Barn. Make your own for a fraction of the price.


Flower Mirror

Flower Mirror Via i should be mopping the ...
Made from poster board.


Pimped up Sunburst Mirror

Pimped up Sunburst Mirror Via Sunburst Mirror
Looks almost as gorgeous as you.


Rope Mirror

Rope Mirror Via Nautical Rope Mirrors - The ...
Ideal for your beach cottage (I wish) or you have a nautical feel.


Log Slice Mirror

Log Slice Mirror Via 10 Easy Mirror DIYS For ...
Know a woodsman?


Bling Mirror

Bling Mirror Via dollarstorecrafts.com
This bubble sunburst mirror is deliciously different and is made from dollar store items.


Beaded Mirror

Beaded Mirror Via Beaded-glass framed mirror - Crafty ...
You can give any old mirror a makeover with glass beads.


Compact Mirror Mirror

Compact Mirror Mirror Via How To Make a Wall ...
Yep! It's made from cheapo compact mirrors from the dollar store.


Car Mirror

Car Mirror Via How to repurpose children toys
Well you weren't really expecting to see a car's rearview mirror on the wall, were you?


Bejeweled Mirror

Bejeweled Mirror Via Crafty finds for your inspiration! ...
This is made from a pile of costume jewelry. How ingenious! How fabulous!


Watercolor Mirror

Watercolor Mirror Via 35 Money-Saving Home Decor Knock-Offs
Pretty aren't they?


3 Way Mirror

3 Way Mirror Via Made a 3 way/ trifold ...
Three is better than one. All angles covered!


Creating your own 3 Way Mirror is both a practical and stylish project that can add depth to your dressing area. It allows you to see yourself from multiple viewpoints simultaneously, perfect for styling your hair or ensuring that your outfit looks just right. With a straightforward DIY approach, you can transform simple mirrors into a chic, functional piece. Don't worry if you're not a craft expert—this project is all about simplicity and functionality, wrapped up in an altogether enchanting design. Embrace the charm of self-made decor that is not only beautiful but also incredibly useful.


Tessellate Mirror

Tessellate Mirror Via They’ll Never Believe What It’s ...
You probably won't believe me when I tell you this stunner is made from the cardboard inners of toilet rolls! Honestly!


DIY Monogram Mirror

DIY Monogram Mirror Via My Favorite Project - DIY ...
A mirror for those who can't remember what their name begins with ^_^


Art Nouveau Inspired Mirror

Art Nouveau Inspired Mirror Via dollarstorecrafts.com
Yet another excuse for a trip to the dollar store.


Shell Mirror

Shell Mirror Via Marvelous DIY Shell Mirror
And a great excuse to go beachcombing.


Fabric Mod Podge Mirror

Fabric Mod Podge Mirror Via Anthro-Inspired Mirror -
Get out the Mod Podge.


Doily Framed Mirror

Doily Framed Mirror Via 20 Best DIY Mirrors
Good for adding a shabby chic touch to a room.


Flowers Galore

Flowers Galore Via DIY: Easy Mirror Makeover
If you can find a cheap mirror, buy some flowers from a hobby shop, get yourself a glue gun and you're good to go.


Kids Room Mirror

Kids Room Mirror Via shout out to the boys! ...
when your child won't keep their pits and pieces neat and tidy, threaten them with the mirror treatment!


Bejeweled Sunburst Mirror

Bejeweled Sunburst Mirror Via DIY Beaded Sunburst Mirror - ...
Scrapbook paper, ceiling medallion, and beads. Easy peasy!


Round Mirror

Round Mirror Via Top 10 DIY Mirror Frames ...
Made from a section of an old barrel.


Woven Twig Mirror

Woven Twig Mirror Via Happiness Crafty: DIY Branches Decor ...
A lovely rustic feel.


Penny Mirror

Penny Mirror Via Honey Sweet Home: Penny Tiled ...
Save big bucks on a classy looking mirror by using your pennies.


Recycled Magazine Mirror

Recycled Magazine Mirror Via 7 Ways To Decorate & ...
It adds some texture and edge.


DIY Sunburst Mirror

DIY Sunburst Mirror Via Lilikoi Joy: DIY Craft Project: ...
The great thing about some DIY mirrors is that you can make to co-ordinate with any color scheme.


DIY Gold Branch Mirror

DIY Gold Branch Mirror Via DIY Tutorial: DIY Mirror / ...
I could just see a Disney Princess having a mirror like this.


Old Hollywood Vanity Mirror

Old Hollywood Vanity Mirror Via DIY Tutorial: DIY Mirror / ...
What a brilliant homage to past beauties.


Scroll Mirror

Scroll Mirror Via DIY a Scroll Work Mirror ...
Uses pre-cut scrolls that you can get from places like Home Depot.

Ready to answer the question? Which is the fairest mirror of all?

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I love them all xxx thank you

They were all amazing.Thanks

Now I know what to do with all my old costume jewelery . Thank 's soo much for the helpful tips!

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