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41 Borderline Genius Ikea Hacks Anyone Can do ...

By Neecey

When I started looking at Ikea hacks I was a little disappointed. I wanted to share with you some fabulous ideas of how to use Ikea products 💡🚪 . What I found were thousands of ideas for transforming Ikea products and some major DIY projects 🏘🏡. As you and I both know, dear readers, simply redecorating something is not a hack. Here is the result of my efforts in finding some great Ikea hacks 🖼🛏😍

1 Cutting Board Storage

man made object,room,floor,furniture,wood, My favorite Ikea hacks are those that are so easy you wonder why you didn't think of it yourself. Spice racks to store cutting boards? Ingenious.

2 Nightstand

room,furniture,shelf,desk,art, This takes a "Tibba" picture ledge and makes it into a nightstand - great to store all those bits.

3 Wrapping Paper Store

shelf,room,product,shelving,art, An alternative use for the carrier bag store.

4 Bathroom Storage

room,property,shelf,furniture,shelving, Spice racks are going to appear in a few Ikea hacks. Here they make useful bathroom racks for all your toiletries.

5 Book Shelves

food,advertising,Hop,Pope,ARE, And here they are again as book shelves in a children's bedroom.

6 Cat House

cat,small to medium sized cats,kitten,cat like mammal, I was surprised by how many Ikea hacks there are for cats.

7 Storage Kitty Litter Box

product,furniture, Another cat-themed project using an Ikea storage hamper.

8 Herb Garden

plant,flower,floristry,herb,flowerpot, What a great way to use an Ikea wine rack.

9 DIY Bench

furniture,product,bed,wicker,studio couch, If there's one furniture item that is more versatile than you ever imagined, it's the bookcase. Ikea hacks using bookcases make the most of the products "Billy" and Expedit.

10 Wall Cabinet

room,furniture,floor,interior design,cabinetry, This involves fixing a storage cube unit to the wall and giving it a fancy top surface.

11 Kid's Closet

room,furniture,shelf,closet,shelving, A brilliant use for the Expedit bookcase.

12 Shelf

furniture,room,table,shelf,living room, Fix some wooden magazine holders to a shelf/piece of wood, stain or paint and you've got a nifty storage unit.

13 Rolling Cabinet

furniture,desk,room,table,office, Another change up for the Expedit.

14 Toy Car Storage

product,brand,model car,TAXI, This uses the "Grundtal" magnetic knife rack.

15 Bedside Shelf

furniture,wood,product,art,shelf, Not got any room for a bedside cabinet? Use a magazine rack as a shelf.

16 Mudroom Lockers

room,furniture,closet,shelf, Adjustable shelves in Ikea bookcases means this is a cinch.

17 Earring Holder

product,electronic instrument,technology,::::::::iii.::::, Craft webbing and the 99c frame makes this one of the cheapest Ikea hacks.

18 Cloud Lampshade

room,lighting,interior design,light fixture,ceiling, With the "Varmluft" lampshade it's just a few steps to produce a floating cloud.

19 Cat Tree

shelf,font,furniture,picture frame,brand, Ok, so not so much of a hack as merely a clever placement of shelves - but it's a cute idea.

20 DIY Kitchen Booth Ikea Hack

white,room,furniture,interior design,living room, Another brilliant transformation of an Expedit bookcase.

21 Cloud Shelves

pink,product,room,furniture,play, Paint the cloud and fix a length of Ribba picture edge for the shelf.

22 Kiddie Closet

room,furniture,cupboard,cabinetry,WINTER, Put various bits of Ikea furniture together for a customized and clever closet.

23 DIY Bed Frame

property,furniture,room,home,bed, Ok - hands up! Who guessed that one of the Ikea hacks would be a bed made from bookcases?

24 Faux Library Card Catalog Console

furniture,room,chest of drawers,drawer,cabinetry, "Hemnes" shoe cabinet looks stylish in a hallway as a console unit.

25 A Bar Cart

furniture,shelving,room,shelf,product, The addition of a bottom shelf and castors turns a table into a bar cart.

26 Rolling Desk

Hacienda,furniture,room,product,wood, You need some good DIY skills to transform a "Tarva" dresser into a really useful desk unit.

27 Small Wardrobe

room,furniture,product,shelf,closet, Yes, it's the Expedit again. This time it combines with "Lekman" boxes to make a clever wardrobe for a kid's room.

28 Cat Tree

furniture,room,shelf,cupboard,cabinetry, There's obviously something about Ikea furniture and cats!

29 Console Table

room,property,floor,flooring,hardwood, Turn the "Ekby Alex" shelf into a console with storage with the addition of some hairpin legs.

30 Upholstered Ottomans

tablecloth,furniture,bed sheet,art,textile, Get your sewing machine out to turn a "Lack" table into an ottoman.

31 Corner Shelf

white,room,furniture,shelf,shelving, Four Lack tables each with a leg cut off make an attractive corner unit.

32 Baby Storage

product,room,play,furniture,art, A great use for the "Raskog" cart.

33 Room Divider

room,property,wall,floor,wood, Four "Ikvar" side units, some piano hinges and some fabric and hey presto!

34 A Gorgeous Faux Marble Desk

white,furniture,room,table,dining room, Transform a regular Ikea Trestle desk to a chic desk by covering the top with marble-printed contact paper. Love!

35 Copper Lighting

dining room,room,kitchen,living room,interior design, Metallic lighting is all the rage right now! Use copper spray paint on Ikea's Ottava pendant lights to achieve this amazingly simple yet fab look!

36 A Long Media Stand

color,furniture,floor,room,living room, This is particularly useful if you have loads of DVDs, old CDs, records, books, and other things lying around that you just can't part with. Just buy Ikea's kitchen cabinets, set them on the floor, add a top surface and voila!

37 A Stylish Mirror Accent

white,furniture,product,shelf,design, All you need is a round mirror from Ikea and some faux leather belts to create this unique accent for your home. I love the touch of green!

38 Another Herb Garden

plant,herb,flower,land plant,floristry, Take Ikea's ORE shower curtain, FINTORP pots, GRUNDTAL S hooks, and some spray paint, and what do you have? A quirky, modern herb garden!

39 Beachy Lamps

furniture,light fixture,wood,table,lighting, Aren't these adorable? All you have to do is tie driftwood around IKEA’s HEMMA or JANUARI lamp bases.

40 For Your Modern Nursery

furniture,chest of drawers,room,drawer,wood, Transform Ikea's Tarva dresser into this stunner with some soft green paint and a set of brass bar pulls.

41 Wooden Stikwood Headboard

white,room,duvet cover,bed sheet,furniture, The IKEA Malm bed frame can be revamped into this headboard by using a little Stikwood adhesive and some wood panels. Gorgeous!

Ikea hacks are a good place to start testing your DIY skills. (Although some might say you need some in the beginning to assemble some of their items in the first place ^_^.) Are you inspired to get DIY-ing?

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