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48 Super Smart Bathroom Organization Ideas ...

By Eliza

Bathrooms are generally pretty small spaces, so that makes bathroom organization a pretty important thing to consider. By keeping your bathroom streamlined you can find what you need and get in and out in no time. No more hunting for an extra roll of toilet paper or digging through drawers for your tweezers. You won't find a bathroom organization idea on this list that you won't love.

1 Use an Office Organizer

Use an Office OrganizerVia makeup organization | Pacific Artistry's ...
This organizer might be for the office, but it's sleek and beautiful enough to work for bathroom organization too. Use it to corral make-up and other small items.

2 Storage Rack

Storage RackVia 53 Bathroom Organizing And Storage ...
This rustic looking storage rack holds lots of towels and other items and looks great too.

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3 Wall Mounted Jars

Wall Mounted JarsVia Monogram lights, bathroom organizers and ...
These wall mounted jars look awesome and hold so many items so you can keep your counter tops uncluttered.

4 Stylish Baskets

Stylish BasketsVia 50 Organizing Ideas For Every ...
Hang some cute baskets on towel rods and use them to store any number of items.

5 Baskets in the Closet

Baskets in the ClosetVia The Hats of a Homemaker: ...
Mount a couple of cheap baskets on the inside of your cabinets to keep things out of sight, but close at hand.

6 Small Shelving Unit

Small Shelving UnitSourceBy installing this small shelving unit, you create an attractive place to keep towels, toilet paper and decor items.

7 Shoe Organizer

Shoe OrganizerVia Get Organized Pinning Party
This shoe organizer is perfect for toothbrushes, toothpaste and hair accessories.

8 Use a Silverware Organizer

Use a Silverware OrganizerVia clever
A silverware organizer in your bathroom drawer is perfect for long items like your toothbrushes.

9 Add a Tray

Add a TrayVia Eat. Sleep. Decorate.: When Procrastinating... ...
This lovely tray keeps small containers in one convenient place. Use it for cotton swabs, your jewelry and much more.

10 Ladder Bookcase

Ladder BookcaseVia DIY Towel Racks For a ...
This neutral ladder bookcase is a great place to keep towels and baskets.

11 Dry Your Clothes

Dry Your ClothesVia Storage Ideas In Small Bathroom ...
This expandable clothesline gives you a place to air dry clothes, but you can fold it up when you don't need it to save space.

12 Label It

Label ItVia Get Organized With Alejandra Costello's ...
Use labels so everyone can see where each item goes so it all ends up where it belongs. Hopefully!

13 Under the Sink

Under the SinkVia Easy Organizing
Maximize your under sink space by keeping everything in containers or baskets.

14 Double Duty Shelf

Double Duty ShelfVia 31 Creative Storage Idea For ...
This shelf is genius with storage space on top and a towel rack beneath. I want one!

15 Plastic Caddies

Plastic CaddiesVia
Screw these plastic caddies to the wall so you have all the stuff you need where you can see it.

16 Elegant Basket

Elegant BasketVia Home Sweet Home
This fancy basket keeps extra towels close at hand without sacrificing your decor.

17 Painted Mason Jars

Painted Mason JarsSourceThese cute painted jars are ideal for all your make-up and cosmetic accessories.

18 Wooden Dividers

Wooden DividersVia 8 Smart Ideas For Bathroom ...
These fancy wooden dividers can be arranged in various ways so you can keep everything you need in one place.

19 Multiple Towel Racks

Multiple Towel RacksVia
Hang several towel racks to keep several towels at the ready. It looks pretty cool, doesn't it?

20 Specialty Storage

Specialty StorageVia 41 Bathroom Organization Products - ...
This item was designed especially for holding your hairstyling products.

21 Washcloths on the Counter

Washcloths on the CounterVia Master Bathroom Organization
I love how this stack of washcloths is ready to grab anytime they are needed.

22 Free Standing Unit

Free Standing UnitVia Our home!
This adorable storage unit allows you to keep things out of sight, but also gives you a cute place to put out the things you want to see.

23 Plastic Bins

Plastic BinsVia Achieving Creative Order: Little Girls' ...
These plastic bins are perfect for keeping your kids' bathroom needs handy and organized.

24 Short Shelves

Short ShelvesVia My Pins
These short shelves might look small, but they hold quite a few necessary things.

25 Corner Shelves

Corner ShelvesVia Bathroom organization
These built in corner shelves give you mega space for keeping everything organized.

26 Open Bins

Open BinsVia Completed projects ... YAY!
These open bins make it super easy to grab what you need and they leave enough space for a much needed trashcan in your bathroom.

27 Tiny Containers

Tiny ContainersVia Bathroom Organization
These itty bitty storage containers are the ultimate in keeping all your things contained and tidy.

28 High Shelves

High ShelvesVia
Hanging these shelves high up on the wall looks unique and gives you space for eye catching items.

29 Hanging Buckets

Hanging BucketsVia
Give each family member a hanging basket that they can grab when it's their turn to use the bathroom.

30 Fancy Jars

Fancy JarsVia Life with Emily | a ...
These types of jars are surprisingly inexpensive if you know where to look and are great for make-up and accessories.

31 Lots of Shelves

Lots of ShelvesVia Places & Spaces
This entire wall of shelves is ample space for all your products.

32 Wooden Toilet Paper Holder

Wooden Toilet Paper HolderVia Rustic pallet wood Bathroom organizer ...
This custom built storage unit is great for keeping reading materials for those long baths you love to take.

33 Dessert Stand

Dessert StandVia Cake Stand
This piece reminds me of a cupcake stand, but it looks perfect filled with bath products.

34 Tall, Thin Shelves

Tall, Thin ShelvesVia HEMNES Shelving unit - white ...
This narrow shelving unit holds a lot of stuff, but doesn't take up much space in your bathroom.

35 Pull out Shelves

Pull out ShelvesVia 53 Bathroom Organizing And Storage ...
These pull out shelving units might be expensive to put in, but it will be so worth it. I promise!

36 Wire Shelves

Wire ShelvesVia Organization
These wire shelves are easy to integrate into your bathroom decor with ease.

37 Built in

Built inVia ips's lookbook: Interieurideeën
Built in shelves are wonderful. They look great, they won't move around when you don't want them to and they hold all the stuff you want them to.

38 Little Table

Little TableVia 30 Brilliant Bathroom Organization and ...
The little table adds so much personality to the bathroom, but it also gives you additional space to keep stuff.

39 A Stack of Wicker

A Stack of WickerVia
This cute stack of wicker baskets gives you lots of storage, but also adds to the decor of the room.

40 Glass Front Doors

Glass Front DoorsVia linen
These glass front doors give the illusion of more space in your bathroom.

41 Tiny Magnets

Tiny MagnetsVia Yahoo Health
Use tiny magnets to hang tweezers and nail clippers inside your medicine chest.

42 Nail Polish Holder

Nail Polish HolderVia bathroom organization
This tiny basket hanging on the wall is perfect for holding all your nail polish.

43 Round Shelves

Round ShelvesVia 20 Practical And Decorative Bathroom ...
I love these rounded shelves that fit neatly into the corner for holding all sorts of things.

44 Fancy Labels

Fancy LabelsVia 30 Brilliant Bathroom Organization and ...
Some fancy labels are in order for jars you keep in display.

45 Lots of Space

Lots of SpaceVia
If you're lucky enough to have a huge bathroom, a vanity gives you loads of storage options.

46 Beachy

BeachyVia HGTV HOME Products | HGTV ...
These bins make me think of a beach house. They'd be perfect in a nautical themed bathroom.

47 More Magnets

More MagnetsVia 30 Brilliant Bathroom Organization and ...
Glue a small magnet to your make-up compacts and hang them on a mounted magnetic surface.

48 Above the Door

Above the DoorVia Creative!
Who knew you could cram a shelf above your bathroom door for extra organization?

With three kids in the house, every bathroom in my house quickly becomes a disaster. I love how keeping it organized can help. Did you see anything that inspires you? What other ideas do you have?

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