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Having a picture perfect bathroom can seem like something that is next to impossible, but with some simple bathroom organizing tips, you can have a beautiful bathroom. I have to share a bathroom with a roommate, and as you can imagine, things got disorganized with two women sharing a bathroom. However, when I finally got to work and organized the bathroom, I was amazed at how nice it looked. These bathroom organizing tips worked for me, and they will work for you as well by helping you create an organized and beautiful bathroom that doesn’t look like a danger zone.

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Of the many bathroom organizing tips there are, tossing unused and expired items is probably one of the most important. When you set out to organize your bathroom, you need to go through everything. Throw away samples that you don’t use, products you didn’t like, and anything that has expired. You should even toss old makeup. Once you get through the throw away stage of organizing your bathroom, things will get much easier.



If you happen to share a bathroom, you should go through your bathroom items and see if there are any items that you can share. Cotton balls, Q-tips, band-aids, toothpaste, and floss are all examples of items that can be shared. By sharing these things, you can cut down on multiples and really save space.



If storage space is a problem, invest in some plastic drawers that can fit under your sink. They are inexpensive and can really help organize a bathroom. When you fill your drawers, be sure each drawer is designated for something specific. Don’t just fill your drawers haphazardly, because you will only end up being frustrated when you are trying to find something.


Install Hooks

Installing hooks can greatly help organize a cluttered bathroom. By making sure that there are enough hooks for all of the towels and bathrobes, you will prevent these items from piling up on the floor. You can use hooks for other things as well. For example, ring hooks make a great place for headbands.


Shoe Organizer

When space is a really big problem, a shoe organizer that hangs over the back of the door can help keep things neat. Instead of using it for shoes, you can use it to hold things like blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons. You can even put toothpaste and lotion in the pockets.


Over the Toilet Cabinet

A great way to organize a bathroom is to install a cabinet that fits over the toilet. Generally, you put these together yourself and they stand over the toilet. They can be a little costly, but they are extremely helpful when it comes to organizing a bathroom.


Get Rid of Makeup Bags

Makeup bags are great for travel, but they take up a lot of room. Instead of keeping your makeup in a bag, put your makeup in a drawer. Not only will this keep clutter off of the bathroom counter, but you will also be able to find your makeup easier. You won’t have to search for your lipstick at the bottom of your bag anymore.

No one wants to have a messy bathroom, but sometimes it is hard to get the mess under control. By following these tips for organizing a bathroom, you will be able to eliminate the clutter and have a beautiful bathroom. How do you keep your bathroom organized?

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