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Most people use Alka Seltzer to get rid of heartburn or to soothe an upset stomach, but there’s actually several fun ways to use Alka Seltzer. In fact, you can use to clean, brighten and deodorize. If you've got some Alka Seltzer that’s just been sitting in your medicine cabinet don’t throw it away. Instead, check out these neat ways to use Alka Seltzer.

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Clean Dentures

One of the best ways to use Alka Seltzer is to clean dentures. In fact, Alka Seltzer cleans dentures just as effectively as most denture cleaners. Simply place two Alka Seltzer tablets and your dentures in a glass or bowl of water. Allow them to sit for ten to fifteen minutes. You will be amazed by how clean they are.


Shine Bakeware

Do you dread scrubbing bakeware after you've made a pan of lasagna or baked pasta? It can definitely be a job. To clean your bakeware with Alka Seltzer, simply place four Alka Seltzer tablets in your baking pan and fill it will hot water. Allow the pan to sit for one to two hours and then pour the water out. Most of the food particles that were stuck on your pan can now be wiped off with a wet dish cloth.



Many people put boxes of baking soda in their refrigerators to keep them smelling fresh. Did you know that Alka Seltzer works well as a deodorizer, too? All you need to deodorize your fridge is a cup of water and a couple of Alka Seltzer tablets. Place the tablets in the water and then put the cup in the fridge. After an hour or two your fridge will smell great. This method would also work if you need to deodorize other things like coolers.


Unclog a Drain

If you constantly find yourself looking for methods to unclog drains, you've got to try this. All you need to do is to drop two or three Alka Seltzer tablets in the clogged drain and pour one cup of vinegar on top of them. Allow the tablets to sit in the drain for about fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes is up, pour a few cups of hot water down the drain. This method much safer than over-the-counter products that unclog drains.


Toilet Cleaner

Alka Seltzer also works well as a toilet cleaner. Simply drop a couple of tablets in the toilet bowel. After about ten minutes, flush and your toilet will be much cleaner. Unlike many cleaners that contain unsafe chemical and have overwhelming smells, Alka Seltzer just smells clean and fresh. It is also safe for septic tanks.


Brighten Your Whites

After a while, many white clothing items tend to look a bit dingy. Many products that can be used to whiten and brighten laundry can also irritate your skin. To brighten your whites with Alka Seltzer, simply place two tablets in a pan of water along with your white clothing items. After about an hour wash your clothing as normal. In my opinion, this method is as effective as OxiClean.


Bug Bites

Bug bites can be quite painful. At times it can even seem like the pain will never end. During times like this Alka Seltzer can come in handy. Simply put one tablet in a cup of water. Once the tablet complete dissolves, saturate a cotton swab and place it over the bug bite to help ease the pain.

As you can see there are some really neat ways to use Alka Seltzer. What are some of the ways you've used Alka Seltzer around your home? I can’t wait to hear from you.

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So interesting

It's also a good way to clean crystal without scratching what you're cleaning

Typo in number 2. Defiantly? :(

Lol, and toilet "bowel"

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