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38 Ideas for Linen Closet Organization That Are Easy and Totally Doable ...

By Eliza

Linen closet organization is something I strive for all the time, but with three kids in the house, it's usually a losing battle. I'd love to have everything neat and tidy and it it's place, so finding doable ideas for getting there are a jackpot for me. If you're in the same boat, check out these linen closet organization ideas and you'll be heading to yours to get started in no time.

Table of contents:

  1. Maximize storage
  2. Roll it up
  3. All together now
  4. Baskets
  5. Plastic bins
  6. Cute bows
  7. Lots of shelves
  8. Use the floor
  9. Basket liners
  10. Built in
  11. Custom closet
  12. Shelf risers
  13. Bag it up
  14. Cute colors
  15. Hanging tags
  16. Clipped tags
  17. Free standing
  18. Roll out shelves
  19. Lots of storage
  20. Dollar store baskets
  21. In the bathroom
  22. Stack it up
  23. More than linens
  24. Chalkboard labels
  25. Wrapped up
  26. Clear dividers
  27. Colorful and fun
  28. Pull out drawers
  29. Lighting
  30. Shelf labels
  31. Clear bins
  32. Beautiful
  33. Door bars
  34. Fold flat
  35. Grouped
  36. Back lighting
  37. Huge
  38. Convenience

1 Maximize Storage

Via Linen Closet Reveal | twoinspiredesign
One of the best linen closet organization ideas is to get as much crammed in there as possible. Baskets and hanging shelves are perfect tools for that.

2 Roll It up

Via diy Design Fanatic: Life's Messy, ...
Instead of folding everything, try rolling small towels so you can get more in the closet.

3 All Together Now

Via LINEN - AOL Image Search ...
Fold your sheets and place them inside a pillowcase from the same set so you can grab the whole bundle when you need to make the bed.

4 Baskets

Via Clubb House: Paint Picking is ...
Baskets are perfect receptacles for stowing all sorts of things.

5 Plastic Bins

Via Den gode feen: Såpetips
These plastic bins are easy to keep clean inside your linen closet.

6 Cute Bows

Via 40 Brilliant Closet and Drawer ...
Instead of the regular old sticky labels, tie them on your baskets with cute ribbon bows.

7 Lots of Shelves

Via Thrifty Decor Mom: Organized Linen ...
The more shelves you have, the more space you have to store stuff.

8 Use the Floor

Via Toddler Danger Zones
The floor in your linen closet is the perfect place for a hamper and extra rolls of toilet paper.

9 Basket Liners

Via Linen Closet Organization and Closet ...
Use cute basket liners to give your linen closet some personality.

10 Built in

Via Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas
This built in linen closet is beautiful and functional. I wish I had one.

11 Custom Closet

Via escapade: Closet case
If you're prepared to splurge, you can have a custom linen closet built just the way you want it.

12 Shelf Risers

Via For the Home
The shelf risers open up a ton of space for loads of towels.

13 Bag It up

Via Organizing my Linen Closet + ...
For seldom used items, bag them up and store them in an extra linen closet.

14 Cute Colors

Via Handmade Simply: Organization: Linen Closet
Just because it's a linen closet doesn't mean it can't be cute.

15 Hanging Tags

Via 8 Easy Ideas to Organize ...
Tie these cute little tags to baskets so you know what's inside.

16 Clipped Tags

Via Organizing Revolution "Prize" Challenge ~ ...
To make it easy to switch out the tags as needed, use clothespins to attach them to your baskets and bins.

17 Free Standing

Via 8 Easy Ideas to Organize ...
If you're short on closet space in your house, consider buying a wardrobe and revamping it into a linen closet.

18 Roll out Shelves

Via Salvage Savvy: Monday (P)inspiration: Organization
I love how these shelves roll out of a narrow closet so you can store tons of stuff inside.

19 Lots of Storage

Via Inside my organized linen cupboard
Add these shelving units and stackable bins to your linen closet so you have more space for your stuff.

20 Dollar Store Baskets

Via Delightful Order: Where and How ...
The dollar store is a great place for finding affordable places to store linen closet essentials.

21 In the Bathroom

Via built-in linen closet
A linen closet in the bathroom is totally awesome!

22 Stack It up

Via I used photo boxes to ...
If you stack pillows and blankets, you'll have more space for other stuff.

23 More than Linens

Your linen closet is a great place to store cleaning supplies and toiletries in addition to all your towels and sheets.

24 Chalkboard Labels

Via Tips for Organizing a Small ...
Chalkboard labels are easy to change if you put something else in your closet.

25 Wrapped up

Via 20 Savvy Ways to Stay ...
Corral bath towels with hand towels to keep sets together.

26 Clear Dividers

Via A Room-by-Room Makeover for an ...
These clear acrylic dividers don't look out of place, but keep things organized.

27 Colorful and Fun

Via A Sort Of Fairytale: Dollar ...
I love how much fun these bright colors make this linen closet. It might not be so bad to have to grab stuff and clean house.

28 Pull out Drawers

Via Spring Clean with freedomRail!
These wire pull out drawers make it easy to see what's inside, but also keeps things from being all over the place.

29 Lighting

Via Organizing Your Heart and Home ...
This adorable lamp makes it easy to see inside the closet when it's dark and also adds personality to the space.

30 Shelf Labels

Via The House Of Smiths Designs ...
Instead of labeling your baskets and bins, label the shelves.

31 Clear Bins

Via Linen Closet Organization
Using clear bins makes it easy to see at a glance what's inside them.

32 Beautiful

Via Bathroom ideas
I wish my bathroom looked like this. What a great place to store linens!

33 Door Bars

Via Closets
Add bars to the inside of your linen closet door for extra places to hang blankets and towels.

34 Fold Flat

Via Organized Linen Closet
Folding your sheets and towels as flat as possible allows you to stack more of them in one place.

35 Grouped

Via Organizing a Linen Closet | ...
Group like items together so you can easily see what you have.

36 Back Lighting

Via Installing drawers instead of shelves ...
The lighting in the back of the closet makes it so easy to see what's on each shelf.

37 Huge

Via Include a Linen Closet
I can't get over how huge this bathroom linen closet is. Or how good it looks.

38 Convenience

Via Gallery of inspirational imagery and ...
The glass doors make it simple to see inside and you could use the chair to reach the top shelves.

These pictures make me want to reorganize my own linen closets right now. What about you? What other ideas do you have?

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