7 Ingenious Ways to Remove Static Cling. Finally ...


We all need ways to remove static cling. Static is the buildup of electrical charges that build up due to friction or dryness in your clothes. It’s so annoying to find your clothes wrapping themselves around your legs as you’re trying to walk or to have that nasty crackle as you pull your sweater over your head. Eliminate, avoid or reduce it with these ways to remove static cling.

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Remove Clothes from the Dryer before Their Time is up

Perhaps one of the most effective ways to remove static cling from your clothes is to reduce the amount of time they spend in the dryer. The longer they are in the dryer, the longer they have to produce static. You have to decide what is better: a slightly damper dress that you can leave to dry naturally, or a dress that clings to everything when you wear it? It’s a slightly more inconvenient way to stop static cling, but it is very effective.


Scrunch up Balls of Aluminum in with Your Clothes

Don’t ask me for the science behind this tip to get rid of static cling, but it works! Just scrunch up a couple of balls of aluminum foil and pop them in with the clothes in your dryer. Two or three small pieces of aluminum should suffice, so this option is very inexpensive.


Use Metal Hangers

If you are reading this article because you have a piece of clothing that you just cannot remove the static from, try using a metal hanger rather than a plastic one. The metal – like in the above tip – will remove the static without you having to re-wash your clothes.


Metal hangers are a great way to remove static cling from clothing without having to re-wash them. Metal hangers are better than plastic hangers because they are able to transfer the static electricity from the clothing to the hanger. Metal hangers are also more durable and can last longer than plastic hangers. When using a metal hanger to remove static cling, make sure to hang the clothing away from any other materials that could interfere with the static transfer. Additionally, avoid using fabric softener when washing clothes to prevent static cling from occurring.


Moisturize Your Skin

We’ve all found ourselves already dressed in the perfect outfit for the day, and then discover that our clothes have a lot of static cling. Next time, you won’t need to ask how to remove static cling because you will know one of the answers! A great way to remove static cling from clothes you are already wearing is to put a small amount of moisturizer on your skin, under the clothes. You should notice that the cling is greatly reduced, and you can carry on with your day as normal. Plus you get the added benefit of wonderfully soft skin!


Use a Safety Pin

Another method to reduce static cling which uses metal is to pin a safety pin onto a part of the garment which you can’t see. Pin it to the inside hem or under the waistband of a skirt, and the metal will work to remove the annoying cling. This tip is perhaps best for when you absolutely need to wear that item of clothing, and there is an easy place to pop the pin.


Safety pins are a great way to reduce static cling without having to buy any special products. They are small and can easily be pinned to the inside hem or waistband of a garment, and the metal will help to reduce static cling. This is an especially helpful tip if you need to wear a particular item of clothing and don’t have time to buy a static reducing product. Safety pins are also inexpensive and easy to find, making them a great DIY solution to static cling.


Spray Your Clothes when They Come out of the Dryer

Pick up a fine spray bottle from your local dollar store and fill it with distilled water, which you can get from the grocery store. Once your clothes have finished drying, spray them with a small amount of the distilled water and you should find that the static cling is gone. Make sure to get a bottle with as fine of a nozzle as possible, so that you don’t get your clothes unnecessarily wet after you have dried them.


Avoid Wearing Rubber Soles

A great way to reduce static cling is to wear leather, rather than rubber, shoes. The rubber will increase the static, whereas leather will stop the static from building up so much or having such a marked effect.

Now you know ways to remove static cling, this wardrobe issue should be a thing of the past. Do you have any other ways to remove/reduce static?

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I find that rubbing your clothes with a dryer sheet works too

Rub your clothes with a dryer sheet

In the immortal words of Joan Crawford "NO WIRE HANGERS!!!"

Use hair spray on ur clothes

I just spray Static Guard.

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