7 Ingenious Storage Solutions Every Home Needs ...

Most people have needed an ingenious storage solution at one point or another. It’s so easy to accumulate ‘stuff’ that you don’t want to throw away or sell, but just have nowhere to put! We’ve got a spare room full of boxes from moving house at the moment, so I’ve been researching some ideas in the hope of finding an ingenious storage solution that will solve all my problems. Check these out!

1. Food Drawers…

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Okay, so there isn’t any food in my spare room, but this is an ingenious storage solution nonetheless. By fitting wicker baskets into drawers, or even little cabinets, you can create amazing ingredient holders. Potatoes, onions and vegetables can take up a lot of room in the kitchen, and look a real mess, so this keeps them out of sight as well as in good condition. I need to do this!

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