7 Ingenious Storage Solutions Every Home Needs ...


7 Ingenious Storage Solutions Every Home Needs ...
7 Ingenious Storage Solutions Every Home Needs ...

Most people have needed an ingenious storage solution at one point or another. It’s so easy to accumulate ‘stuff’ that you don’t want to throw away or sell, but just have nowhere to put! We’ve got a spare room full of boxes from moving house at the moment, so I’ve been researching some ideas in the hope of finding an ingenious storage solution that will solve all my problems. Check these out!

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Food Drawers…

Food Drawers… Okay, so there isn’t any food in my spare room, but this is an ingenious storage solution nonetheless. By fitting wicker baskets into drawers, or even little cabinets, you can create amazing ingredient holders. Potatoes, onions and vegetables can take up a lot of room in the kitchen, and look a real mess, so this keeps them out of sight as well as in good condition. I need to do this!


Use the Roof…

Use the Roof… I don’t know about you, but most of the free space in my house is towards the ceiling. That’s why this system is so amazing. Use bottom flanges which are securely held to the ceiling to hold boxes – they’ll be up out of the way, but accessible if you need them. Just make sure that the flanges are really well connected, and that you don’t put them around the light, or you could find your room is suddenly very dark.



Potions… Wherever you have loads of bottles, you need this. These grids can be picked up at most supermarkets or home stores, and strong ribbon or string is easy to come by too. Use reels from cotton to hold the two grids together, and hang against a wall. The grids will then hold bottles in place, making them easily accessible without being a mess. Just don’t hang it on the back of a door!


Bathroom Jugs…

Bathroom Jugs… I love this! Keep your makeup brushes, cotton buds, hairbrushes and other bathroom essentials safe by using jars. You can buy fancy jars from homeware stores, invest in gorgeous jams in patterned jars, or just use standard jars. You’ll also need some jar locking systems (check out a DIY store!) and to adhere these clips to a strong piece of wood, or part of your bathroom. Then fill the jars, and unclip to clean as necessary.


Shoe Crates…

Shoe Crates… Hate the idea of keeping your shoes in piles, but have nowhere to put them? These are shoe crates with a difference. Visit a supermarket or garden centre and ask for some empty crates. Paint, and let dry. Then adhere to the wall in a variety of shapes to let you hold all your shoes. They’ll hold everything from trainers to boots, and they look really good, too!


Old Drawer…

Old Drawer… I have necklaces everywhere, and they are always getting tangled. Not anymore! This simple creation uses an old drawer, with extra knobs attached. Grab some decorative ones from a DIY store, and fit them yourself. Little hooks make great earring holders, too! Then adhere to the wall, and hang your jewelry from it. You can use the drawer itself to hold decorative flowers, or as extra storage.


Modern Bookcases…

Modern Bookcases… At least three of my boxes are absolutely packed full of books I love, so I’m in desperate need of a bookcase. Finding one that was big enough and didn’t cost the earth was posing quite a challenge until I found this ingenious storage solution! Two benches, painted yellow and attached to the wall upside down using screws. They’ll hold books, puzzles, games, ornaments – just about anything. Amazing.

It must take some real creativity to create an ingenious storage solution like these. I can’t imagine seeing jam jars as perfect for the bathroom, or benches as bookcases! I love the look, though, and I’ll definitely be trying it. Have you found a great storage solution? I’d love to hear it.

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A very ingenious idea.

I love this .... Amazing ideas ..

Food drawer is a neat idea . Like that

This is great ! Thanks for the tips(:


Amazing... Definitely trying some of these!

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