7 Tips for Redecorating a Room on a Budget ...


7 Tips for Redecorating a Room on a Budget ...
7 Tips for Redecorating a Room on a Budget ...

I LOVE to redecorate, it's a fun way to make my house feel a little less DULL but it's hard when you're redecorating a room on a budget. You've got to be careful of how you spend your money and what you do. But lately, with a little help from DIY magazines and watching how other people are redecorating a room on a budget, I've come to realize that it's easier than it first seemed! These are my tips for getting the most out of your space when redecorating!

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Rearrange The first step you should take when redecorating a room on a budget is rearranging. I know it seems silly but sometimes just moving your furniture around can make a room seem brand new! It's a small, easy step to take before making any big and drastic changes.



Repaint Repainting just about everything gives it a brand new feel. You can repaint your whole room, a few accents pieces or all of your furniture! Lately, bright and crisp colors are in, so everybody seems to be repainting just about everything in bright colors to make a whole room feel brand new again.


Recover Pillows

Recover Pillows Instead of buying brand new pillows, just recover the ones that you already have. A few yards of fabric in a lot of different prints and colors will make your old pillows feel and look brand new and it's much cheaper to buy fabric than a whole new set of throw pillows!


Add Interesting Pieces

Add Interesting Pieces Recently, I've found a lot of articles on interestingly shaped shelves. Look for cheap or free things that can be re-purposed in your room; like old lights that can be turned into brightly painted planters. I would never tell my readers to go dumpster diving, but look for things that are free on craigslist or go to the junk yard. If you don't mind doing a little work, those things could become the coolest pieces in your newly redecorated room!


Shop Thrift Stores

Shop Thrift Stores Last week, I was in goodwill looking at art when I found this amazing canvas painting of a mountain that was in a frame that wasn't doing it any justice, that painting cost me $3, and I spent about $4 making it a great new frame. I then used left over paint to paint it and now that painting is hanging above my couch! Thrift stores have a lot of hidden gems, sometimes you just have to do a little digging.


Buy New Lampshades

Buy New Lampshades When I first started seeing my boyfriend he had these really interesting gold lamps that had what I could only describe as golf ball marks. I loved the shape of the lamps but the color really didn't do anything for them and the shades were just there. So, we painted the lamps a cool turquoise color and added brand new lamp shades to really make the lamps stand out! Now they draw attention to his super awesome nightstands while providing a cool contrast of color in his bedroom.


DEY (do Everything Yourself)

DEY (do Everything Yourself) I am a firm believer that unless it's electrical or plumbing, you should do everything yourself. Paint by yourself, refinish by yourself, decorate by yourself, everything. If you're trying to stay on a budget you'll save a lot of money by not hiring people to do simple things that you can do yourself. I don't expect all my readers to be master carpenters, but know your skill level and try your hand at new things! I just cut myself some new branch shaped shelves and made a cinder block planter for the backyard which saved me a lot of cash and gave me a serious sense of accomplishment.

Well ladies, these are my tips for redecorating a room on a budget. How do you get the most wow for your dollar when you redecorate? Let me know down below!

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I love it!!!


I love decorating too so I think these tips are very useful

I just reprinted my room and set up dividers so the bottom half of my wall is dark purple and the top half is light purple but I'm finding it hard to re decorate and find a color to match it with


Thats all the tips i use all the time and they always work

another tip is homemade bunting! !!!!!


We get such simple but amazing ideas from Aws. Cheers guys !!!

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