7 Ways to Brighten up Your Dorm Room ...


7 Ways to Brighten up Your Dorm Room ...
7 Ways to Brighten up Your Dorm Room ...

When you first move in, you might be looking for ways to brighten up your dorm room. Lighting options can be limited in your tiny room so you have to rely on things like decorations and natural light. It might seem hard at the time, but there are so many easy ways to brighten up your dorm room. And the best part about brightening up your dorm room is that it will appear bigger. When dorm rooms are darker, they appear to be more cramped and smaller.

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Light Colors

Light Colors If your entire room is filled with dark colors like black and navy blue, how can you be expected to brighten up your dorm room? A great trick in having a brighter dorm room, regardless of your lighting situation, is to use lighter colors. Having too many dark colors can leave your room feeling smaller and more like a cave than a dorm room.


Natural Light

Natural Light Don’t hide behind those blinds, open them up and let in natural light. Natural light is one of the best things to have in your dorm room because it can brighten up the space instantly. Let the sun wake you up in the morning, use the light to warm up your room a bit, and be able to look outside and see how nice it is. If you still want something covering your window, go for a sheer or light curtain that will still let light in while giving you some privacy.


Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights Christmas lights are so cute and so easy to put up in your room. You can drape them over your headboard or hang them up on your walls. Or you can spell out a word on your wall to really create some crafty lighting artwork. Christmas lights are the perfect dorm room decoration especially when you want to brighten up your dorm room. They are small enough to not take up tons of space but can really add character to a room.



Candles While not every campus will allow an open flame in the door room, if you are one of the lucky ones who can have candles, take advantage of it. Candles add such a nice ambiance to a dorm room. They not only brighten up a room instantly, there are so many yummy scents to choose from. If you are not lucky enough to be allowed candles in your room, try some electric candles. You still get the same ambiance but without the risk of having an open flame.


The Right Bedding

The Right Bedding Going along with using lighter colors, your bedding is a central focal point in your room. If you want to have a light and bright dorm room, try getting bedding that reflects that. A dark comforter will create a dark theme for the room and automatically make your room seem darker and smaller. Try going with a white, yellow, pink, or light blue, or sea foam green comforter. Any of these colors or similar colors will create a more serene and brighter dorm room.


Floor Lamps

Floor Lamps Ceiling lighting in dorms are usually pretty limited so if you want more actual lighting, floor lamps are a great investment. There are so many pretty and decorative ones that you can easily find one to match your personal style. Floor lamps are probably the simplest way to brighten your dorm room. And they don’t take up tons of space on your floor, which is always a bonus.



Decorations When you are decorating your dorm room, you have to think about more than just bedding. Wall decorations are the easiest way to decorate your room, and if you choose the right decorations, they can brighten your dorm room as well. Posters that have lighter colors and are simpler tend to make a room seem bigger and brighter. When decorating your wall, less can sometimes be more.. The more cluttered your walls are, the smaller and darker your room might appear. Try to avoid covering your entire wall with posters and pictures if you are going for a brighter look.

It is important that your dorm room reflects your personality and is decorated to your liking. Your dorm is not just your bedroom at college; it is your home away from home. What did you think of these ways to brighten up your dorm room? What other ways do you know on how to brighten up your dorm room? Would you rather have a brighter or darker dorm room?

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Unfortunately this article is almost useless since candles and Christmas lights aren't usually allowed in college dorms.

No. Those are bedrooms.

Those pics are horrible. No dorms look like this

Is that how dorm rooms look in the US? In Europe they look nothing like that.�

Where can i find the photo for the right bedding tip

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