7 Most Fun Nightlights to Make for Your Kid's Rooms ...

Need some elaborate and unique nightlights to make? Gone are the days when you can buy a simple nightlight that turns on when it's dark for your kid's rooms. I am the queen of want to be DIY so in order for me to endorse something it has to be both simple and adorable (no matter how badly I seem to screw it up!) So, these are the fun and easy nightlights to make that will light up your kid's rooms with more than just well... light.

1. Cloud Lights

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The most fun, simple and adorable of all the nightlights to make. I made one in about 20 minutes and it now hangs in my son's room above his crib in the cutest, fluffiest way.

1 Paper lantern (I used an 18" sky blue one)
Pillow stuffing
Glue gun
1 Remote controlled LED tealight
Fishing wire (to hang the light)


Step 1: Unfold paper lantern and put the tealight facing down out the bottom.

Step 2: Start to pull pillow filler to make it fluffy. Then start to glue it onto the paper lantern (I made sure to do mine in vertical lines and worked my way around the lantern.)

Step 3: Hang light with fishing wire, turn on, step back and admire your work :)

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