7 Most Fun Nightlights to Make for Your Kid's Rooms ...


7 Most Fun Nightlights to Make for Your Kid's Rooms ...
7 Most Fun Nightlights to Make for Your Kid's Rooms ...

Need some elaborate and unique nightlights to make? Gone are the days when you can buy a simple nightlight that turns on when it's dark for your kid's rooms. I am the queen of want to be DIY so in order for me to endorse something it has to be both simple and adorable (no matter how badly I seem to screw it up!) So, these are the fun and easy nightlights to make that will light up your kid's rooms with more than just well... light.

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Cloud Lights

Cloud Lights The most fun, simple and adorable of all the nightlights to make. I made one in about 20 minutes and it now hangs in my son's room above his crib in the cutest, fluffiest way.

1 Paper lantern (I used an 18" sky blue one)
Pillow stuffing
Glue gun
1 Remote controlled LED tealight
Fishing wire (to hang the light)


Step 1: Unfold paper lantern and put the tealight facing down out the bottom.

Step 2: Start to pull pillow filler to make it fluffy. Then start to glue it onto the paper lantern (I made sure to do mine in vertical lines and worked my way around the lantern.)

Step 3: Hang light with fishing wire, turn on, step back and admire your work :)


Canvas Lighting

Canvas Lighting I love how cute this new trend is. Basically, you take canvas art and either poke little twinkle lights through or, if the canvas is thin and the paint over it is light, you just leave the twinkle lights behind the canvas and let the light shine through. How easy is that?

Canvas art
1 Strand of twinkle lights


Step 1: Decide if you want the twinkle lights behind the picture or as a part of it. If you want them behind the picture, place them in the wooden frame of the canvas, plug them in and admire.

Step 2: If you want them to be a part of the picture, decide where you want them to pop through and use a pin to make a starter hole. Pop the twinkle light tips through, plug in and admire :)


Starry Night Lampshades

Starry Night Lampshades This looks more time consuming than it actually is but, it does require a very dim lamp (or so I've been told.) I personally love the look of both the lampshade AND the little picture that it creates on the wall!

One dim lamp with a dark lampshade
A basic idea/stencil of the picture you want on the shade
1 thicker push pin


Step 1: Remove the lampshade from the lamp. If you have a picture or a stencil of what you want, tape it to the lamp.

Step 2: Start to poke the holes, tracing the picture that you want (or doing what you want free hand)

Step 3: Remove the stencil or picture, replace lamp shade, turn on and admire :)


LED Twinkle Lights and Fabric

LED Twinkle Lights and Fabric This is a friend of mine did for her bedroom and it was such a clever idea that I had to ask a million and one questions just so that I could post it here. But, It takes the idea of a fabric wall to a whole new level. And, if you live in an apartment, it's a great way to spice up a room without painting it.

1-2 Strands of LED twinkle lights (regular twinkle lights will get too hot and may become a fire hazard)
Enough fabric to cover the wall
Thumb tacks
An iron
Spray on starch


Step 1: Pick the wall that you want your fabric to be on and start to hang your twinkle lights in the design that you want.

Step 2: Spray the edge of the wall with starch and start to iron the fabric to the wall (Just do the edges, you don't want to iron over any of your lights. You should also start at the top of the wall near the ceiling because if you start at the sides the fabric will sag and come away from the wall) Do all 4 edges leaving a tiny opening for the plug in for the lights.

Step 3: Plug in and admire your work :)


Name in Rope Lights

Name in Rope Lights This is such a cute, easy and personalized nightlight. Plus, it's super cheap which I also think is a major point to address.

Enough rope lights to spell out the name (one strand for every four letters)


Step 1: Use The Pencil to Draw The Name/Word That You Want On Your Wall

Step 2: Hammer the nails into the word/name, following the letters with very little gaps in between.

Step 3: Wrap the rope light around the nails, plug in and admire your work :)


Picture Nightlight

Picture Nightlight I LOVE personalized nightlights that have treasured pictures on them, especially ones that have a lot of emotional meaning. A friend of mine used a picture of her daughter and her mother that had just passed away and I thought it was so sweet that her little girl would get to see her grandmother's face at night.

1 Cheap picture frame
1 Picture
Contact paper
1 Cheap LED nightlight, uncovered

Step 1: Cover your photo in contact paper and then get them both wet. The photo will sort of melt away but your contact paper will remain. While it is drying, stick it to the glass of your photo frame. Once is is fully dried, the stickiness will go away, but the photo will be on the glass.

Step 2: Remove the cover from the LED nightlight, attach the photo frame to the nightlight

Step 3: Plug in, step back and admire your work :)


Jellyfish Nightlight

Jellyfish Nightlight I love jellyfish. In fact the first thing I did when I got to the Pacific Northwest was go looking for them in the Sound so I really want to try to make these lights once G man needs a new theme in his bedroom. Or perhaps I'll make some for myself....

Paper lantern (however many you want to make really)
Plastic tablecloth (in a coordinating color to the lantern you buy)
Crepe paper (also to match the paper lantern)
Shiny ribbon
Glue gun
LED remote controlled tealight
Fishing wire (for hanging the light)


Step 1: Cut the bottom off of your paper lantern to create a dome shape.

Step 2: Cut your tablecloth into strips. I would recommend pulling the strips a little to give them a bit of a textured, ripply look.

Step 3: Cut crepe paper and ribbon to the lengths you would like.

Step 4: Glue crepe paper and ribbons around the base of the lantern.

Step 5: Glue some of the tablecloth strips to hang down.

Step 6: Glue the tablecloth strips around the bottom of the lantern (right where the cutting line was) horizontally (these parts are for both hanging, and hiding where other strips are glued on.

Step 7: Hang tealight facing down inside of the lantern

Step 8: Hang, turn on and admire :)

Well ladies, these are the lights that I think would go great in any kid's room that you can make yourself. Do you have any DIY lights that you would like to share? Let me know down below!

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