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When you are painting a room to redecorate, you may be tempted to stick to just one color; however, there are some surprising paint color combinations that look fantastic together. Using surprising color combinations can personalize a room and make it feel special. Also, it keeps a room interesting by enhancing the decor. Surprising paint color combinations are anything but boring, and these paint combinations may be just what you are looking for.

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Red and Aqua

Red and Aqua Red and aqua are definitely two unusual paint color combinations that you probably don’t automatically gravitate toward. However, they can give a room a very modern feel. You can choose to paint the walls red and accent with aqua for a bold look, or you can do the opposite for a slightly more subtle look. Either way you choose to pair these colors, you will want to be sure to keep the rest of the décor simple. You don’t want too many colors when you have such a strong combination.


Pink and Brown

Pink and Brown Pink and brown seem like such different colors. One is feminine and the other is more masculine. Yet, they look great together. The brown prevents the pink from looking too girly, and the pink prevents the brown from looking too earthy. They balance each other perfectly and will look great in any room you choose.


Sage and Raspberry

Sage and Raspberry Sage green is a very calming color that pairs well with other calming colors like pale blue or ivory. However, sage green also looks good with bold colors like raspberry. The reddish-pink tones of the raspberry paint liven up the sage green and make a room feel vibrant.


Orange and Ocean Blue

Orange and Ocean Blue Typically orange and ocean blue are colors associated with bathing suits, but they also look great together when painted on walls. They give a room a very cheery vibe. To keep the room from becoming too bright, you may want to consider

using these colors as accents to cream colored walls. Stenciling a border onto your walls using these colors would look fantastic.


Pumpkin and Mint Green

Pumpkin and Mint Green Here is another unusual combination featuring a shade of orange. Pumpkin and mint green don’t seem like an obvious choice for painting walls; however, they do look nice together. You can choose either color for the main color and end up with a great result. Mint green walls will make a room feel brighter, while pumpkin orange will make a room feel warmer and cozier.


Purple and Gray

Purple and Gray Purple is such a royal color and can add richness to a room. Yet it can be heavy, which is why pairing it with a light gray works well. The combination looks modern, and the gray will prevent you from feeling too overwhelmed by the purple.


Purple and Yellow

Purple and Yellow Purple and yellow seem like such disparate colors. However, they work well together, especially if you use lavender and golden yellow. The lavender is calming and the golden yellow adds warmth. This combination, like all the others, would look great in any room, but I think I would use it in a guest bedroom.

If you are redecorating a room, you have probably been looking at a lot of different paint samples, which can seem overwhelming. Hopefully, these paint combinations have given you an idea for your project. Maybe you will even choose one of them for your room. Which of these paint color combinations is your favorite?

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Most of the colour combination are complimentary colours, meaning they are the opposite colours on the colour wheel. Just like black is opposite to white: purple is opposite to yellow 😊

I plan on the color scheme of my new bedroom to be stone grey, white and crimson.

These color combos are really unexpected and pretty!

wine purple and teal also violet and mint green

Personally I love a lime green, navy and red raspberry colour way for a bedroom. You always need a third accent colour to balance it out ( in my case raspberry )

I have a red sofa and Aqua accessories in my living room, I carried the colour thru the open area. A little red here and a little Aqua there and balanced it with cream walls throw pillows and dining room chairs. Not over done and it looks sooo nice together.

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