22 Outstanding Sewing Room Ideas for Your Space ...


22 Outstanding Sewing Room Ideas for Your Space ...
22 Outstanding Sewing Room Ideas for Your Space ...

I love that I have a crafting room in my house, but whether you do or don't, you can use these sewing room ideas to carve out a space for all of your projects. Whether that's a corner of your living room or your entire basement, staying organized without sacrificing your decor style is your best bet. Once you have a dedicated place for your sewing and crafts, you'll be much more efficient and organized and will probably love your projects even more. Check out these easy sewing room ideas and you'll be ready to get started in no time.

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Thread Organization

Thread Organization Via Sewing Room
Framing your thread collection is one of the best sewing room ideas I came across. It looks great and keeps everything from getting tangled and messy.


Hanging File

Hanging File Via Sewing Room Ideas • Styling ...
Use that old empty hanging file to keep your fat quarters organized and easy to access.


Transform a neglected hanging file into a space-saving fabric haven. Sort your materials by color, pattern, or project for an at-a-glance inventory. It’s like flipping through a vast array of fabric choices right at your fingertips. Not only does this method maximize space, but it also reduces wrinkles and fold lines in your precious quarters. Think of it as a mini filing cabinet for your fabrics, making the selection process smoother and ensuring that inspiration is never hidden away in a drawer.


Wood Framed Pegboard

Wood Framed Pegboard Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Pegboard is the ideal thing to mount in your sewing room for hanging all your most used items close at hand.


Choosing a wood framed pegboard adds a touch of elegant organization to your creative space. Not only does it offer versatility in arranging hooks and shelves for various tools and supplies, but the wooden frame can also be painted or stained to match your room’s decor. From spools of thread to scissors and measuring tapes, everything is visible and within reach. Incorporating a pegboard is a savvy way to maximize vertical space, allowing for a more organized and efficient workflow in your sewing haven.


Bookcase Storage

Bookcase Storage Via xogigifabricsblog.com
A wall of bookcases makes it a breeze to keep all of your fabric, thread and tools where you can see and grab them easily any time.


Imagine transforming an ordinary wall into an organizational masterpiece. With bookcases, each shelf serves as a dedicated home for different sewing essentials. Fabrics can be folded neatly, threads can be sorted by color, and scissors and measuring tapes can dangle from cute hooks attached to the sides of the bookcase. Use baskets and bins to keep small items contained and use clear jars for buttons and beads, so you spend less time searching and more time creating. The best part? This storage solution adapts to your ever-growing craft collection with ease.


Hide It Away

Hide It Away Via Sewing Room/Home Office Reveal - ...
I really love how easy it is to hide your sewing area in a small space by enclosing it with these great doors.


Hanging Fabric

Hanging Fabric Via More Sewing Room Organization - ...
You won't have any trouble finding the piece of fabric you need if you store it like this.


Keeping your fabric visible and accessible is key to a streamlined sewing experience. By hanging material on a display, you effortlessly transform your utility into a design element, while also making it a breeze to identify and pull the perfect pattern or color for your next project. Consider a simple rod and clip system, similar to a curtain display, to arrange your fabrics by type, color, or frequency of use. This not only makes your sewing room efficient but also turns it into an inspiring space filled with all the hues and textures you love.


Tucked Away

Tucked Away Via sewing room
This adorable sewing room proves just how easy it is to create a functional space virtually anywhere.


This sewing room is a perfect example of how to maximize small spaces for a functional and stylish sewing room. The image showcases a beautifully organized room with a combination of open shelves, cabinets, and hanging storage for all sewing essentials. The use of a pegboard for hanging tools and supplies adds a touch of creativity and practicality to the space. The natural light coming in from the window makes the room feel bright and inviting, perfect for long hours of sewing. This design also shows how a sewing room can be incorporated into any room in the house, making it a versatile and accessible space for all sewing enthusiasts.


Thread Catchers

Thread Catchers Via Sewing
Keep this handy little tool near your sewing machine so that your pins and scraps bin are easy to reach and use.


Thread Catchers are a great addition to any sewing room. They attach to the side of a sewing machine and provide an easy way to store pins and scraps. They come in a variety of colors and styles, and can be used to store anything from thread to fabric swatches. Thread Catchers are also great for keeping your work area organized and tidy. They are lightweight and easy to move around, so you can take them with you to classes or on the go. They are a must-have for any sewist, and a great way to keep your sewing room organized and efficient.


Use an Old Dresser

Use an Old Dresser Via Fabric storage
Paint an old dresser in a really fun color and use it for your fabric. So much better than the plastic tubs I have in my sewing room closet.


This old dresser is a great way to organize your fabric for your sewing room. With a fresh coat of paint, it can add a pop of color to the room and provide a great storage solution. The dresser is much more aesthetically pleasing than plastic tubs and can be used to store a variety of sewing supplies. It is also a great way to repurpose an old piece of furniture and save money on buying new storage containers. With the right measurements, it can be customized to fit your sewing room perfectly.


Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors Via A Pretty Sewing Room Makeover
I like how all the gear in this sewing area can be hidden when it's not in use.


The clever use of storage cabinets and closets can transform your sewing room into a multipurpose space, ensuring that it remains uncluttered and adaptable to other activities. Utilizing doors, curtains, or even stylish panels can swiftly conceal equipment, providing you with the freedom to entertain or relax without the distraction of ongoing projects. Plus, this approach minimizes dust gathering on the machines and fabrics, keeping everything pristine for your next creative session. Embrace the magic of a well-organised space that caters both to your creative spark and the desire for a serene retreat.


Use a Cute Color

Use a Cute Color Via Craft Rooms :: Laura Smith's ...
If you have an entire room for your sewing and crafts, why not paint it a fun color you wouldn't use anywhere else in the house. Mine is Tiffany blue.


Use the Natural Light

Use the Natural Light Via 10 Inspiring Sewing Rooms - ...
If you can swing it, create your sewing space near a window so you can make use of the natural light.


Maximize Storage

Maximize Storage Via Sew Many Ways...: Sewing and ...
Make use of every inch of your sewing room by creating storage anywhere you can stuff it.


Make It Fancy

Make It Fancy Via Sewing
Why not make your room super fancy with a chandelier and decor like this one? It's your space, after all.


Professional Design

Professional Design Via Romantic Boutique Inspired Sewing Room ...
A mannequin gives your room a bit of professional flair, but is also just downright fun!


Sewing Decor

Sewing Decor Via Where I Sew – Kay ...
Make your room entirely your own by decorating it with your own personal style.


Tiny Sewing Room

Tiny Sewing Room Via Let's Decorate Online: 10 Easy ...
See what I mean? Even tiny spaces can be great for sewing and crafting. This little corner says it all.


Lots of Cubbies

Lots of Cubbies Via A Little Bit Biased: Tuesday ...
An abundance of cubbies is perfect for corralling all of your small sewing materials.


Super Girly

Super Girly Via The Sewing Room Reveal
Make your sewing room as girly as you want - it yours! I hoped that the color of mine would keep my three boys out, but they still like to go in and sort through all my materials.


This text is about the "Super Girly" sewing room of one woman. It features a bright pink and white color scheme, and the woman who created it hoped that the colors would keep her three boys out. However, the boys still like to go in and sort through the materials. The woman found inspiration for her sewing room from the blog "The Sewing Room Reveal" and it is perfect for any woman looking to create an ultra-feminine space. The sewing room is filled with vibrant colors, beautiful fabrics, and plenty of storage to keep the space organized. It is a great example of how to create a fun, girly space that can also be functional.


Sewing Space

Sewing Space Via Happy space
I love the brightness and organization of this sewing space.


Button Storage

Button Storage Via Vintage Three Tier Display Cupcake ...
Organizing your buttons like this would make it infinitely easier to find the one you need when you need it.


Sewing Room Fabric Storage

Sewing Room Fabric Storage Via sr2
After seeing this color coded fabric, I feel like I need to completely overhaul my own fabric storage.

What is your sewing space like? I'm using mine to make Christmas quilts at the moment. What's your main project right now?

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