9 Fantastic Laundry Room DIY Ideas ...


9 Fantastic Laundry Room DIY Ideas ...
9 Fantastic Laundry Room DIY Ideas ...

If you're looking into organizational home projects, we direct you to these amazing Laundry Room DIY Ideas. From DIY laundry room projects that are somewhat ambitious to a couple that are simple, you will surely find plenty of inspiration from this list. Let's check them out!

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Roman Shade

Roman Shade This is a wonderful idea for those who, instead of an actual laundry room, have closet laundry facilities. This is also perfect if said closet has open cupboards that you wish you can cover. The solution? This roman shade. It's easy to make and looks super cute, too.



Entertainment Center Re-do

Entertainment Center Re-do Yes, this lovely red furniture used to be an entertainment center. Pretty clever, yes? If you happen to be in need of a laundry station, you will want to consider going the furniture re-fashion route. You can find used entertainment centers at thrift shops or, if you're lucky, your very own garage.



Basket Liner

Basket Liner For this laundry room DIY project, you will learn to make a liner for a laundry basket. I love this because it's a fantastic way to make use of pretty fabric scraps. Of course, if you'd rather use a bigger piece of fabric, that's okay, too. Check out the link for the tutorial.



Drying Rack

Drying Rack This laundry room DIY idea is one of the popular ones you can find online today. This drying rack is actually inspired by a Ballard Designs product. Theirs is insanely pricey, though, so you might want to give this fun home project a go. It will cost you only around $25.



Missing Pairs Board

Missing Pairs Board Here is a fun way to display items with pairs that have gone missing. Yes, there will always be forlorn socks or gloves in your laundry room with missing pairs. You can help them find their partners by displaying them on this Wanted Board.



Clothespin Art

Clothespin Art How cute! Actual clothespins were used to make this laundry room DIY art. Kim said she wasn't so happy with the shade of blue she used but I think it's perfect.



Washer and Dryer Platform

Washer and Dryer Platform There are washer and dryer platforms sold in stores but the ready-made ones might not fit in your laundry room. In cases like this, you will want to go the DIY way. Check out this awesome tutorial on The Idea Room to know how you can go about making a pedestal for your laundry helpers.



Laundry Basket Dresser

Laundry Basket Dresser This is also a very popular DIY laundry room project. This dresser idea is brought to us by Anna White, home DIY-er extraordinaire. This plan is so clever that I think I might just attempt it to organize the fabrics in my craft room.



Pillowcase Hamper

Pillowcase Hamper Unlike most of the DIY projects I have posted here, this one is pretty easy. In fact, you will need only a pillowcase, an embroidery hoop, grommets, and scissors to make this beautiful hamper. I actually have made a similar project, but instead of a hamper, I used pillowcases to make a laundry bag.


Ready to tackle that messy part of your home now? I hope that these DIY laundry room ideas help you out!

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