12 Clever Ways to Organize Your Craft Room ...


12 Clever Ways to Organize Your Craft Room ...
12 Clever Ways to Organize Your Craft Room ...

I'm always on the lookout for ideas for craft room organization. Because no matter how hard I try to stay on top of my tools and supplies, somehow, things will never completely be in order. Do you feel the same? I have gotten us some help with these ways to organize your craft room. I hope they prove useful!

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Organize Fabric

Organize Fabric How clever is this way to organize your craft room? Fabric storage is one of my biggest weaknesses. And the way that Cathe Holden stores hers is giving me lots of inspiration. The labels are genius!



Organize Scraps

Organize Scraps I am actually in the middle of making something similar to this jewelry organizer. I originally intended to use said organizer for my earrings but I think I might use it now for storing paper or felt scraps.



Store Beads & Embellishments

Store Beads & Embellishments I love this! I always have loose beads and embellishments around and using a pillbox will definitely help me keep them organized. I love that there is a way to store the beads and embellishments by color and design because of the compartments.



Glitter Storage

Glitter Storage Sometimes, there is no way to buy glitter in plastic containers or bottles. If you get them in small packets, you can store them in salt and pepper shakers. These usually come in pairs but there are some sold for banquets. Those are the ones that you can get in groups.



Fabric Display

Fabric Display Some fabrics are too beautiful to be put away in boxes. What you can do is display them in these letter sorters. Is that not a clever way to organize your craft room? I bet you can also use racks for displaying vintage plates or any type of shelf with narrow ledges and horizontal bars.



Utilizing letter sorters for fabric display is not only practical but also adds a splash of color and texture to the room. Think of it as functional art! Whether you have bold patterns, vintage fabrics, or delicate lace, this method turns your material collection into an ever-evolving wall tapestry. And don't stop at fabrics – those same racks can be reinvented to show off scrapbook papers, wrapping sheets, or even your children's artwork. It's all about showcasing the materials that inspire you and keeping them at your fingertips for when creativity strikes.


Ribbon Containers

Ribbon Containers I do this! Instead or trims and ribbons, though, I use my Tic Tacs for storing beads. I think this will work for any material that is narrow and tiny.



Organize This & That

Organize This & That A craft room organizational idea that also doubles as window treatment? Yes, please! This is fantastic if you have a part in your crafting area that is often abused by the sun. The one used here was a shoe organizer but you can make your own using any sturdy fabric.



Twine Holder

Twine Holder I am so making these. Not only are they oh-so-adorable, they are also incredibly functional! They would be perfect companions for when you need to do some hand-sewing in some place other than by your sewing table. They make for wonderful home décor, too.



Here's how you can whip up your very own twine holder with ease. Start by finding a charming old spool or create a base using items like a candlestick or a small vase, affixing a dowel to hold your twine in place. The key is to thread the twine through a small hole at the top to keep it from tangling – a lifesaver for crafters! Think of the color coordination and the rustic touch these holders can add to your space. It’s a simple, yet brilliantly creative way to keep your strings attached! Feeling inspired? Grab your tools and let’s get crafty!


Thread & Bobbin Organizer

Thread & Bobbin Organizer Now THIS is an awesome way to organize your craft room. Not only will this give you enough space for storing a good number of spools, it also comes with matching nails for hanging bobbins.



Store Ribbons & Tapes

Store Ribbons & Tapes These are containers for straws. They are wonderful storage solutions in the craft room, too. You can use them to store your rolls of ribbon or pretty washi tape.



Organize Odds & Ends

A cupcake holder is one great item that can help you keep your craft room organized. Paired with the right bowls or cups, you get a system that is perfect for storing buttons. This way, you will be able to organize the buttons according to color or design.



Zipper Pockets

Zipper Pockets Here is something that I made myself. I use this to store my 8-inch zippers. I love to sew pouches and really, finding a way to sort my zips was essential to my sanity.


How do you keep your craft room organized? Share some ideas with us, please. Who knows, yours might just save me from my own mess.

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I love the straw container for ribbon, such a clever idea!

I'm grateful for this article. I've been breaking my head as to how to make or buy more storage/organizers for my art supplies and you have great ideas. If you should find out more ways to organize, please write another article. Thank you.

Great tips! I love the fabric storage ideas!

I am never throwing away another Tic Tac box again!

I don't even have a craft room but I know I would live one, :)

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