22 Great Examples of Wallpaper for Any Room in Your House ...


Wallpaper is generally something I try to avoid. That's because it's hard to put up and looks really bad if you don't get it just right. However, I'm starting to change my mind on that because there are so many great kinds of wallpaper out there. If you get it done right, you will love the way it looks. Wallpaper can really make or break a room, so check out all these great ideas and get started redoing your entire house.

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Metallic Marble

Metallic Marble Via Metallic Marble Wallpaper by Calico ...
This is a great wallpaper for making an impact on the entry of your house.


Plant Inspired

Plant Inspired Via Charming Home with Inspiring Interiors ...
Plant inspired wallpaper looks great in many rooms, particularly bathrooms. Big, dark prints look great on just half the wall like this.


Grasscloth Wallpaper

Grasscloth Wallpaper Via Showroom Gallery • Grasscloth Wallpaper ...
This wallpaper gives your wall the appearance of being textured and custom made. I love it, don't you?


Wallpapered Accent Wall

Wallpapered Accent Wall Via Fast and Fabulous Decorating Projects
If you're unsure about wallpaper, consider doing an accent wall like this. I think it looks wonderful!


Red Triangles

Red Triangles Via From Wall to Wow: 65+ ...
A geometric pattern like this one is a great way to frame your favorite furniture and wall hangings.


Dotted Wallpaper

Dotted Wallpaper Via Temporary Polka Dot Self Adhesive ...
Polka dots are a style that will always be a classic. No matter what color or size you choose, you will love how it looks.


Wallpaper Panels

Wallpaper Panels Via Designed To The Nines | ...
Fill in panels on your walls with wallpaper for a dramatic look in any room.


Textured Wallpaper

Textured Wallpaper Via Style Forecast: Tile Trends for ...
Textured wallpaper or wallpaper that gives the illusion of texture, is a fun way to make your room your own.


Imperfect Dots

Imperfect Dots Via JUJU
These dots aren't perfectly shaped, but that's what makes them so awesome.


Agate Print

Agate Print Via #TRENDING: 10 Must-Have Decor Items ...
Wallpaper really can be anything you want it to, so go with a mural like this one for a totally different look in your house.


Glossy Print

Glossy Print Via Kristen F. Davis Designs: accent ...
A glossy wallpaper is perfect for bedrooms. You can often paint a pattern rather than buying wallpaper.


Winter Woods Mural

Winter Woods Mural Via Optical illusion living room | ...
Here's another great mural that would make a room totally different from anything you'll see anywhere else.


Geometric Pattern

Geometric Pattern Via Self Adhesive Cube Pattern Temporary ...
This wouldn't be my top pick, but seeing it on the wall makes it look totally different than it does on the roll.


Repeating Pattern

Repeating Pattern Via Shop allen + roth White ...
Wallpaper with a repeating pattern like this one make an entry way look really elegant and welcoming.


For the Kids

For the Kids Via Wallpapered Children's Rooms
Wallpaper like this would be perfect for a playroom or kid's bedroom.


Water Colors

Water Colors Via Watercolor spots - inspiration wall ...
This wallpaper is absolutely beautiful, don't you think?


Shiny Pattern

Shiny Pattern Via Go Bold With Graphic Wallpaper
I love shiny things and this wallpaper fits the bill just right. Do you love it?


Dark and Metallic

Dark and Metallic Via remodeling my house
I can't see this in my house, but it does make this tiny bathroom look really awesome.


Bright Colors

Bright Colors Via Small Spaces with Wonderful Wallpaper ...
Don't be afraid to try out wallpaper in bright colors like this red-orange one. You'll be surprised at how much you love it.


Retro Circles Pattern

Retro Circles Pattern Via Retro Circles Pattern - self ...
This pattern will give your room a retro flair that will make you happy any time you see it.


Striped Walls

Striped Walls Via Hampton Designer Showhouse
I love how striped walls look. I think it works in just about any room too. What do you think?


Bird Wallpaper

Bird Wallpaper Via hommemaker.com
This bird wallpaper is really wonderful in the bathroom.

Do you use wallpaper in your house? What patterns do you usually choose? I haven't taken the leap yet, but these photos are pretty inspiring. Are you inspired too?

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I love the dark and metallic one it's really mysterious and lovely it inspires me to want to become an interior designer.

Number 1 is so beautiful!

Omg I LOVE no.12 im gonna get my room done like that

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